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Instagram Username Checker: Let’s Keep Your Brand as Unique

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 10 min read

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People say coming up with a password is hard. Have they ever tried to create a new username? They may think it’s easy because they have had the same one since inception. Guess what. Most of the good names aren’t available, and it’s like pulling teeth to create one now. And this isn’t even for your account. This is the account that you want to change your life. You want people to know this account name well into the future. You can’t be too safe. This is why some users use an Instagram username checker.

Yes, there is an online device that is ideal for telling you that you aren’t as original as you thought. Isn’t that great? You don’t get the advantage of a bunch of special characters. You have to make the name stick. An online username availability will keep you from getting too attached to someone else’s creation. It usually doesn’t cost much to use an Instagram handle checker. What may cost you is people going to the wrong page. We don’t want that to happen. Let’s make sure your brand has a strong identity!

Instagram Username Checker: Let’s Keep Your Brand as Unique

Yes, It’s the Same Thing as Your Instagram Handle

As if there wasn’t enough terminology to grasp — yes, your Instagram username is the same thing as your Instagram handle. It’s the single word that follows the “@” symbol at the top of an IG profile page. It’s the word in bold in the comment section preceding a comment. Your Instagram handle is your main identifier on Instagram. It has no spaces and can’t have certain symbols. It’s as special as your given name and just as important. 

It’s unique to your actual name. Lots of people have the name Chad. But only you can have your username. Once you have a “handle” of your username, no one else can. It sounds a bit more serious now, doesn’t it? This is why people use an Instagram username check.

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Maximize Your Chances of Finding an Available Username

We are well into the 2000s, and there are so many Instagram accounts. You may think the name you have in mind is unique and original. When you do a quick Google search, you see that someone thought the same thing already. Before we even resort to an Instagram username check, let’s come up with one that could pass the test. Here are some tips:

Make It Identifiable

Without being overly complicated, make your username unique. Think of names that sound normal to us now but were weird words before. Google, GoDaddy, Yahoo, and Craig’s List may have raised some eyebrows before. Now, no one even bats an eye at the sound of the names. If you have a special word in mind, believe in it! You have to believe in it before anyone else does. Pretty soon, it will roll off the tongue. 

Try To Keep It as Simple as Possible

Think of that overly complicated email address you have. It’s a struggle spelling it out for people, but you can’t change it now. You have a second chance with your Instagram username. You don’t have to trip over your words when linking with someone. 

Instagram is helping you out with that one. You can only use letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. That means you can’t use equal signs, forward slashes, and dollar signs. In a way, IG is saving you from yourself. Sometimes, the username is so simple that no one has thought of it. They are too busy deliberately misspelling words for the effect. 

Always Remember Your Brand

You aren’t just naming a pet or your first car. This name is directly linked to your brand. While it’s nice to have a unique name, it’s also great when people know what you’re talking about. Adding “store” or “boutique” to a very original name could make all the difference for your online store. Words like “fit” or “lifestyle” will do the trick too. It also helps with searchability.

Incorporate Your Area Code

Isn’t “Brewed Awakening” the best coffee shop name you’ve ever thought of? It’s a play on words that hints at the hardest part of the day- the morning. We dare you to do a quick search for that phrase on IG. Yes, Many people have thought of that name before you. Still, they didn’t want to let it go. What some have done is add something to the handle to show their location. It could be the area code. It could be the name of the country or state. Either way, these users had to use the location for IG to let them keep the major part of the name. While this may raise concerns when it’s time to trademark names for businesses, they are all in the clear for now.

Some meaningful numbers and letters could save you from tossing a good name idea. Are you in the Bahamas? Adding “242” lets the locals know you’re one of theirs. Adding “LA” lets potential patrons know how far the trip is out to see you.

So, what did you come up with? Now, maybe the name you have in mind can survive an Instagram username check.

How To Check Old Usernames on Instagram When You’re Feeling a Little Nostalgic

There was a time when your IG handle was “lovergurl1994”, and we can prove it. Yes, you didn’t just arrive at the perfect Instagram username like that. You went through several iterations of cringe before that happened. Perhaps you want to keep track of when you made these changes. Maybe you need to prove that the user in those screenshots was you. Whatever the reason, IG has these records. You just need to know where to find them. We can tell you how to check old usernames on Instagram. Follow these steps to take a stroll down memory lane.

