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Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business Today?


Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 8 min read

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Discover who you should follow on Instagram as a business for new levels of growth. You’ll learn that following the right Instagram accounts can help with competitor research. Instagram is a social media platform, so it’s important to identify the right accounts for collaboration. 

However, there is no practical limit to the number of accounts you can follow. This means there’s no downside to following as many accounts as you can. It comes down to investing resources and time into the effort and evaluating if it provides a positive return. 

Also, read on for who my business should follow on Instagram.

Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business Today?

Should You Follow Back Everyone Who Follows You on Instagram?

There is no need to follow back everyone who follows you on Instagram. That’s because it will be too time-consuming to follow every account that gives you a follow. This is especially true if you have a large number of followers. 

However, you can consider following users who follow you and are active in the community or your post comments. You may want to improve the quality of your relationships with these users. 

Some of these may end up being the top influencers that you can leverage to get more followers. Most social media platforms have users you need to know about to increase your business network. 

Follow Instagram Influencers

You can follow Instagram influencers in your niche to potentially forge new relationships. The influencer may notice that you follow them and decide to reach out for a collaboration. This is an excellent strategy for improving the number of brand ambassadors you can naturally acquire. 

Furthermore, following the top influencers allows you to keep track of trends. That’s because the top influencers have a big impact on niches. Hence, you can learn the latest trends and potentially include them in your social media marketing. 

How To Gain Followers on Instagram Business Accounts

Do you want to know how to gain followers on Instagram business accounts? Growing your followers on Instagram is an ongoing process, and there are many approaches. You should combine a mix of strategies to increase your odds of success. 

In this section, we’ll share some of the top methods that can help you get more followers for your business. 

1. Use Existing Digital Assets

Your business may already be on a variety of digital platforms, and utilizing these for IG growth is a fast hack. Depending on the size of your audience on other platforms, you can skyrocket your success quickly. Here are top examples of the digital assets you can use:

  • Your website: Do you have a high-traffic business website? Then, it’s a good idea to funnel that traffic to your Instagram URL page to gain followers. You can do this by adding social media buttons to your website in easy-to-notice locations. Also, you can give them a reason to follow your account, such as the availability of giveaways. 
  • Social media platforms: Do you use social media marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook, X, and YouTube? Then, you can leverage your hard work on this platform by sending users to your Instagram account. Make sure to use your business account and not personal accounts to funnel the right target audience. 
  • Email list: Do you have a large email list with a target audience that will find your Instagram account interesting? In the email footers, you can include a button on your Instagram profile. This allows users who are active on Instagram to check out your profile and follow the account. You can also create emails that promote your Instagram account. However, giving users a reason to follow, such as exclusive news, is a good idea. 

2. Buy Instagram Followers

The platform doesn’t permit buying Instagram followers, but it’s common practice. Therefore, you need to be careful about the rate at which you acquire new followers with purchases. It’s a good idea to buy followers in small increments that align with your account growth. 

Also, you need real Instagram followers that add value to your business. This can be through engagement with your content or extra sales. Business accounts can sell products directly on Instagram. Therefore, you can funnel your followers to product pages to generate sales.

Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business Today?, image №2

3. Release Content

Instagram users love to consume content, so publishing on various topics is a great idea. You should include various formats such as Instagram Reels, Stories, Live, and more. Hence, you can cater to a larger audience base. 

Here are some topic ideas you can consider when creating content for business purposes:

  • Product news: Do you have new products on the horizon? Then, you can share the news on Instagram to inform your audience. Social platforms are an excellent way to share news with potential buyers. You can increase the level of hype and then get more sales. 
  • Product tutorials: You create content that helps your audience use products. This is especially handy if your products are tricky or have complicated features. Get this right, and your customer support department strain will decrease. 
  • Industry-related trends: Consider sharing trends that will interest your target audience. This might be trends about general technological advancements or new use cases for products. 
  • Showcase use cases: Some of your audience might struggle to figure out the best way to use your products. Therefore, you can create Instagram Stories that provide ideas for various use cases. This can increase sales since customers can figure out how they can use the product or services. 
  • Collaborations: You can collaborate with other Instagram accounts to access new audiences. The content can center around partnerships with those in your industry or ones unrelated. This leads to plenty of interesting crossover ideas that can go viral. 

4. Get the Verified Badge

Brands on Instagram should get the verified badge icon to showcase that they are the real deal. Otherwise, users may think your account is fake, so avoid clicking the follow button. This is especially important if you have had problems with account imitations that tried to scam your audience. 

Any brand that’s operating on Instagram can apply for the verified badge. It costs around $15 per month at the time of writing. Also, you can fast-track the badge application process if you already have a verification badge on Meta. 

5. Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

You can harvest new followers by collaborating with the right Instagram influencers. Ideally, they will have an audience that you want to target. You can send Instagram direct messages (DMs) to a long list of potential influencers to kick-start the process. Then, pick from the list of replies that show promise. 

Also, you can ask the influencer to create user-generated content. They may choose to do this if you provide a worthwhile reward. This includes free products or money. Typically, the size of the reward increases with the popularity of the influencer. 

Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business Today?, image №3

Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business for Growth? 

Your business should follow Instagram accounts that can help you get more followers. This includes Instagram influencers and loyal customers. Influencers can give you access to audiences that have a massive overlap with your target buyers. 

In fact, it is one of the best ways to market your business on social media platforms. Your online presence will skyrocket, and sales shortly afterward. 

Furthermore, it’s a good idea to follow competitor Instagram accounts to keep an eye on their activity. This will help you complete competitor research to understand what you’re up against. 

When wondering who you should follow on Instagram, choose your top 10 competitors. Then, monitor the quality and timing of their posts. Also, following accounts is the only way to gain access to their Instagram Stories.

Business Accounts To follow on Instagram With Verified Badge

When looking for business accounts to follow on Instagram, you need to look for the verified badge. This indicates that you have come across a genuine account and not a fake. This is a big problem because many Instagram accounts are fakes that have a hidden agenda. 

However, the presence of a verified badge ensures you arrive at the real account of a brand. Note that some legitimate brands may not have completed the verification process. Therefore, you may need to use your judgment on whether an account is real or fake.

Who Should You Follow on Instagram as a Business Today?, image №4

Is It Worth It for Business or Follow Instagram Accounts?

Yes, it’s an excellent idea for businesses to follow the right Instagram accounts to fuel growth. For example, you can follow the accounts of customers you want to attract. Likewise, you can follow the accounts of influencers with whom you’d like to collaborate. The effort of following other accounts can lead to an increase in sales as your audience grows. 

Now that you know who should you follow on Instagram as a business, start adding accounts to the list. You’ll soon see the positive effects of following more accounts for the bottom line. In fact, you may find that your follower count skyrockets to new heights. 

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