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Influencer Apps: Get Help To Grow Your Instagram Account


Plixi Team

Mar 04, 2024 9 min read

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Using influencer apps is a no-brainer for staying on top of social media platforms like Instagram. This ensures that you can improve your organization, efficiency, and professionalism. You’ll find that the quality of your content improves as you add the right apps. 

Furthermore, scaling your Instagram account using the right apps is far easier. It’s an uphill struggle to generate account growth without these apps. In this article, we’ll mention the best apps to get you started. 

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Influencer Apps: Get Help To Grow Your Instagram Account

4 Best Apps for Influencers: The Types of Tools You Need

Let’s turn our attention to the best apps for Influencers. We’ll mention the different app categories that will support your operation. You can improve the account growth rate with these apps. Also, you may find that growing your Instagram account is more enjoyable with the right apps. 

1. Instagram Scheduling Tools

Invest in apps that allow you to automate the Instagram posting schedule. Here are the features and advantages of these that are worth knowing:

  • Post ahead of time: You can use Instagram scheduling tools to line up multiple months worth of posts in advance. Therefore, you can go on vacation or get sick, and your account continues to output content. This increases the chances of not having multiple days where your audience receives no content. 
  • Extra features: These tools have additional features that help Instagram influencers succeed. For instance, you can automatically add the first comments on your posts. This is an organic way to increase the number of viewer comments. Hence, the Instagram algorithm will increase your rankings because of the higher levels of popularity. 
  • Templates: You may uncover several highly effective templates that convert. This is especially handy for content creators who don’t have the creative flair. The templates provide the graphics and layout. You simply need to fill in the gaps by adding content. 

2. Project Management Systems

Creating a workflow requires project management systems like Trello or Asana. This provides a systematic way of creating a large number of posts. It’s handy for getting organized when you have dozens of posts in the pipeline

Furthermore, these apps will help you collaborate with other team members. For example, you can assign tasks and deadlines to team members. This improves efficiency and sets your Instagram account up for success. 

3. Messaging Apps

You’ll need to use messaging apps like Slack to communicate with team members. Therefore, you can iron out mistakes or discuss new project ideas. You can set up a group chat using these apps, which is ideal for brainstorming content ideas. 

The messaging apps you choose must have features that contribute to your success. Also, it helps to choose an app other team members already know. This reduces the amount of time it takes to complete the onboarding process. 

4. Instagram Anonymous Viewers

You can use Instagram anonymous viewers to monitor your competitor accounts. This tool allows you to log in and view Instagram Stories (for example) without the account owner knowing. 

Confidentiality is great when a competitor has blocked out your account to prevent you from doing research

Furthermore, these viewers may grant you access to view private accounts. However, this isn’t always the case, so you’ll need to check manually with the software provider.

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Apps for Influencers To Connect With Brands

Invest in downloading apps for influencers to connect with brands. This allows you to get more sponsorship deals and find the company you want to work with. Here is an example of the top apps that will kick-start your research for the right ones:

  • Ubiquitous: This app facilitates negotiation and compensation between influencers and brands. Therefore, you may get better rates and have more confidence to negotiate the terms you want. Other advantages of the app include fast payments and association with popular brands. 
  • TribeFluence: You can find advertisers or brands that want to work with influencers at a low cost. This app is especially good for micro-influencers since the brands want to work with smaller accounts. Also, you’ll find that advertisers on the app want to target specific audiences. The speed at which you can strike deals is one of the app’s strengths. 
  • ExpertVoice: You can connect with over 500 brands on this app, and it’s great for creators who like to review products. The app provides enough information to offer honest reviews, and there’s also a free trial. Overall, the app is easy to use, and the only negative is slow performance (sometimes). 
  • IndaHash: Take advantage of IndaHash to connect with brands from all over the world. There are over 1 million influencers on the app and over 500 brands. The app mainly focuses on content creators on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat
  • Boostinsider: This app is also known as SocialBook and does a great job of helping you find brands eager to market products. The key strengths of the app include ease of use and a wide range of niches. Also, it’s free to use, so there’s no risk to getting started.
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How To Choose the Best Apps for Social Media Influencers

Are you wondering how to find the best apps for social media influencers? In this section, we’ll share the factors you must consider to find the best apps. This avoids wasting time on apps that don’t bring the value or influencers that you need. 

