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Organic Social Media Growth for Instagram Success


Plixi Team

Nov 20, 2023 11 min read

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Do you want to improve your organic social media growth on Instagram? We’ll show you the most popular strategies used by some of the top content creators. With the organic growth strategies in this article, you can take your account from zero to hero. 

The strategies we’ll share include using the correct hashtags, mixing up the content types, and contacting other content creators. We encourage you to try a mix of these approaches to cover all your bases.

Organic Social Media Growth for Instagram Success

What Is Organic Growth on Instagram?

If you’re wondering what organic growth is on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. You can think of organic growth as a strategy to grow your Instagram account without spending money. This includes strategies like posting more content, engaging with your community, and collaborating with other content creators. We’ll go into more detail with these strategies to help you grow your Instagram account.

Here are some of the advantages that organic Instagram growth brings to the table:

  • Money-saving: Since there’s no need to spend money on ads, organic growth is a great way to save money. Therefore, it’s a good option for brands on a tight budget or those just starting. 
  • Grow brand: Instagram organic growth can grow your brand to new heights. You can greatly improve brand recognition across the internet with success on Instagram. Some potential customers will look for your brand on Instagram, so visibility is important. 
  • More sales: Take your brand to new heights on Instagram, and you can potentially skyrocket your sales. Also, you can create an Instagram business account to access your product pages. This allows people to buy your products on Instagram instead of sending Instagram referral traffic to your website. 
  • Increase followers: You can take your follower count to another level by deploying organic growth strategies. With more followers, your post view count will also grow. Additionally, your authority within the niche will increase, and you can demand better terms with brand sponsorship deals. 
  • Sustainable: Organic growth strategies tend to be sustainable for long-term growth. Therefore, by getting these strategies right early on, you set your business up for future success.
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Top Organic Growth Strategies

Now, let’s turn our attention to the top organic growth strategies that have proven to work for countless brands. Some of these take more work than others, but consider adding all of them to your workflow. You’ll see an increase in brand growth, sales, followers, and more.

Post a Variety of Content for Social Media Marketing

It’s important to take advantage of all the content types available on Instagram. This ensures that you can target Instagram audiences that prefer content of all types. Here’s a list of the most popular types of content you can post on Instagram:

  • Instagram Reels: Consider posting Instagram Reels since they are a big hit with audiences on the platform. Reels are made up of a mixture of photos or videos that last for up to 15 seconds. TikTok first popularized this content type, but it’s now available on most social media platforms. 
  • Instagram Stories: You can use Instagram Stories to share content with your follower list. Stories are similar to reels, but they are only sent to your followers and are deleted within 24 hours. It’s a great way to provide time-sensitive content. 
  • Instagram Post: The bread and butter of Instagram content are posts. These are usually photos or videos with text underneath them. You should constantly release posts to your account for continual growth. 
  • Instagram Live: Take advantage of Instagram Live to increase engagement with your audience. These live streams allow people to see a video stream and leave comments in the chat. Also, once the live stream is finished, the content automatically saves in an archive for viewers to see who missed the content. 
  • Instagram Highlights: Highlights are a collection of Instagram Stories. Therefore, you can combine IG Stories that have a similar theme. Hence, users can view multiple stories quickly if they have missed them.
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Grow Instagram Organically With Instagram Influencers

Consider reaching out to Instagram influencers in your niche to grow Instagram organically. For example, you can ask other IG content creators to mention your account in their content, and you’ll do the same. It’s a great way for Instagram content creators to share audiences and grow their accounts together. 

However, you need to focus on the content creators with audiences relevant to your account. This ensures you can get new followers that will potentially be interested in your marketing offers. For example, if you want to sell gym equipment, then look for content creators in the fitness niche. 

Some content creators will ask for payment if you want to work with them. You’ll need to negotiate different terms if you want to grow your account organically. It depends on what else you can offer the content creator. For instance, you can give them free products to review and keep. 

How To Get Organic Growth on Instagram With Hashtags

Are you wondering how to get organic growth on Instagram with hashtags? Hashtags are one of the more popular ways that users find content on social media platforms like Instagram. When creating an organic post, you need to add a handful of hashtags. Here are some things you need to consider during this process:

