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Free Instagram Likes Daily To Improve Your Posts

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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You can receive free Instagram likes daily to increase the popularity of your content. Getting more likes is a positive user engagement metric for the Instagram algorithm. However, getting likes is not always easy if you don’t know where to start. 

We’ll share strategies that get you more likes and dramatically improve your content. Your competitors will be looking on with jealousy as you dominate your niche and get an avalanche of likes. 

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Free Instagram Likes Daily To Improve Your Posts

How To Get More Instagram Likes

To get more Instagram likes, you need to improve the quality of the content. There are no shortcuts; in this section, we’ll reveal four of the top strategies you can deploy. As a result, your like count will reach new record highs for upcoming posts. 

1. Feature Trending Hashtags

There is a strong link between using the right Instagram hashtags and getting more likes. This might be because hashtags help drive traffic to posts. Hence, as a rule of thumb, more traffic means more likes. 

However, you must ensure that you use the relevant hashtags in your post. This means you’ll target the right audience for your content. They will naturally have a higher chance of leaving a like. 

2. Include a Call to Action

To get more Instagram likes, you need to ask for them directly. This means including a call to action (CTA) within your posts. Here are some tips that you can implement when using CTA’s within your posts:

  • Use action words: You’ll need to be direct and ask users to leave a like with action words. Hence, your audience will know exactly what they need to do after reading the call to action. You can read the CTA’s of competitors to look at the words they are using for some ideas. 
  • Mix up the CTAs: Make sure to rotate a handful of CTAs to ensure ad blindness doesn’t set in. Also, it shows creativity and can get your creative juices flowing. 
  • Placement: Make sure to use the CTA’s in locations where the users can easily see them. Otherwise, the CTA will blend into the background, and your conversion rate will be poor. 
  • Provide reason: Ideally, you should give your audience a reason to click the like button. This might be to reach a like count for the posts. Meet the target-like count to trigger an interesting action. This might be to change your profile image, create unique content, or anything else.
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3. Show Faces

Make it a habit to show faces in the images you include on your Instagram posts. This increases the likelihood of getting likes by 38%, as one study showed. Including a variety of faces allows a broader audience to relate to the content.

4. Create New Content

Your audience wants to see something new and not a rehash of what your competitors have posted. Therefore, it’s important to create a strategy for sourcing new content and here are a few ideas:

  • News websites: Use news websites as the source of your material for some posts. However, it’s important to be the first Instagram account to break the news in your niche. This increases the chances that your audience will get the news from you, not competitors. 
  • Response speed: When your industry has something new to share, you need to upload the content quickly. Otherwise, the content might be outdated – even if it takes you an extra day to post. 
  • Look far and wide: To break new content onto Instagram, you’ll need to have unique sources. Consider channels of information that your competitors would never have thought of using.
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Top 4 Things To Avoid When Getting Free Instagram Likes

You can sabotage your hard efforts to get more likes when taking particular actions. In this section, we’ll reveal the biggest mistakes you can make. These mistakes can reduce the number of likes you get and detract from the hard work. 

1. Don’t Buy Instagram Likes in Massive Quantities

You can buy Instagram likes to boost the performance of your posts, but note that this isn’t a free method. Although you can use the trial services to get free likes from these companies, there are many reputable vendors. However, problems might arise when you buy too many likes in a short period.

That’s because Instagram doesn’t permit its users to buy likes or followers. The social media platform has a system in place to detect this behavior. However, if you limit the amount of likes you buy, it makes it hard for Instagram to detect. 

2. Don’t Use Filters

You may think that using Instagram filters is a good thing since it makes your content look better. However, the opposite is true since the use of filters tends to decrease the number of likes. This is especially true when taking pictures of people or in selfies. 

This could be because audiences don’t want to see fake images. Instead, most people want to experience authenticity from the Instagram accounts they follow. This means you need to focus on creating better-quality images instead of looking for the best filters out there. 

However, AI-based filters are constantly improving and are becoming indistinguishable from untouched images. This will make it harder for audiences to figure out if you used a filter. 

3. Don’t Edit Too Much

Editing your posts too much can detract from the overall quality. Your audience will begin to see every edit as a gimmick and stop watching your content altogether. Also, too many edits can lead to distracting your audience from leaving likes. It also makes it harder for you to include a CTA they will notice. 

Are you not sure how to best edit your Instagram content? Then, you can hire a professional to complete the editing on your behalf. Alternatively, you can look at how top-performing competitors are editing their content. This gives you an idea of the latest strategies that work. 

However, don’t directly copy the way competitors edit their content. This step should have a unique approach since it’s a way of standing out from the crowd. In fact, audiences may flock to your content if you have a new and different take on adding edits. This also increases Instagram engagement with your audience.

4. Don’t Buy Automatic Instagram Likes

When looking for ways for free options, you need to avoid buying automatic Instagram likes. That’s because the costs can quickly add up, which isn’t ideal when you have a limited budget. Instead, focus on the free methods of this article, and you can buy likes in the future.

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Top 3 Audience Engagement Strategies for More Likes

You can take advantage of several audience engagement strategies in the pursuit of getting more likes. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many more likes you can get when you get involved. Continue reading to discover the best way to engage active users and get those all-important likes. 

1. Data Analytics Software

You need to measure engagement with data analytics software to keep track of your progress. This allows you to determine what strategies are working and the ones that need further refinement. 

For instance, you can evaluate how engagement-related actions affect your like count. Then, you can create a list of the best strategies that lead to the most likes. You can use Instagram’s in-house analytics or invest in third-party apps. 

2. Leave Comments

Leaving comments is one of the best ways to interact with your audience. This can drive the engagement metrics through the roof and make Instagram’s algorithm happy. Here is how you can improve your strategy with comments:

  • Answer questions: Make sure to answer the user’s questions for every post. It doesn’t have to be long and time-consuming answers. However, answering shows your audience that you’re actively interacting with them. You can also hire a special media specialist to help you answer questions when getting overwhelmed. 
  • Post a comment first: You can be the first one to leave a comment for your posts. This can kick-start a discussion and increase the overall engagement rate. In fact, you can use software to schedule posts and automatically leave a post. This hands-off approach contributes to a winning recipe. 
  • Link to other content: You can include links to other content in the Instagram comments section to help answer user questions. This increases the number of views your content receives and, therefore, the number of likes. 

3. Ask Your Audience

You can use different strategies for communicating with your target audience and asking for their opinion. This could be their take on what types of content you should post next. Your audience will be more inclined to leave a like for content that matches their interest. 

You can ask your audience in the form of questionnaires, polls, and in the comments section. You will begin to see a theme for what users want to see from your account. This can give you a lot of content ideas when your creative juices are running dry.

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Are Free Instagram Likes Daily Worth the Hassle?

To conclude, making an effort to get likes on your posts is part of a winning strategy on Instagram. It can help improve the popularity of your posts and get more followers. As a result, you can do business with bigger brands or sell more products. 

Now that you understand how to get free Instagram likes daily give it a try for yourself. You’ll see that it’s possible to double or triple the number of likes with the right strategies. Furthermore, give every strategy mentioned in this article to try to increase your odds. Instagram is a highly competitive platform with many accounts pulling the attention of your audience. 

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