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IG Won’t Let Me Post: Learn the Top Fixes!


Plixi Team

Apr 15, 2024 8 min read

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Are you wondering, “IG won’t let me post, what’s going on?” This might be because you have a suspension or there’s a technical error. We’ll shed some light on the different reasons why you cannot post so you can narrow down the problem. 

We will also help you overcome the problems with the top solutions. You’ll have a few things that you can try to restore your ability to post on Instagram. This is important if you have a strict posting schedule and don’t want to disappoint your audience. So, without further ado, let’s start!

IG Won’t Let Me Post: Learn the Top Fixes!

5 Reasons Why IG Won’t Let You Post

IG won’t let you post because your account might be blocked or banned. However, there might be even more reasons to consider to ensure you find out what’s going on. By the end of this section, you’ll know the list of five potential causes that will give you an idea of what’s going on. 

1. You Might Be Banned

Banned Instagram accounts cannot post content to the social media platform. Therefore, you need to check if your account is banned and the cause of the offense. You can appeal the ban, but it might get overturned depending on the rules you have broken. This can solve the issue of Instagram not working

You must check the Instagram community guidelines to ensure you don’t break the rules. The majority of rules are self-explanatory and common sense. However, it’s worth going over them a few times per year. This allows you to see the recent changes to the community guidelines and what rules you must follow. 

2. Your Account Is Suspended

Your Instagram account could have a suspension hit, and that’s the reason for having your posting privileges removed. You’ll need to wait until the suspension expires before posting. 

Are you not sure how long your suspension is in effect? Then, you can contact Instagram support to find the reason for the suspension. However, you can also check your inbox or Instagram direct messages

3. Your Video Size Might Be Too Big

Look at the size of your video since there’s a restriction of 10 minutes and 650 MB for post videos. When video requirements aren’t met, you’ll have trouble going live. You’ll need to cut the video size down or use compression software to reduce file size. 

Consider breaking the video into smaller bite sizes if it’s too big. In fact, you can create Instagram Reels content that has a maximum running time of 90 seconds. The post type is highly popular and can get a lot of exposure on the social media platform. 

4. There Is a Glitch

An Instagram app glitch can prevent your content from posting. Therefore, you’ll need to troubleshoot the problem by trying a few solutions. Here are some of the top ones you can consider:

  • Restart your device: Restarting your mobile phone or computer can help solve many problems and glitches. This is an easy fix and takes just a few minutes. Also, restarting your device may result in faster speed, so it’s a step that helps anyway. 
  • Reinstall the app: You may need to reinstall your Instagram app to ensure the features return to normal functionality. Sometimes, the files of your software or app can get corrupted. When this happens, the only way to restore the features is to install the app again. You can do this from the Google Play or App Store marketplaces. 
  • Update your app: Look at the app download page to determine if you need to apply an update. Most users automatically update their apps, but you might have these features switched off. Updating the app can also fix a number of other features and provide access to new ones. 

5. Your Cache and Storage Space

Your smartphone cache or storage space might be full, so you need to clear the cache or delete data. You can do this by going to the settings on your mobile device, and it will provide a speed boost. 

You have two options for freeing up storage space on your mobile device. You can transfer the files to a personal computer or use cloud-based storage. You don’t need to delete files and lose them forever. Instead, have a plan on where to transfer the files. This makes it easier to always have room on your smartphone for more storage to post content.

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Instagram Not Uploading Videos: Fix Your Internet Connection

There are several reasons why Instagram is not uploading videos. Fixing this problem can be easy or difficult, depending on the cause. It might be because your Internet connection isn’t working correctly. Videos typically require a lot of bandwidth, so a slow internet connection is problematic. 

Here are some of the top checks to fixes to apply when solving your internet connection for improving videos:

  • Restart the router: You may need to restart the router to fix your problem. You can simply do this by turning off the power and turning it back on again. Also, you can typically use an on/off button on routers. Restarting your router regularly is good practice because it can also increase your speed. 
  • Check who’s using the WiFi: You may have too many people using the WiFi at home, causing the upload speed to lag. Hence, you may need to upload your videos when your home internet connection is not busy. 
  • Avoid public WiFi: The speed of your WiFi connection at public hotspots is relatively slow since many people are connected. Therefore, you should avoid using public WiFi hotspots when uploading IG videos. 

Is Instagram Down: How To Check

You need to figure out if Instagram is down to determine if that’s the cause of the inability to post. Since Instagram is a massive platform with many engineers, it doesn’t go down often. However, this can happen during hacking events, which tend to last a few hours or even a day. 

In the rare case that Instagram is down, you can run a search on Google to figure out if there’s a problem. Multiple websites report when a domain is down or if there are connectivity problems. Hence, you can determine if the problem is limited to your connection or a different issue. Also, you ask a friend to see if they can connect on their mobile device.

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Instagram Post Could Not Be Shared

Are you having an issue where an Instagram post cannot be shared? This happens when the account that published the content is private. This means only their followers can view and share their posts. 

Furthermore, content creators can turn off a post’s sharing function. This will remove the share button, so you cannot share the content with your followers. Content publishers may do this when they want to limit the exposure of a post. For example, if they only want to share the content with a limited number of people. 

Top 3 Tips for Posts on Instagram

It’s vital to keep in mind the top tips when you create a post to beat the competitor. After all, Instagram has a lot of content creators, and you need to get an edge to attract attention. With that thought in mind, here are three top posting tips to consider:

  1. Consider the target audience: You need to match the topic and theme of the content with the target audience. This ensures that you can increase the relevance of the content and deliver what your followers want to see. 
  2. Production value: Improve your content’s production value, including videos and photos. For example, you can use a better camera to shoot the footage. Your audience will notice, giving you an advantage over competitors with low production quality. 
  3. Post comments: You should stick around for the comments section after publishing a post. This increases the engagement of the post, which is a positive for the Instagram algorithm.
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IG Won’t Let Me Post: Is It a Common Problem?

In the majority of cases, posting on Instagram isn’t a problem. The feature works well; you can even set up posts for automatic release. This is possible with Instagram scheduling tools.

Now that you know the different reasons why IG won’t let me post on the social media platform, you can fix the problem. This ensures you can get back to posting content and grow your Instagram follower count. 

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