  • Limit hashtags: Avoid using too many hashtags per post since that will detract from the post’s visual quality. So, keep each post to around 4-5 carefully selected hashtags. However, if you have more hashtags, create more posts and split the hashtags between them. You can keep track of your hashtag use with Instagram Insights. 
  • Instagram analytics: Use Instagram analytics to discover the hashtags with the most traffic. Also, you can view the hashtags that drive the most traffic to your posts specifically. You can double down on these hashtags by adding them to more posts. 
  • Popular and niche hashtags: Consider adding a mixture of the popular and less-known hashtags. The latter may have much lower competition so that you can get a reliable source of traffic. You can use hashtag tools to find new ones and always look for new additions. 
  • Seasonal hashtags: Consider taking advantage of seasonal hashtags such as those of the holiday period. These can send an avalanche of traffic to your content. However, they only apply for a limited amount of time. Hence, you’ll need to create content in advance to ensure you can capitalize on the seasonal trend. 
  • Research your audience: Before you can choose the right hashtags, you need to research your audience. This ensures that you can match the hashtags with what your audience usually searches.
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Engage With Your Instagram Audience

Make an effort to interact with your audience, and your social media presence will reach new heights. Responding in the comments section of your posts is a great way to engage with your audience. Answer any questions that you find and give them suggestions for your other posts. 

Also, you could be the first to post a question under your content. This may kick-start a discussion and significantly increase your engagement metrics. Increasing the comment count is vital since Instagram will increase the visibility in the search rankings. 

Another way of engaging with your audience is to post Instagram Live content. Viewers can leave comments in the chat section, and you can respond to them through the video. Some users prefer to consume a lot of live streams, allowing you to capture new audiences.

How To Get More Likes on Instagram

Focus on increasing the like content for your posts since that’s a good user engagement metric. Posts with more likes will have greater reach since they will be put in front of more people. Here are some of the top ways to get more likes on Instagram:

  • Ask for the like: You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many more likes you will get by asking for the like. However, you need to be creative with how you ask for likes. This keeps things fresh and ensures that you continue to get more likes. 
  • Set a like goal: Share that you have like goals for each post. For example, you can set a goal of 1,000 and let your audience know. Also, you can share that you will reward your community with special content when a goal is reached. 
  • Improve content: The easiest way to get more likes is by improving your evergreen content. Your IG audience will naturally leave more likes when they find value in your content. This could be because they found it funny, educational, or newsworthy.
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Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Make sure that your Instagram profile is optimized for success. Start by ensuring you have an attractive image. When you’re the face behind the brand, it’s a good idea to have an image of yourself. However, keep it casual since that’s the vibe on Instagram. On the other hand, brands can use their company logo if they use Instagram for branding. 

Additionally, you need to optimize the text alongside your image. For example, you can add niche-related keywords to increase the profile searchability. Use the text to give users an idea of what to expect from your account. You can also use emojis to add more character and information to the block of text. 

Finally, consider pining an Instagram Story to your profile page. This gives you more media to welcome users to your account. The welcome message can give an overview of what content users can expect from your account. 

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How To Get More Followers on Instagram?

Do you want to know how to get more followers on Instagram? Any worthwhile social media strategy must include a plan for generating more followers. This ensures you can sell more products and grow your social media brand. Here are some proven digital marketing strategies for getting more Instagram followers:

  • Use existing digital assets: Do you have existing digital assets that you can use to promote your Instagram account? For example, you can use social media post buttons on your website. Alternatively, promote your social platforms using an email list. You can skyrocket your Instagram follower count by taking advantage of a large audience elsewhere. 
  • Focus on a niche: It’s hard to grow a following when your account doesn’t have a clear direction. Your users will not connect with your account if they don’t know what it’s about. Therefore, you should focus on a particular area of expertise. 
  • Social media algorithms: Give the social media algorithms what they want. This includes optimizing your posts with hashtags and the right keywords. Also, have a strong user engagement strategy, and the IG algorithm might reward you with more viewers. 
  • Stand out: Instagram users want to see new and creative ideas when they log in. Therefore, you need to develop a unique angle for your account and posting strategy.

Keep a Consistent Content Calendar

You’ll need to keep a consistent content calendar to ensure that you increase your odds of success. Ideally, you’ll get users into the habit of viewing your content on a regular basis. This means your account is top of mind when logging into the app. 

Consider using Instagram scheduling tools to line up content ahead of time. This reduces the chances of having a gap in your content schedule because you’re unavailable. Many IG scheduling tools require payment but also have a free trial option. Find a competitive software solution that provides some of the top features on their freemium plan. 

Also, you need to strike the right balance regarding content posting intensity. More content is better, but you need to consider your resources. You can increase content production by reusing content across multiple formats and platforms.

Finally, to have the biggest impact on your content, you need to post it at the right time. This means choosing the day of the week and time of the day. Turning to Instagram analytics is a good way to identify when your content has the largest viewership. 

Use Plixi for Organic Social Media Growth

To summarize, there are many organic growth strategies you can deploy to improve our Instagram account. The social media platform provides a wide range of tools, so you’re not limited to one method. You can mix and match to suit your preferences and skills. 

Now that you understand the basic organic social media growth strategies, develop some of your own. After all, being unique ensures you can carve out a specific audience that wants to come back. 

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