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Social Media Marketing Tools: Top Solves for Your Business


Plixi Team

Nov 03, 2023 16 min read

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Do you want to increase the efficiency and profitability of social media marketing campaigns? Then, it’s time to invest in social media marketing tools, and there’s a wide range of options. In this article, we’ll cover the best ones you must add to get more followers, customers, and sales. 

Social media marketing is competitive as most brands will try to steer your customer attention toward them. This means you need to acquire every edge you can to increase your odds of success. The marketing tools for social media in this article will go a long way toward helping.

Social Media Marketing Tools: Top Solves for Your Business

Advantages of Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Let’s start by considering the benefits of using social media as a marketing tool. This section summarizes the top reasons why adding social media is a no-brainer for any brand. Therefore, you can justify spending your marketing dollars on social media platforms like Instagram.

Build Brand Awareness and Attention

You may have heard that social media isn’t a good marketing platform to sell since users aren’t looking to buy. However, your content promotion on social media will increase sales for other channels. That’s because you can raise brand awareness to let people know about your business. 

In fact, with a few viral campaigns, you can skyrocket the attention of your business. It will make selling products far easier since customers are already aware of your business.

However, it’s important to create brand consistency when marketing across different channels. This ensures that your target audience isn’t confused by differences in messaging across the internet.

Help Understand Target Audience Interests

Social media is an interactive platform that allows you to engage with the audience. For example, you can use instant messaging to chat with your audience. This allows you to engage in conversation to find out more about what the audience thinks about your brand. 

Alternatively, you can interact with your viewers in the comment section of your posts. This opens up a discussion for everyone who sees the post. It’s a great way to show the audience that you have a responsive brand. Also, you can answer questions, which will relieve the burden on your customer support department.

Share Your Brand Story

The nature of content sharing on social media facilitates storytelling. For example, on Instagram, you can create many Instagram Reels sharing different aspects of your business. Alternatively, you can use Instagram Live to show the audience around your commercial property. 

The number of content formats on social media platforms is increasing. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with them all. This ensures you use every tool at your disposal to tell the brand story. It also ensures that you have complete coverage of the social media marketing landscape.

Sell Directly on Social Media Platforms

Did you know that you can sell products directly on social media platforms? For example, you can sell on Instagram by upgrading to a business account. This unlocks features like product pages and product hashtags. Therefore, you will not need to send customers to your website using referral traffic. You can take advantage of the trust you build on Instagram. 

Facebook is another social media platform where you can sell products directly. They offer business pages and a marketplace. You need to explore the product-selling features of different platforms to find the best option for your business.

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Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Social media platforms like Instagram receive a large amount of traffic. You can divert just a fraction of the traffic from your social media account to your website. This ensures you get more viewers to your e-commerce website and potentially increase sales. 

However, you need to have consistency between what your website offers and what you promise on social media posts. That’s because viewers will be frustrated if you waste their time.

Here are a few ideas for driving more users from social media platforms to your website:

  • Limited-time offers: Consider sharing any limited-time offers. This might be products about to run out of stock or a promotional period that’s just about to end. Creating a sense of urgency with your audience will give them more reasons to click now. 
  • Unique promotional codes: Create promotional codes exclusive to each platform. This gives the audience a feeling that their codes are special and worth using. Also, make it easy for the audience to apply coupon codes during checkout. In fact, automatic application of the coupon code is good practice. 
  • New products: Share any new products that you have in stock on your website. You can intrigue your audience and potentially get more visitors to your product pages. 
  • Landing pages: Consider using specific landing pages for users arriving from social media platforms. The landing page must provide a bridge between the two websites so the user feels a sense of consistency. This contributes to a fluid buying journey and will increase the conversion rate.

Increase Your Market Share

Some of your customer base will only hang out on social media platforms while on the internet. Hence, they won’t use search engines to find your product; even the best SEO strategies won’t change this. 

Therefore, you’ll need to find these customers lurking on social media platforms and introduce them to your brand. Adding new social media platforms means you can grow your customer base. 

However, it’s important to craft a unique marketing strategy for each platform. That’s because users on each platform have preferences for how they like to consume content. You will not capture a huge segment of the audience if your approach doesn’t make sense for the platform.

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Best Tools for Social Media Marketing

Now, let’s turn our attention to the best tools for social media marketing. This gives you an overview of what tools you can add to your special media campaigns. Some tools overlap, while others perform important and unique functions.

