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How To Build a Community on Instagram From the Ground Up

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 10 min read

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Your Instagram page should feel like an engaged community of like-minded people. You should come on the platform and feel like you’re meeting your clique from high school. We can show you how to build a community on Instagram. You can achieve this for your brand.

This blog post will give you advice that extends beyond just sharing user-generated content (UGC). We will show you how to use Instagram to gain and keep active users. Let’s go!

How To Build a Community on Instagram From the Ground Up

How To Find Your Target Audience on Instagram

We know you’re interested in building a strong following on the platform. You don’t just want numbers, though. You want people from your target audience. You know what they look like in every way. This is a great way to approach your target audience. We can help you figure out how to find your target audience on Instagram. Follow these steps.

1. Niche Down

You need to create a brand identity that is fully yours. It can be tempting just to create all types of content. After all, you have an interest in many different subject areas. Nevertheless, your followers need a good idea of what your brand is all about. 

Of course, some types of content creation will intersect with other types. For example, if you create fashion content, it’s also natural to create beauty content. If you aspire to be a fitness influencer, you may also naturally share healthy recipes. This is a reasonable way to double in food content. Regardless, people should be able to understand the kind of content you produce.

You need to enjoy what you produce. If you want people to like following you, you need to like creating. Otherwise, how do you find true members of your community? 

Sometimes, it will be hard to grow on Instagram. What will keep you on the platform is your love of content creation. This, and the support from your community on Instagram. You won’t appreciate your community unless you love the type of content you create.

2. Engage With Your Followers

What is a community without equal give-and-take? It’s not enough to just give amazing content. You have to engage with the people that follow you as well. This entails replying to the comments that you get. It involves following up with questions in your DMs.

When you reply to people, they remember. They feel like they’re not just a follower. Rather, they are part of a community of like-minded friends. This is the kind of sensation you want to give people when creating an Instagram community.

3. Check Your Insights

To ensure you have your dream target audience, check your Instagram Insights. This is how you get the empirical proof that your measures are working. This is an incredibly useful tool that Instagram gives to creators. You can use this to hone in on the target audience that you want. 

With the information you get here, you can guide your content creation. If your methods aren’t working, all you have to do is switch up your content strategy.

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Get Familiar With Your Instagram Insights

Whether you like it or not, you have an Instagram community. You have a specific type of follower who regularly checks in on your content. They like, comment, and share your content with other community members. On the surface, this sounds like a good deal. The question is whether this is the type of community that you want.

Before doubling down on the content you think does well, peruse your Instagram insights. This will give you a very good overview of your community on Instagram. We will give you some tips on how to navigate this feature. 

Look at Your Follower Demographics

Your Instagram insights can tell you about your loyal followers. It will show you the demographics that they fall into. It divides your follower base into categories. You will know who your followers are by their location, age, and gender. 

You might have an idea of the kind of followers that you attract. The statistics will show you the kind of followers that you have. 

The results might surprise you. You could notice that you attract far more men than you intended to. You could also realize that your content just does not resonate with the younger audience. You may also see that your photos and Reels don’t transcend your country’s borders. Armed with this information, you can start to revamp your content plan.

Look at What People Interact With the Most

You’ll find out more about your community when you see what they interact with the most. You might already have an idea when you see the notifications rolling in. However, Instagram Insights gives you a very good overview of everything at once. This way, you can compare statistics with each other.

The most popular post will give you an idea of your Instagram community. Maybe it is the workout content that has the highest numbers. This could mean that you have the fitness community surrounding you. It could also be the travel vlog from last summer. Maybe you attracted the travel community. Insights will let you know the type of people that are watching.

Now that you know the kind of community you are part of, what will you do? Will you switch off your content completely? Maybe you want to continue on the same path since it’s working so well. The choice is yours. The statistics give you the details to make the most educated choice for your brand.

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Why You Should Use Instagram Ads

You may have seen “Sponsored” on an IG post before. This means that the person paid for you to see that ad. If you are willing to spend a little cash to find your community, consider buying Instagram ads. Do you know what your Instagram community should be? 