  1. Start Instagram on your phone, whether Apple or Android. You can do this on a web browser just yet.
  1. Select your profile picture in the lower right corner of your screen. Now you’re at your profile page.
  1. Tap the three horizontal lines at the upper right-hand side of this page. IG should now display a menu with several options. 
  1. Choose “Your activity” from this page for IG to direct you to another page.
  1. Select “Account History” when you get here. Get ready to see all the major changes you’ve made to your account.

Since you’re looking for past usernames specifically, keep an eye out for the “Username” label. You’ll see the previous name and when you changed it.

Now you can see it in plain black and white. Do you change your username often? Even though IG lets you start fresh, you may not want to abuse this privilege. Your followers may get very confused by the constant changes. It could impact brand consistency if you keep changing your handle. We hope you find a great one and stick to it!

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Check Instagram Username Availability With a Reputable Tool Like This One 

No one can do you like you can. Even in a sea of lifestyle influencers, you stand out. No one can copy your personality. Your Instagram name is one of a kind. Well, it will be when you finally settle on it. How do you plan to do that? Enter one on IG and wait for them to reject your name as proposed. You don’t have to do that. You can check Instagram username availability with a good online tool. Here are a few:


Before you get all the customized stickers and t-shirts made, run your proposed name through this site. BrandSnag will tell you if you need to run to the drawing board. If someone already has that name, use this site experiment a bit. You’re sure to come up with something good.


Try your luck on Instausername. See if you’ll have to tweak your name a bit to find one that’s free. If you’re tired of experimenting, the site has another great tool to add to the Instagram Username Checker. You can guarantee username availability when you use the Instagram generator. This is a nifty tool if you need some inspiration. Feed it a keyword, category, and number. It will spit out variations you’ve never even thought of. 

Social Plug

One site that understands the importance of a good handle is Social Plug. It gives you the option to search 20 options in 24 hours. While you’re there, you may want to try out their other services. They offer the service of buying Instagram followers. This site even claims to help increase reel views. It could be your one-stop shop if you’re interested in multiple services.

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How To Change Your Username When You’ve Found the Perfect One

Look at you! You have your username locked! It took some doing, and some doing, and some creative manipulation of special characters. Still, you made it. Now, you have to act fast to bar everyone else from taking this ingenious name. The old name didn’t capture your essence quite as well, and now you have to change it. IG lets you reinvent yourself in this way. Do you want to know how? Just follow our tips. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, it will be pretty simple.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your cell phone and login if you aren’t already.
  1. Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture. This is in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  1. On your profile, you’ll see your current Instagram handle at the very top. To change this, tap “Edit profile” right underneath your Instagram bio
  1. To change your current username, tap the “Username” section. 
  1. Now, enter your brand-new name. If you’re sure, click the blue checkbox.

If you feel like you missed your old account name, don’t worry about it. IG anticipated this. If no one has claimed your old name within 14 days of the date of change, you can have it back.

Do you have the same username across all social media platforms? Many creators do this so their customers can find them easily. Remember that if you’re looking for consistency, you’ll have to change them all. Yes, this goes for your TikTok and YouTube, too. In light of this, make sure you find a name you’re confident in. Then, do a quick Instagram username check.

Instagram Username Checker: Let’s Keep Your Brand as Unique, image №5

Use the Instagram Username Checker and Get Ready for Growth

Naming your brand is just the first step of the journey. It’s an important one, so congrats on taking that step! In all your experimenting with names, there is just one name you need to remember. Plixi has been in the growth game for a long time. We know what you need to do to reach the followers you want. We are willing to help you with that. Whatever name you choose, with Plixi, it will reach far.

Organic growth is the best long-term plan for your brand. It’s not a plan that you can flesh out on your own. Instagram is becoming increasingly technical. We think that some professional growth help could go a long way. When your Instagram username checker has cleared you to create, we will be here. Our AI technology and platform of Instagram influencers know how to ride the wave of trends. We can steady your growth as you solidify your good name on this app. It’s time for the world to know who you are. Start growing your page with Plixi today!

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