Instagram Scheduling Tools

Take advantage of the Instagram scheduling tools when creating a post-content calendar. These tools allow you to create a backlog of content that is published over a long period. Therefore, you can avoid disruption in your content, which is important to receive steady follower growth.

Look for scheduling tools that support multiple websites and content formats. This ensures that you can create a content calendar for every social media marketing platform. Also, compare the features and look for services with better functionality. For example, some tools may offer tools to leave the first comment on Instagram posts. This is handy for kick-starting a discussion and increasing engagement metrics.

Social Media Analytics Tools

You are in the dark if you’re not using analytics tools to reveal what’s working and what isn’t. Therefore, you need to invest in social media analytics tools that allow you to uncover things like:

  • Effective post type: Find the content on your social media account that contributes to the most sales and general success. Therefore, you can double down on these posts and increase your account success. 
  • Spy on competitors: Some analytics software provides a summary of competitor accounts. Hence, you can figure out what type of content they produce to capture the audience. It can give you some ideas for your content production. 
  • Monitor team members: You can monitor your team to see the members who are meeting their deadlines. This will help you manage the marketing team and identify the top performers. 
  • Track message response: You can track metrics like message response times. This enables you to determine the social media accounts that are underperforming. Fast response times are important to provide a good customer experience.
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Social Media Engagement Tools

You can figure out how users engage with your content by using social media engagement tools. There is a lot of overlap with analytics tools, but you may get additional features. For example, you can determine your audience’s responsiveness to marketing efforts. 

Also, you can improve your engagement with social media audiences. This means consolidating all your messages on a single platform. This helps your team members to answer customer queries much faster.

Assign messages to individuals within your team to ensure the account is organized. This automation will help your team answer questions within a manageable amount of time.

Social Media Listening Tools

You can implement social media listening tools in your marketing efforts. They provide excellent insights that will help you understand your audience. Here are examples of how social media listening tools can help:

  • General sentiment: You can figure out the general sentiment toward your brand. This helps you understand if your efforts are hitting the mark. Also, some software solutions may provide suggestions on how to overcome any negative general sentiment. 
  • Analyze campaigns: The tool enables you to analyze campaigns so you can get a sense of what’s working. You’ll receive easy-to-read reports so you can get the information at a glance. 
  • Trends: You can quickly uncover trends that help you better understand the direction of your market. Therefore, you can adapt your marketing approach and product selection. 
  • Competitor attitudes: You can learn from the successes and mistakes of competitors by uncovering their audience sentiments. This means you can use market research to optimize your social media marketing campaigns. 
  • Identify industry gaps: You can discover new gaps in the market to acquire more customers. Also, you may experience high ROI for marketing within untapped product niches.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

You’ll find that social media monitoring tools have a lot of overlap with the listing tools mentioned above. However, the monitoring tool focuses more on the micro-scale. For example, you can use keywords to drill down your monitoring activity to specific market segments. This allows you to understand better what publishing content ideas you need to develop.

Also, you can use custom tags and alerts to customize your monitoring experience. Tools like these help a wide range of social media marketers manage campaigns according to their preferences. However, you need to look at various monitoring tools to find one with your desired features.

Social Media Automation Tools

You can save a lot of time with social media automation tools. Investing in these tools is a no-brainer, and there are an increasing number of options to choose from. Here are some of the top benefits and features of social media automation tools:

  • Chatbots: Are you getting overwhelmed by the number of messages you receive? Then, consider adding chatbots to your marketing strategy. These can leave automated messages, and they are always improving. For example, Instagram provides a chatbot for business account owners. 
  • Increase response rate: Automation tools allow you to increase the response rate for whatever task you need. This includes answering customer questions or quickly identifying trends and acting on them. 
  • Integrations: Some marketing software provides integrations with other software solutions. This ensures there’s a reduction in the need to enter data manually. For instance, you link to customer relationship management software you’re already using.

Instagram Marketing Tools

Do you only plan on using Instagram for social media marketing? Then, you can find tools that support only this platform. This is advantageous because the focused tools allow you to take full advantage of what Instagram marketing has to offer. 

When choosing Instagram social media management tools, make sure to focus on the following:

  • Hashtags: Analyzing and optimizing your hashtags strategy on Instagram is important. That’s because many IG users search for content by using hashtags. Hence, the marketing tools must provide information on the top hashtags you need to use. This means you can create valuable content that will increase your viewer count.
  • Deep analytics: Look for an Instagram social media marketing tool that offers deep analytics. It’s perfect for those marketers who value data to inform decisions. You should have the option to go as deep as you like so you can micro-manage campaigns to success. 
  • Manage and publish: Ideally, you will choose Instagram marketing software that allows you to manage and publish content. A centralized location to manage your content publishing helps optimize your evergreen content.
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Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Are you looking for ways to improve your social media for a small business approach? In this section, we’ll reveal some of the best practices you can implement today. Using the tools you discovered in the section above makes following these principles easy.

