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Instagram Automated Behavior: Why It’s Risky

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 7 min read

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Are you worried about getting caught for Instagram automated behavior? There are a bunch of things that can set off alarms on social media platforms. You must know them to avoid getting your account suspended or banned. 

Furthermore, you can get penalized for actions that you thought were legitimate. For example, some third-party apps may take actions similar to bots, and you must avoid them. 

Also, read the article to the end for insights into how Plixi can help grow your account. We use accepted methods that will not get penalized by the Instagram bot detection algorithm.

Instagram Automated Behavior: Why It’s Risky

What Is Automated Behavior on Instagram?: A Simple Overview

Are you interested in figuring out what is automated behavior on Instagram? As the name suggests, it’s when Instagram detects any actions relating to bot automation. It’s strictly prohibited to use bots for actions on Instagram. This includes getting more followers or acquiring likes for your posts. 

You can get penalized by the social media platform if you are guilty of automated behavior. For example, you may receive an Instagram shadowban. This means you won’t be able to share posts with non-followers on Instagram. It will severely limit your ability to grow your Instagram account. 

Instagram Detected Automated Behavior: How It Works

The Instagram detected automated behavior system works via a detection system. They watch for when actions happen too fast and look unnatural. For example, when a post receives too many likes quickly. Let’s say you post content and then receive 100,000 likes within 5 minutes. This is highly suspicious and will trigger alarms on Instagram. 

Also, sudden spikes can arouse suspicion when acquiring new followers. This usually isn’t a problem when growing your account organically. However, when you buy Instagram followers, spreading the acquisition rate is vital. Also, the rate of new followers should look natural for the size of your account.

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Instagram Automation Strategies To Consider

There are different types of Instagram automation apps that you can implement to grow your account. In this section, we’ll share some of the top options that Instagram accepts. 

However, it depends on the specific app that you use and how it’s configured. Sometimes, accepted apps can cause Instagram to conclude you’re botting mistakenly. Hence, you should understand the risks before using the apps. 

1. Instagram Scheduling Tools

Adding Instagram scheduling tools is an excellent automation that provides numerous benefits. This is especially true if you have a comprehensive content publishing approach with many moving parts. Here are some of the top reasons to use these scheduling tools:

  • Automated content publishing: Creating an automated system for content publishing ensures you never miss a day. These tools allow you to set up a system for scheduling posts months ahead of time. Automation tools like these allow you to take a break from Instagram and continue releasing content. This is important for keeping your audience engaged. 
  • Extra features: You may encounter additional features with these tools that offer unique advantages. For example, some tools allow you to automatically make the first comment for every post. This is an excellent feature since you can kick-start conversations and get more comment engagement. It’s a positive metric for the Instagram algorithm. 
  • Different content types: You can automate a wide range of content types on Instagram. This includes Instagram Reels, stories, and live and regular posts. Having a well-rounded strategy on Instagram ensures you reach a wider audience. 

2. Zapier

Zaier is an app integration tool that links Instagram with other third-party apps. This is great for when you want to extract data from Instagram or execute instructions. You can use Zapier to link Instagram with a wide range of apps. This includes Gmail, LinkedIn, Zoom, Slack, and much more. 

3. Instagram DM Automation

You can use tools like ManyChat, which allows you to automate Instagram direct messages. This is great when you need to efficiently respond to customer messages on Instagram. For example, you can set up automated responses to let customers know they will get a response. 

4. Instagram Marketing Agencies

This strategy isn’t an app or automated tool but leads to a hands-off approach. You can hire the right Instagram marketing agency, and they will do all the work of growing your account. They will have the correct strategies for making the most of a limited budget. 

Furthermore, agencies can assign more resources as your brand grows. This means creating your Instagram brand is easier with an agency. However, you’ll need to find one you can trust with your hard-earned money.

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Automation and Restricting on Instagram

Yes, automation can result in restrictions on Instagram. This might be because your automation tools are causing havoc with their experience. You may have accidentally set up the wrong messaging templates. This means users get spammed with promotional material instead of a welcome message. 

Make sure to monitor that your automations are working correctly. You can do this by using another login to interact with your Instagram account. Hence, you’ll have the same experience as your audience.

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Different Types of Instagram Bots

Are you considering using Instagram bots but unsure of the options available? As mentioned, you need to understand the risks of using bots. However, they can be extremely hopeful with the right approach. 

Here are a few examples of different Instagram bots you should consider:

  • Follower bots: It’s a good idea to consider follower bots to increase your count. Your audience may look at your follower count to determine your popularity. However, don’t buy too many followers fast since that can trigger red flags. 
  • Direct message bots: Using direct message bots for customer service is a good idea. This is especially important when your Instagram account is growing and you get a lot of messages. You can even use AI-based chatbots to help with easy customer support questions. 
  • Posting bots: Leveraging posting bots allows you to automate content publishing. This ensures your content is released simultaneously every day and week. Hence, your audience knows when to look out for the content release. 
  • Like bots: You can use like bots to increase the number of likes for your posts. This will trick the Instagram algorithm into thinking your posts are more popular than they are. Consequently, you may receive a traffic boost to your posts. However, you can get banned with Instagram-like botting.
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Instagram Automated Behavior: Should You Be Concerned? 

Different actions can lead to getting flagged for automated behavior, but you shouldn’t be concerned. This includes buying Instagram likes followers or using the wrong third-party apps. You need to understand what these actions are and avoid them since your account can get penalized. 

Most users don’t have to worry about getting labeled for Instagram automated behavior. You simply need to follow the rules and community guidelines. Consider contacting IG customer support when unsure whether an action is accepted. 

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