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Social Media Best Practices To Grow Your Instagram Account 


Plixi Team

Mar 04, 2024 9 min read

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You can gain a competitive edge on Instagram by using social media best practices. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can use methods that have worked for countless other accounts. This is especially handy for beginners who don’t have the resources to try risky strategies. 

It’s a good idea to implement a wide range of strategies to increase your odds of success. That’s because while one strategy may fail, another might produce the bulk of the results. Also, you’ll expand your marketing knowledge, which you can apply outside of social media channels. 

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Social Media Best Practices To Grow Your Instagram Account 

Social Media Marketing Best Practices on Instagram 

Are you looking for the best social media marketing practices? This section will reveal the marketing strategies that will help grow your account to new heights. This ensures you can increase sales, generate brand awareness, and improve sponsorship deals. 

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Any marketing plan should start by identifying your Instagram target audience. This allows you to craft the marketing plan to maximize the potential return on investment (ROI). You’ll need to run surveys and gather data to determine the audience’s pain points and problems. Hence, you can determine the solutions your marketing plans will present. 

Also, you need to discover fundamental aspects of your audience, such as their demographics, average age, and salary. Also, you need to know how they like to consume content on Instagram and the times of the day they log in. 

2. Engage With Your Audience

It’s a good idea to look for ways to interact with your audience on social media platforms. After all, social media users arrive on platforms like Instagram to participate in interactions. You can interact with your audience by answering questions in the comments section. Consequently, users might be more engaged with your brand if they see the interaction. 

Also, you can create polls to ask users for their opinions and insights. This can give your social media efforts a sense of direction. For example, you can ask users if they enjoy the quality of your content. Some responses may surprise you and provide much-needed insight. 

3. Utilize User-Generated Content

You can put other social media users to work with user-generated content (UGC). This can dramatically increase your social media presence without doing the hard work yourself. The marketing strategy involves allowing other users to promote your products for a fee. Some UGC content creators will also accept free products as payment for their time and efforts. 

Here are a few ideas to consider when implementing UGC within your social media marketing framework:

  • Generous offers: Create a good offer to increase the number of content creators who work for your brand. This gives more people a reason to choose your brand to promote instead of the competition. 
  • Provide content: You can open up a library of digital assets for UGC partners. This puts them in the best position to succeed since they can leverage your content. Also, it will increase consistency across multiple UGC partners. This means your brand has a more coherent story to tell. 
  • Recruit content creators: Actively recruiting Instagram users involved with UGC increases your reach. You might have the best UGC offer, but it’s ineffective if nobody knows about it. 
  • Monitor UGC content: It’s important to watch your UGC partner’s content. This allows you to keep tabs on the quality and if you want it associated with your brand. 
  • Prizes: You can also attract more UGC partners by giving out prizes for producing the best content. This gives the creators a reason to publish more content and improve the quality. The increase in UGC partner performance makes up for the cost of the prizes.
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Best Practices for Social Media Manager Selection

Now, let’s focus on the best practices for social media manager selection on Instagram. Outsourcing the social media management tasks to a professional might be the right move for your business. This frees up your time to get on with other business-related tasks. 

Here are a few ideas to consider when looking for a good social media manager:

  • Niche experience: Ideally, the manager will have direct experience with the niche you are working in. This is especially important if your niche has technical aspects or a steep learning curve. The expertise allows the manager to hit the ground running and even provide valuable insights. 
  • Team: You may need an entire team to work on your accounts if you have a large Instagram follower count. Therefore, choose a manager that comes with a team and is ready to deploy the resources. 
  • Communication: The social media managers you select must have excellent communication skills. This includes providing updates on progress and their plans for the future.
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Social Media Security Best Practices

It’s essential to consider social media security best practices to ensure that your hard work will not be undone. This section covers different considerations you should keep in mind at the start. 

1. Limit Account Access

Are you working with a team of people on your Instagram social media campaigns? Then, you need to be careful about who can access the account. You wouldn’t want the wrong people accessing your account and making drastic changes. 

Consider giving people account access based on a shared Instagram account with limited privileges. You can choose the privileges you give to each account guest. This allows you to hire marketing employees and keep your account safe at the same time. 

2. Use Two-Factor Authentication

It’s important to use two-factor authentication to safeguard your login details. This ensures that hackers will have a smaller chance of accessing your account. Otherwise, you might crack your Instagram password by using brute force strategies. 

However, you should also develop a strong password policy. This means the password should be long and changed regularly. Consider using a calendar to track when you last changed the password. 

3. Third-Party Tools

You must conduct background research on any third-party tools you plan to use. That’s because some of these tools might have serious security flaws. A flaw may be present, leading to the theft of your passwords. 

Also, Instagram bans some third-party tools, which can lead to an Instagram shadowban. Hence, you need to figure out if a tool is accepted, and you can start by contacting customer support at IG.

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Social Media Posting Best Practices

Now, let’s turn our attention to the social media posting best practices on Instagram. This will help you figure out how to post content so that it has the best chance of success. You’ll need every edge to get attention in highly competitive niches. 

1. Post a Range of Content

It’s important to post different types of content formats to increase your chances of success. That’s because your followers may want to enjoy content in other forms, and here are the choices:

  • Instagram Live: This is a live stream where users can see what you’re up to via video. Also, there’s a chat box where viewers can type messages. You can respond to these in real-time, which promotes a sense of engagement. You can look at how your competitors do Instagram Live streams if you’re out of ideas. 
  • Instagram Reels: Tiktik popularized this content form, taking the world by storm. The short-form video has a maximum run time of 90 seconds. Users typically scroll through a feed of reels, and you might pop up. It depends on whether the Instagram algorithm considers your content relevant to the user. Many variables decide relevancy, but having a more popular account is better. 
  • Instagram stories: This type of content is comparable to reels, but there are a few differences that you must consider. Instagram Stories is only for followers; the content is no longer online after 24 hours. 
  • Regular posts: The bread and butter of your content production might be the regular posts. This could be an image or video that’s accompanied by a caption. When users arrive on your account, they will get a chance to see your entire post history. 

2. Instagram Scheduling

Consider taking advantage of Instagram scheduling tools to automate the posting process. You can line up multiple months worth of content ahead of time. This is handy when you want to step away from your account to enjoy a vacation or get sick. Also, it increases the chances of regular content production, which helps keep users engaged

There are a large number of different third-party scheduling tools out there. Some have free trials, which allow you to test-drive the tools before paying. Also, look for ones with extra features that add even more value. 

Best Times To Post on Instagram

Are you struggling to figure out the best times to post on Instagram? Then, you’ll need to conduct market research to know when your audience is most active. This will help you determine the best times to post content. 

You will need to gather data to determine the times of the day and week when the engagement is highest. Playing around with the timing provides a range of data you can use to make the right choice. Also, you can check when competitors are posting their content. They may have already researched to figure out the ideal posting time. 

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Social Media Best Practices: Are They Worth Using?

The Instagram best practices mentioned in this article are a roadmap for success. However, depending on how you implement the strategies, the devil is in the details. Make sure to try each of them to see if you can find one that works for you. 

Now that you understand Instagram’s social media best practices, use them in upcoming marketing campaigns. The best practices for social media will ensure that you have a higher chance of success in the long run. 

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