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Can You Make Your Instagram Unsearchable for Privacy?

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 7 min read

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Are you wondering, “Can you make your Instagram unsearchable?” We’ll reveal the different methods for increasing your privacy on Instagram. This is especially important for users who use Instagram only to interact with their inner social circle. 

Some tips on this page include disabling your account and making it private. Also, you can block users, which limits the people who can interact with your Instagram account. 

The idea is to give you more control, and you can improve the overall quality of your Instagram experience.

Can You Make Your Instagram Unsearchable for Privacy?

How To Hide Your Instagram Account

Do you want to figure out how to hide your Instagram account? There are a few options at your disposal for hiding your Instagram account. You can use the one that best matches your objectives and preferences. 

1. Make Your Account Private 

You kind of hide your IG page when you set your account to private. There are several advantages to using private Instagram accounts, which are as follows:

  • Increased privacy: The primary advantage of a private Instagram account is enhanced privacy. With the private account option, only approved followers can view your posts, stories, and profile information. This protects your personal photos, videos, and updates from being seen by strangers or unwanted followers.
  • Protection from unwanted attention: A private account can help protect you from unwanted attention, harassment, or abusive behavior from other users. By controlling who can view your content, you can reduce the risk of encountering negative experiences on the platform.
  • Prevent content theft: Private accounts offer some protection against content theft or unauthorized sharing of your photos and videos. While users can still take screenshots of your posts, the ability to reshare or repost your content is limited to your approved followers.
  • Control over followers: Having a private account gives you control over who can follow you and see your content. You have the ability to approve or decline follow requests from users. Hence, you can enjoy a smaller and more curated group of followers. 
  • Increased security: Private accounts offer an additional layer of security for your Instagram profile and personal information. Limiting access to your content and interactions reduces the risk of identity theft, cyberbullying, or other online threats.

2. Block Specific Users

You can hide your Instagram account from specific users by blocking them. The action goes into effect immediately after you block the person. This means they will not have the option to interact with your content or account. 

Furthermore, the blocked users cannot find your Instagram URL. That’s because they will see an error message page instead of your account. You can reverse your decision to block users at any time. 

3. Temporarily Disable Your Account

If you want to completely hide your account from Instagram, you can temporarily deactivate it. This will hide your profile, photos, comments, and likes until you reactivate your account. 

To temporarily deactivate your account, you must go to your account settings and use the edit profile option. 

However, when you disable an account, it can no longer grow or gain followers. Also, your followers may feel confused about your lack of presence on Instagram. Therefore, sharing information about when you plan to deactivate your account is a good idea. 

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Can You Hide Posts on Instagram?

Yes, it’s possible to hide posts on Instagram without deleting them permanently. Instagram offers an Archive feature that allows you to hide posts from your profile without removing them entirely. 

You can return a post from your archive to public viewing anytime. Alternatively, you can view the content anytime since Instagram will not delete your archived posts. 

How To Make Instagram Private

Do you want to know how to make your Instagram account private? Here’s the step-by-step process for your convenience: 

  1. Open your Instagram app. 
  2. Tap on the profile picture in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  3. Tap on the three horizontal lines icon. 
  4. Select Settings by pressing the gear icon. 
  5. Tap on Privacy
  6. Now complete the process by toggling the switch next to Private Account.
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How To Hide Name on Instagram

Are you interested in figuring out how to hide your name on Instagram? You can hide your name by changing it to a random handle. Hence, there’s no need for the Instagram incognito mode. That’s because you need to display a name or username on Instagram

Here’s the step-by-step process for changing your name on Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile. 
  2. Tap on Edit Profile
  3. For the Name field you can change the field from your real name. 
  4. Once you replace the name, tap Save

Your display name will update across Instagram, and this is the name that will appear on your profile. It’s also the name that appears alongside your posts and comments. 

Keep in mind that changing your display name won’t affect your username. Furthermore, it doesn’t change your ability to be found by other users.

Can You Make Your Instagram Unsearchable To Boost Privacy? 

No, no feature allows you to make your Instagram account and profile picture unsearchable. The only way to make it unsearchable is to deactivate or delete it temporarily. 

These solutions also prevent you from using your Instagram account as normal. Therefore, you need to carefully consider whether the options are the right fit for your goals. 

How You Can Search for Instagram Accounts

Understanding how Instagram users can search for your Instagram account is a good idea. Knowing them will help you determine how your account is vulnerable to people discovering it. Here are some of the top ways that users can find your account:

  • By using the search bar: The most common way to search for accounts on Instagram is by using the search bar at the top of the app. Simply tap on the search bar and enter the name, username, or keywords related to the account you’re looking for. Instagram will display a list of accounts and hashtags that match your search query. 
  • Following links: If you come across a link to an Instagram profile, you can simply tap on it to visit their profile directly. You can find these links on Instagram or other websites across the internet. 
  • Browsing popular accounts: You can also discover popular accounts by browsing Instagram’s Discover or Explore section. This section showcases trending content, popular accounts, and recommended profiles based on your interests and activity.
  • Using hashtags: Hashtags categorize content on Instagram and make them more discoverable. You can search for accounts related to specific topics or interests by entering relevant hashtags in the search bar. Instagram will display a list of posts and accounts that use those hashtags.
  • Using location tags: Similarly, you can search for accounts based on location by using location tags. Enter a specific location in the search bar to discover accounts associated with that location.
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Is It Worth Making Your Account Unsearchable?

It’s worth making the account unsearchable if you want to improve privacy and reduce the instances of harassment. 

However, you shouldn’t make your Instagram account unsearchable to get more followers and engagement. It’s a bad option for Instagram influencers and brands looking to grow on social media. 

Now that you have the answer to the question, “Can you make your Instagram unsearchable?” give the options a try for yourself. It’s a good idea to understand the various privacy options at your disposal. However, don’t forget the impact they have on account growth. 

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