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Free Instagram Likes: Too Good To Be True? Let’s Talk


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 11 min read

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Instagram may let you hide your like count, but you know it still matters. You still check to see how well your content pulls in a crowd. It’s ok. We all care. Brands care more, though. They will ask for you to move the veil and share what you’re working with. If you want to collaborate with brands in sponsored posts, you can’t hide forever. You’ll just have to figure out how to get those numbers up. We can spill on what some of your creator counterparts are doing. They get free Instagram likes. Yes. They do this by trading likes, joining a free trial service, or employing some growth tactic. It’s nothing you can’t do for your brand, too.

Yes, we mean real likes, too. The kinds that don’t decrease over time. Some sites even promise that these come from real people. If it sounds too good to be true, sometimes it is. We have to take a balanced approach to this. It is your brand, after all. Your Plixi expert is here to share the good and the bad. Let’s go!

Free Instagram Likes: Too Good To Be True? Let’s Talk

Being ”Liked” on Instagram Does Matter

No one likes to admit it, but the like count matters when you’re trying to grow a page. It’s not a superficial desire, and no one should make you think that. We can show you why getting free likes on Instagram is worth your while.

Likes Give You Social Proof

The concept of social proof explains why people want more followers and likes. Social proof is the benefit of the doubt that users give your page when they see existing support. This could be in the form of a high follower count or many likes on a post or reel. The average user may not have the time to evaluate your entire page. They may see one post or stumble across your profile. The one indicator that an account is good is the fact that you have a lot of likes or followers. Based on these high numbers, they may decide to like to follow as well. A lot of people have decided that the content is good, and a new user may just choose to agree. 

Instagram Notices You

The vicious Instagram cycle is that you can receive more likes when you already have a lot of likes. Instagram sees the increased engagement on a post and suggests it to more people. IG may share your content on the Explore page to get the word out about your stellar content! The initial batch of likes is essential for you to get the chance to get more likes. To get the boost, you have to start it off yourself.

Brands Notice Your Likes, Too

It’s one thing to have a lot of likes. It’s another thing to have followers that engage with your content. If you want to create sponsored content, you’ll have to be mindful of your overall engagement. Brands want to know that your followers aren’t just faceless people. They need to know that your followers care about what you post. Following is a one-off act. Liking a post is an active choice every time a user sees a post. You can’t lie about the engagement on your posts by hiding your like count. Brands may ask to see your Instagram Insights, which will show all the information.

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This Is Why You Should Get Free Instagram Likes Daily

A random influx of 1,000 on a post is going to catch the eye of your usual followers. They may attribute it to the quality of your content, though. They may think that this is the kind of popularity you’ve always deserved. Unfortunately, Instagram may not be so kind. They can spot when the algorithm is working in someone’s favor. They also can spot when a user orchestrated the popularity. You don’t want to tip on IG that you are paying for an extra boost. 

In the circumstances like these, a one-time flood of likes is not ideal. These likes may not be coming from accounts that look very legitimate. Rather, a constant trickle of may do it. Getting free Instagram likes daily makes more sense than just having them appear all at once. If you plan to use an external tool, find one that supplies likes every 24 hours. Somewhere between 10 and 50 per day will seem more natural.

You can still boost your visibility this way. In fact, a constant flow could keep you in the IG algorithm good books for longer. With the artificial boost, Instagram may opt to show its content to more users. At this point, the likes will come in naturally. People won’t be able to tell the difference! It may be a good decision to get free Instagram likes daily.

Use a Free Instagram Likes Trial Until You Know for Sure

Commitment is hard. Committing to a job, a relationship, or a diet is daunting. Somehow, committing to a barber or seat at your favorite coffee shop is easier. Standing ten toes down with a site that promises free likes is not easy. What if you like the quality of likes you’re getting? What if they mysteriously disappear after a few days? You don’t want to be spending your hard-earned cash on empty promises. This goes for both small and large businesses.

Our suggestion is to find a site that offers a free Instagram likes trial. Having to pay no money down at first is going to make you feel a lot more bold. You can even shop around to see which app gives the best quality likes. Another way to be safe when getting free likes on Instagram is by using PayPal as a payment option. This way, you can dispute the money spent if there’s any funny business. You have to do what you can to protect your investment. Instagram does not sanction the sites that offer these services. You can run to Instagram if you don’t get what you pay for. Using a free trial may be your best bet.