1. Go for Fair Pricing Models

The paid apps will require payment to use the tool to find influencers. This might be in the form of a subscription fee or a percentage of the payment you receive from the brands. Hence, you need to choose a fee structure that you feel provides value for the services offered. 

Furthermore, you can also find free apps without any payment down the road. However, paying for apps might be better if they allow you to find higher-quality brands. The fee will pay for itself if you can find the right deals. 

2. App Stability Is Important

Look at the overall review score of apps to find ones with higher ratings. This ensures that you can find stable ones and don’t keep crashing. Also, the features should work as advertised. This is especially true if you pay for the app with your hard-earned money

Reading customer reviews gives you a good idea about the app’s stability. However, you should also consider testing the app for yourself. That’s because app stability may depend on the device you’re using. 

3. Higher Collection of Brands

The app you use must have a large selection of brands to choose from. This increases your chances of finding the perfect brand that offers the terms you want. 

Also, you can find products within your niche or area of interest. This is especially important when you are creating content in obscure niches. 

Most apps usually share numbers about the number of advertisers on their platform. However, you can only judge the ability to get clients when you are actively on the app. You may need to use several apps before finding one that connects you with an ideal brand. 

Do Influencer Apps To Make Money Work?

Yes, Influencer apps to make money work because brands are actively looking for Instagram influencers. However, the success of whether you make money depends on multiple factors. Here are a few things to consider to make more money with influencer collaboration apps:

  • Increase audience size: Brands typically pay attention to the size of their audience before considering payment. Therefore, you must grow your Instagram account for better payment terms. 
  • High-paying niches: Consider how much people spend in a niche before deciding on your account’s direction. Brands in some niches spend considerably more money than in others. Therefore, the same amount of traffic is easier to monetize in high-paying niches
  • Multiple brands: It’s a good idea to strike deals with multiple brands, so you have more than one revenue stream. This ensures that your account continues to make money when one or two brands decide to stop working. 
  • Communication: You must develop good communication skills with brands to get the right deal. This means negotiating better terms and standing up for yourself. For example, some brands may have a long list of unreasonable requirements. You need to voice your concerns effectively when this is the case. 
  • Patience: Making money with brand collaboration is a long-term game. Therefore, you need to be patient about growing your audience and finding the right brands to work with.
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Top Things To Avoid With Influencer Marketing Apps

There are several things to stop doing when using influencer marketing apps to make money. Following the advice in this section helps avoid the mistakes that beginners typically make, which can cost you money. 

Firstly, you must avoid using apps with high fees or poor payment support. The fees can eat into the profitability of your Instagram Influencer business. 

Additionally, don’t work with brands where you feel the product quality is bad. Ideally, you should endorse products you want to use yourself or add value to the marketplace. That’s because prompting bad products may anger your audience on Instagram. Social media influencers can lose a lot of money when they work with the wrong brands. 

Finally, don’t use apps with a poor rating on the App Store or Google Play. That’s because the app may be buggy or have brands that scam the users. Ideally, the influencer marketing apps will provide a great overall experience for the user.

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Influencer Apps: Are They Worth Using?

You should use Instagram apps for influencers to make money on the social media platform. Content creators can build a successful business with this marketing model. It’s a great tool for creating a lifestyle business where you get rewarded for the content of your post. 

Now that you understand how to choose the best influencer apps on Instagram, give it a try. Download some apps to test them for yourself. In many cases, the paid apps are worth the cost, and you can write it off as a business expense. 

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