You can simply create ads that reach that type of Instagram user. Let’s talk about this option.

1. IG Developed the Feature

You should breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing this information. There are so many sites that promise the growth of a target audience. They say you don’t have to pay much, and you can watch your page increase in numbers. However, you always wonder if you can truly buy Instagram followers safely. 

Sometimes, you can’t trust these third-party sites with your page. It’s good to know that these Instagram ads are safe. Instagram develops this platform so they can earn money and you can close the gap with your target audience.

You don’t have to leave the app to purchase these ads. When you have a professional account, you can boost existing posts. You just have to have your payment information ready.

2. It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Advertising may sound like a big expense, especially for a smaller creator. The good thing about Instagram ads is that you get to decide how much you spend. You can stay within budget. You don’t have to faint at the sight of the final price. It is not a system where the ads run indefinitely. You just have to pay one fee for the ad to run for a definite period.

3. You Choose What Your Community Looks Like

The Instagram ad feature lets you choose who sees your ad. Of course, you don’t get to choose the individual pages you see. You do, however, get to choose the demographics of your target audience. 

You can decide the age range of the target audience. You can completely exclude an age range that simply would not appreciate your brand. You wouldn’t want to waste your ad on them anyway. 

You can also decide where the receivers of your ad live. If you are promoting a local business, you may want to have customers coming on foot. It makes sense to limit your target audience to people who are already in the area. 

Maybe you want to advertise to the people outside of your country. You could live in a tourist hotspot, and you want people to come to your spot when they visit. You can choose that location for your ads. 

You can even completely exclude men or women. You have a lot of power. This intensive marketing doesn’t require you to leave the app. You can create your ideal community with this feature.

4. Choose the Type of Ad

There are so many different formats to promote your content. If you look closely, you’ll see ads everywhere on Instagram. They show up in the feeds of Instagram users. They’re also in between the Instagram Stories of the people you follow. 

They can be photos, carousels of pictures, or full Reels. You can access these placements as well. It might be hard for you to decide. Your Instagram insights should help you determine where you should place them. Do people interact with your Stories more than your Instagram feed posts? That may be a good place to start.

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Instagram Community Guidelines: A Summary of What You Need To Know 

Instagram has its idea of what an online community is. To them, it should be a safe space for creators to share content. To do that, they enforce Instagram community guidelines. This may sound very serious, but it shouldn’t scare you. 

You already agreed to it by joining the platform but may not remember what you agreed to. Here are some of the main points that you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid spamming in messages or comments. You will have to find other creative ways to promote your content.
  • Don’t publish content that promotes illegal activity. This includes content surrounding organized crime, organizations that promote hate or terrorism, and drugs or sexual services.
  • Be careful not to post content that promotes self-injury or eating disorders. It is not the platform where a community like this will thrive.
  • Do not share nude images on the platform. However, breastfeeding or mastectomy art is permissible.
  • Don’t bully other users on the platform.

There are so many users on the platform. Instagram may not be quick enough to catch content that contravenes the community guidelines. It allows Instagram users to report content that falls into these categories. This means the members of the Instagram community can police your content. It could result in some very harsh penalties for your page.

Being a good team player is part of knowing how to make a community on Instagram.

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How To Build a Community on Instagram With Plixi

We know that it must be very exciting to create content on Instagram. All you need now is the right people to appreciate what you put out there. You don’t want people to cringe when they see your Reels. That’s why you need the right audience. We can help you find that audience. Your strong community is right around the corner when you use Plixi as your growth expert.

You might be wondering how we do this. We just have the right tools at our disposal. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. They get the best support from our propriety AI targeting algorithm. We know it’s good because we’ve worked on it for the last ten years. The results that it produces are beautiful.

You should see for yourself. Are you ready for gradual and constant growth? It’s great to know how to build a community on Instagram, but let’s kick it into high gear. Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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