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The Thought of 50 Free Instagram Likes Shouldn’t Excite You

There are websites like Megafamous that promise Instagram likes by the tens. Yes, they say 10 free Instagram likes are fully within reach in an instant. They play on the temptation to rank higher among your peers. While an additional 10 likes may not seem like a lot, 50 free Instagram likes might. That’s enough to get people to at least look twice at a post from a small page. It’s likely more likes than you’re used to and will trigger the algorithm in your favor. 

So, what’s the problem with free likes on Instagram? We can tell you why you should be a little concerned about free likes.

Instagram Doesn’t Like It

The powers that be on Instagram want you to play by their rules. They want you to earn those likes. Even though they may manipulate things with their algorithm, they want you to respect it and bend to its will. Buying likes bypasses the process and sort of skips the line. To show their disdain, Instagram inflicts a “purge” on occasion. It uses sophisticated technology to find fake Instagram accounts. It deletes those accounts from Instagram. Those likes will disappear along with it. If so many of your likes come from fake accounts, it could put your page on their radar. We don’t mean that in a good way, though. You don’t want to end up shadowbanned. A ban like that could keep your account from reaching new accounts.

Your Engagement Rate Will Mislead You

Your engagement rate considers your likes, comments, shares, and other forms of interaction. If your rate seems impressive, don’t get too excited. It’s taking into account bought likes. It’s exaggerating your rate and making your page seem like it’s doing better than it is. Brands who want to collaborate with you are looking to make sales. You can’t guarantee the sales they expect if the likes are coming from fake accounts.

Get 10 Free Instagram Likes by Doing This 

Do you want to get 10 free Instagram likes just like that? Well, it may not happen at the snap of your fingers, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Consider using an Instagram-like app. Since it allows you to get free Instagram likes, the app is also free. The exchange for likes may not be money, but it could be your time. We will explain what we mean.

An app that you could use is Like4Like. This app takes Instagram’s sense of community to the next level. There is somewhat of an unspoken rule that you should like your friend’s content. You may not fully understand what their content is about. Still, you like their reels. Like4Like plays up the mutual benefit of liking created content. As the name suggests, you earn likes by liking other people’s content. It’s just that these people aren’t people you know. The app requires that you like the content of the other people who use the app. So, to get 10 free Instagram likes, you’ll have to give away ten yourself. 

In a way, your level of success using the app is in your hands. Like as many pieces of content as you want to receive. Trade likes all day until your posts receive the attention you think they deserve.

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How To Get Likes on Instagram Free With Basic Actions

You shouldn’t have to leave the Instagram app to secure some likes. Forget third-party sites. You can increase your chances of getting likes by doing some things you should already be doing. Here’s how to get likes on Instagram free of charge.

1. Use a Call to Action in the Caption

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. If you want people to like it, use it as a form of communication. A good call to action will inspire a like this way. Say something like, “Like this photo if you want to see more of this content.” You could also tease a storyline with several parts and ask followers for a like to hear more. It goes without saying that you need to make content that would make them ask for more. Your IG caption is a great place to request alike. Some people need the extra prompt to show that they like a post physically.

2. Hold a Giveaway

This option has a little bit of the option above. Instagram giveaways give users the chance to win something randomly. All they have to do is complete tasks that people do on Instagram anyway. This could be typically liking, commenting, and sharing the post. The caption usually has the instructions to do so. While you’re asking them to complete these actions, the potential prize gives them an extra incentive. People are more likely to like a post if the return is something great. Likes are free, but the prizes usually aren’t!

3. Collaborate With Another User

You can secure free likes on Instagram for your friends, too. The both of you are stronger together, after all. Instagram lets you post something jointly with another user. When you post, it will appear on all the accounts involved. All these accounts may not have the same following. Your post can access a bigger following this way. The potential for getting likes goes up exponentially when you collaborate with another user. This will increase even more with our next tip to get free likes on Instagram.

4. Post in Your Instagram Story 

Sometimes, people never see your post. It wasn’t your fault. They would have liked the post if they got the chance to. With all the pages they follow, it just drowned in the sea of other posts. This is especially likely if all these pages post around the same peak hours. So now it’s up to you to bring the post to their attention. To do this, share the post on IG stories. You can get free Instagram likes without putting in too much work.

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