Multiple Marketing Channels

It’s important to create a broad social media marketing strategy that encompasses the most popular platforms. This includes Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Here are some of the benefits of using an omnichannel approach for social media marketing:

  • Wider reach: Adding more channels increases the number of customers you can acquire. That’s because some of your customers only use one or two social media platforms. Hence, to find them, you’ll need to be active on those platforms to get their attention. 
  • Content repurposing: Increase the ROI of your content by repurposing it on multiple social media websites. This means you can use the same piece of content to extract more value. However, you need to ensure your content publishing takes the right approach for each platform. For instance, Instagram posts are more about the images than the text. 
  • Brand reputation: Customers expect to see legitimate brands on multiple social media channels. This means you will increase your business reputation by diversifying your social media marketing. 
  • More creativity: You can explore a wider range of marketing strategies when tackling different platforms. That’s because various platforms differ in how customers prefer to consume content. 
  • More data: Learning more about your customers is a core component of social media marketing. This can inform your strategies for every marketing channel, including your blogs, email marketing, PPC, and more. 

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the highest ROI types of marketing. This is perfect for small businesses with a small budget. However, it depends on the influencer you target since some of them will charge a high fee. As a rule of thumb, expect to pay influencers based on their audience size. 

Furthermore, you may find influencers who love your brand and are willing to accept less to market your products. It depends on the quality of your products and if you stand out in your niche.

Influencer marketing is an excellent strategy for new businesses with small audience sizes. That’s because you can hijack large audiences with the seal of approval

 from the influencer. However, it’s a number game since you need to focus on getting as many influencers on board with your marketing.

Social Media Business Features

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the business-related features of the social media platform. This ensures you can use every advantage that’s available to you. For example, Instagram offers business accounts. Here is a list of features it offers to help you understand the advantages:

  • Product and brand hashtags: Instagram allows businesses to use product hashtags to increase product visibility. This means customers can find your products on the platform with dedicated hashtags. Also, you can use branded hashtags that relate to your brand. This is another way that users can find your brand on Instagram.  
  • Product Pages: You can use Instagram product pages to sell directly on Instagram. This is ideal if you don’t have an e-commerce website for selling products. Also, you may have an easier time increasing the conversion rate when selling on Instagram. That’s because IG users may feel safer buying within the platform compared to unknown websites. 
  • Instagram Insights: subscribe to an Instagram business account, and you will unlock advanced analytics. This gives you more data about what is working and needs improvement. This includes things like engagement metrics and overall post-viewership performance.
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Top Things To Avoid With Social Media Marketing Tools

Now, let’s look at some of the top things you should consider when choosing tools for social media marketing. This section outlines what mistakes you shouldn’t make so you can choose the best ones for your business.

  • Don’t add too many tools: You may think more marketing tools are better, but that can add complications to your marketing campaigns. Also, many of the tools overlap, so it’s a good idea to choose tools that offer more. The all-in-one tools provide the most value but may miss some specific features you’ll find in specialized services. 
  • Don’t ignore free trials: It’s important to check out the free trials to preview social media tools before paying. This allows you to try out many tools first-hand so that you can choose the best one. Most software solutions have free trials nowadays, which means finding one shouldn’t be a problem. If your desired service doesn’t offer free trials, then you can use money-back guarantees where available. 
  • Don’t add multiple tools too fast: It’s important to implement social media marketing tools by learning all the features. However, this is hard when you use too many tools at the same time. Hence, pace your tool acquisition so you don’t become overwhelmed. 
  • Don’t pay too much: The social media marketing tool industry is competitive, and you can choose from many options. Hence, you can shop around for a great deal, so don’t pay above-market prices. Also, take advantage of deals and promotions to save money.
Social Media Marketing Tools: Top Solves for Your Business, image №7

Are These Tools Worth It?

To conclude, tools for social media marketers are an important step toward automation and generating more profits. There are many categories to choose from, and a mix of different ones is the best approach.

Make sure you take advantage of every feature of the social media marketing tools you add. Also, use free trials to test different solutions so you can find the best fit for your business. This will help you get the most out of any software and take your social media marketing to the next level.

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