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Instagram Marketing Agency: How To Choose the Right One



Mar 05, 2024 11 min read

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Choosing the right Instagram marketing agency can be tricky with so many choices out there. However, choosing the right one can prove to be a massive asset to your business. They can help you with content creation, Instagram ad campaigns, conversion rate optimization, and more. We’ll help you figure out how to select one that’s data-driven and worth your hard-earned money. 

Furthermore, we’ll share some of the top red flags to avoid. This helps weed out the agencies that are not worth your time and can cause more harm than good. After all, you don’t want to ruin your Instagram account by placing your trust in the wrong service. 

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Instagram Marketing Agency: How To Choose the Right One

How To Choose the Best Instagram Marketing Agency

Are you on a mission to find the best Instagram marketing agency to help you with social media management? We’ll share five of the most important considerations that are worth making when selecting the right agency. There’s a lot to consider to increase your chances of ending up with one you can trust to help you grow your account. 

1. Find the Right Price

As with any business decision, the cost of a service is one of the most important aspects. It needs to match your budget and also provide a return on investment (ROI). Ideally, you should spend a portion of your marketing budget on an agency and have room to pursue other avenues. 

Also, it’s essential to shop around so you can find an agency that’s worth the cost. Compare the prices, but don’t ignore the quality either. Ideally, a balance of price and quality is the trick for the best results. 

2. Reputation is Important

You’ll want to do business with Instagram marketing agencies that have an established reputation. You need to spend time verifying and researching the reputation of a service before hiring. Look at review websites like TrustPilot and other social media platforms. See if they have years of experience in content marketing and do they offer a full service? Can they help you with Facebook ads as well?

Also, pay attention to the type of clients the service has worked with. They need to be a good match with your project type. This ensures they have experience creating the type of brand you want to achieve. That’s especially important when you want to grow a brand in an obscure niche. 

3. Fast Turnaround Time

The agency you hire must have time and resources to allocate to your project. The last thing you want is to pay for a service that takes a long time to generate any results. When researching a company, note what customers are saying about the service. 

Also, you can ask the service directly about what turnaround time you can expect. You can start with a small work order and see if you get results quickly. You’ll have more confidence in their professionalism for a bigger order.

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4. Responsive Customer Support

You should expect high levels of customer support from the marketing agency. In fact, you could contact the customer support department when you first arrive on their website. This gives you a chance to test their support team first-hand. 

Good customer support should include a fast response time and multiple communication channels. For instance, you may prefer to use live chat to ask a few questions. On the other hand, maybe you prefer to send a long email and don’t mind waiting for a response. 

5. Pick the Right Methodology

Investigate the methodology of the digital marketing agency to determine if you agree. Do they offer customized strategies?  Do they specialize in creating high-quality content? Ask the right questions to see if they can also help with lead generation.

You want to avoid agencies that might use methods that don’t align with your goals. For example, an agency might focus on short-form content when you’d rather do the opposite. 

With so many agencies to choose from, you can find one that’s a good match for your preferences. Also, the agencies must use the latest strategies and trends to ensure you’re competitive. Therefore, look at the type of tools and methods used to assess if they are up-to-date. 

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Advantages of Instagram Marketing Agencies

Now, let’s turn our attention to some of the top advantages that marketing agencies on social platforms bring. This will help you figure out why these agencies are worth the investment:

  • Expertise: The marketing agency in question will have a lot of experience with implementing what works. In comparison, it can take you a long time to grow your IG brand in the same way. Therefore, paying for the expertise can be a worthwhile investment. 
  • More sales: Are you selling products on Instagram? Then, with a marketing agency, your sales could skyrocket. The increased revenue and profitability may pay for them and then some. 
  • Better sponsorship deals: Are you trying to get better sponsorship deals from brands advertising on Instagram? Then, an agency can help increase your attractiveness toward brands. This includes growing your audience by increasing the Instagram follower count and more likes. 
  • Learn: Pay attention to what work an agency does on your account, and you can learn a lot. This allows you to complete the tasks for yourself in the future. Education can help you grow your agency in the future.
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3 Instagram Influencer Marketing Agency Red Flags To Avoid

When choosing an Instagram influencer marketing agency, you must avoid red flags. Otherwise, the service could do more harm than good. Some of these red flags are harder to spot and only become evident after you hire the agency. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for them constantly. 

1. Bannable Methods

When hiring an agency to help you with marketing on Instagram, you’ll need to give them access. Also, your account will implement the strategies they want to deploy. However, it will be your responsibility and account on the line if they happen to break the rules on Instagram. 

Therefore, you need to verify the methods agencies use on your account. This ensures that you can approve actions taken on your account and somewhat control the marketing. 

