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Following vs. Followers: Understand the Difference

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 8 min read

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Are you interested in understanding the difference between following vs. followers? In this article, we’ll share what the two terms mean and how to improve your account to get more followers. Instagram growth is all about figuring out how to increase the follower count. 

Furthermore, appreciating the Instagram followers vs following differences helps avoid confusion. Therefore, you’ll better understand what the two terms mean when looking at our other articles. This includes topics such as how to buy real Instagram followers

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Following vs. Followers: Understand the Difference

Knowing the Difference Between Following vs Followers

Now, let’s examine the difference between following and followers on Instagram. At first glance, you might think that they are the same. However, they refer to two different things that are worth clarifying. This will help you avoid confusion when using Instagram for the first time. 

What Does Following Mean on Instagram? 

Following on Instagram refers to the action of subscribing to an account. This unlocks more content and lets you receive updates like Instagram Stories. You can also check the number of followers users have on their username URL page. This gives you an estimate of an account’s popularity. 

Here are some of the top reasons why you may want to follow an Instagram account:

  • Good content: Amazing content is one of the primary reasons users return daily to the platform. This could be content that provides updates on your hobby or offers something funny. 
  • Brands: Follow a brand on Instagram to keep an eye on their latest products. Also, some brands release promotional content that allows you to get discounts on your favorite products. 
  • Celebrity: Some users decide to follow celebrities on the platform. This is a great choice if you want to know more about your favorite movie stars or sports figures. The degree to which they post about their lives varies, but you can find some unique insights. 
  • Friends and family: You can follow people on Instagram who are part of your real-life social circle. This gives you another way to look at their life updates to see what they’re up to. Also, you can share content with them by posting. 
  • Lost acquaintances: Do You have old friends you’d like to get back in touch with? These might be childhood friends or someone you went to school with. Instagram is an excellent way to extend your social circle by reaching out. Also, Instagram does a good job of suggesting people you might know based on the people you follow. 
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What Do Followers Mean on Instagram: A Definition

Followers refer to people who have subscribed to an account. You can check the number of followers that you have on your Instagram account page. Increasing the Instagram follower count provides several advantages, such as:

  • Brand authority: High follower count brands on Instagram tend to have more respect from the audience. Therefore, you’ll have an easier time shifting opinions and being a trendsetter in your niche. 
  • More sales: The number of active users on Instagram increases as you grow the follower count. Therefore, you can dramatically increase your monthly and yearly revenue by getting more IG followers. You must target the right Instagram followers for a good conversion rate. This means attracting followers who genuinely are interested in your products. 
  • Sponsorship deals: You can get sponsorship deals from brands with a higher payout with more followers. That’s because brands use the follower count to roughly measure the audience size. They are willing to pay more for larger audiences, so growth is beneficial.
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How To Increase the Instagram Follower Count

There are a myriad of ways to increase the Instagram follower count. This section shares some of the more popular options at your disposal. You can get a large following quickly with the right methods. 

1. Existing Digital Assets

Use your existing digital assets to funnel traffic to your Instagram account page. This can quickly increase the subscriber account if you have large digital assets. For instance, you can use an email list, website, or other social media websites. All of these are great opportunities for getting new followers. 

Also, converting existing audience members to subscribers might be easier than getting new ones. That’s because they already enjoy your content and may want to do more on Instagram. 

2. Instagram Influencers

You can pay Instagram influencers to meet your account on theirs. This gives you access to large audiences from day one. You simply need to look for Instagram accounts related to your own. 

It’s also possible to collaborate with IG influencers organically by communicating. You can strike up a conversation using Instagram direct messages. However, this approach can be time-consuming. Also, you may have an established account to pique the interest of other users. A unique account also achieves this, so think outside the box. 

Buy Instagram Followers

You can purchase Instagram followers to increase the count immediately. However, you need to avoid buying too many in a single session. That’s because Instagram may detect the unnatural increase in bots, which could lead to a ban.

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How To Avoid Instagram Unfollowers

Instagram unfollowers are accounts that unsubscribe from your username. This might happen for several reasons. It could be that they no longer find your account interesting, or you may have done something to offend. In any case, it’s important to avoid losing followers, and here are some strategies to consider. 

1. Post Your Content Regularly

It’s important to post content regularly. Otherwise, your Instagram account will begin to seem irrelevant to your audience. Posting daily is the best approach since it gets viewers into the habit of consuming your content. 

You can take advantage of Instagram scheduling tools to automate content publishing. This allows you to set up multiple months’ worth of content ahead of time. Hence, you can output daily content while going on vacation. 

2. Follow Instagram Community Guidelines

You must read and understand the Instagram community guidelines to avoid breaking them. Otherwise, you may shoot your unfollower rate through the roof. Here are some top guidelines you should follow to ensure followers stick around. 

  • Follow the law: Don’t do anything on Instagram that’s against the law. This can lead to an Instagram ban and getting in trouble with the authorities. Also, users will unsubscribe from such accounts. 
  • Don’t harass users: Avoid harassing anyone on social media platforms. Users will get annoyed and unfollow your account. You’ll be lucky if you don’t get blocked by them. 
  • Considerate newsworthy events: You must consider all sides when breaking news on your account. For example, a volcanic eruption in Iceland may look visually stunning but destroyed homes. 
  • Get permission to tag: Some Instagram users don’t like getting tagged. Hence, you need to use the tagging features correctly. Avoid spamming the tagging feature with random users.
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3. Stay OnTopic

You must carefully consider the niche when creating an Instagram account to attract an audience. This includes choosing the type of content and the subject matter you will publish. You must stick to this original niche idea to ensure your audience is satisfied with the topics. Otherwise, they will unfollow the account since they no longer find you interesting. 

You can branch into sub-niches of an original idea. However, you can stray too far away since it will increase the unfollow rate. In some cases, shifting the direction of your account might be the best in the long run. However, you will need to deal with a higher-than-usual unfollow rate in the near future.

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Followers vs Following: The Difference is Important

You must understand the difference between following vs. followers to avoid confusion. Furthermore, don’t forget to consider the wide range of different tips for getting more followers. Likewise, remember how to avoid losing followers since they are hard to get in the first place. 

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