You’ll need to investigate the bannable marketing methods for yourself, and here are a few examples:

  • Spamming comments: you should think twice about spamming the comments section of other posts. This isn’t allowed and could get your account in trouble. Also, most post authors will ban your account when marketing in their comment section. 
  • Spamming direct messages: You cannot harass the direct message inboxes of your potential customers. It’s important to find your target audience and send them timely marketing messages with reasonable offers. Also, don’t send them too often since this can come across as spam. 
  • Fake offers: Your promotional offers or discounts must be valid. You cannot use gimmicks or tricks to deceive the audience into visiting your website or product page on Instagram.

2. Lack of Resource for Your Project

An agency may promise you the world when hiring them, but the reality of day-to-day efforts is different. This is because the agency has more important clients or is spread too thin. This is unacceptable since you should expect to hire an agency that can take on your project. 

You can test this by hiring an Instagram marketing agency for a smaller task to see how they respond to requests. Judge the speed of execution and the results to determine if the agency is worth hiring for the long term. Making a smaller hiring also reduces the risk of wasting money. 

3. Breaks Instagram Community Guidelines

Look at the past work of your chosen agency and pay attention to their adherence to Instagram’s community guidelines. Otherwise, the service could reflect poorly on your brand within the Instagram community. 

Therefore, you need to understand the community guidelines yourself. Then, compare the strategies of the agencies alongside the guidelines to see if there’s no mismatch. You can also look at customer reviews of a service to see if there have been issues regarding this point.

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How Do Marketing Agencies Gain Access to Instagram?

There are several ways you can approach “how marketing agencies gain access to Instagram?” The first is to hand over your login details to the marketing agency. Make sure that you don’t have any personal accounts connected to your business. 

Sharing your login details with reputable agencies shouldn’t be a problem. After all, you need to research and find the competent agencies you can trust with your project. 

Also, when you have connected your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can use Facebook Business Manager. You’ll need to add the agency as a partner on Facebook. Therefore, the agency can get on with the assigned task without your manual input. 

However, it’s a good idea to monitor the activities of an agency that you have no experience with. This allows you to stay in the loop as the project progresses.

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How To Start an Instagram Marketing Agency

Are you wondering how to start an Instagram marketing agency? Once you have some experience running a successful Instagram brand, you may enjoy the process. You can put your skills to good use by setting up an agency and growing other businesses. This allows you to hone your craft and succeed on Instagram. In this section, we’ll share a five-step process for how to create a marketing agency for Instagram. 

Step 1: Choose a Niche

There are many Instagram marketing agencies, so you’ll need to focus on a niche to compete. This allows you to limit the competition and work with companies that you understand how to grow. 

Ideally, in the niche you choose, you already have a level of understanding. This makes it easier to get started. However, you also need to determine if there is demand. This ensures you can grow a large agency with an ongoing acquisition of new clients. 

Step 2: Pricing Structure

You’ll need to consider a pricing structure for your agency. Do you want to charge for one-off jobs or deploy a subscription-based model? 

Potential customers should have full transparency about the prices they will pay. 

The subscription-based model is arguably the most lucrative. That’s because it results in a regular cash flow, which is important for any business. However, you must also provide a service that’s of value every month. Hence, you need to figure out if you can justify a subscription-based model. 

Step 3: Business Plan

Any business needs to come up with a plan that financially makes sense. This includes figuring out how to drive new customers, your funds, assets, and resources. Creating a business plan also allows you to secure funding from banks or investors. 

Step 4: Build and Nurture Client List

The value of an agency depends on its list of clients. Therefore, you must focus on providing value. Your goal should be to grow your clients’ businesses. Once their business grows, they can spend more on advertising, and potentially, that increases your bottom line. 

Also, happy clients will lead to word-of-mouth marketing for your agency. This can greatly increase the number of new potential saints who come in and try your services. This makes it easier to run the agency for the long term.

Step 5: Grow Your Team

It’s essential to hire employees as your team grows so you can avoid stagnation. This allows you to take on more clients and maintain the quality of your service. Hiring employees is tricky without experience, so you’ll need to develop the skills as you go. 

Ideally, the hired employees will have experience in your niche and understand what your brand is trying to create. Also, make sure to have a good onboarding process with plenty of support. This allows employees to hit the ground running.

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Instagram Marketing Agency: Are They Worth Hiring? 

Hiring a social media marketing agency is a worthwhile investment. They can scale your business to new heights by identifying the best ways to attract new customers. However, make sure to remember the steps for choosing one in this article. 

Now that you understand how to select an Instagram marketing agency, give it a try for yourself. Pay attention to their level of interest in your business and evaluate the quality of their strategies. With the right agency in your corner, you can take on any IG niche and succeed. 

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