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How To Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram Follower Growth

D. A. Reid

Jun 26, 2024 10 min read

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Learning how to find the best hashtags for Instagram will help you improve the follower growth rate. There is a large number of potential hashtags you can search for, and many tools exist to help you. 

In this article, we’ll reveal the top strategies for finding hashtags for any niche. Also, any hashtag strategy can help businesses get more customers and improve sales. Hence, you can justify spending money on hashtag research to receive the best options.

Keep reading to learn how to find the best hashtags to use for Instagram!

How To Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram Follower Growth

How Do Hashtags Work on Instagram?

Are you trying to figure out how do hashtags work on Instagram? You can place hashtags on content, which increases its discoverability. Users can find our content by searching for these hashtags. 

Some hashtags receive more search volume than others, depending on their popularity. Therefore, you must uncover the popular hashtags for the best approach. This ensures that you’re able to maximize the amount of traffic your content receives. 

How To Use Hashtags on Instagram

Do you want to know how to use hashtags for Instagram? The process is simple, and there’s a lot of optimization, which means you can always work on improvements. You must start by researching the top-performing hashtags in your niche or industry. 

You can do this with tools like Instagram Insights, which you can access with a professional account. Ideally, you will find a bunch of hashtags with high search volume to help drive traffic to your content. 

Once you have the hashtags, you must add them to your content. You’ll need to use the hash icon (#) followed by the hashtag name. An example of a hashtag is #testhashtag. 

In this article, we’ll share the best practices for how you can find and use hashtags to develop a comprehensive strategy. Therefore, you can get more traffic than your competitors and promote Instagram growth.

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Advantages of Using Trending Hashtags on Instagram

There are many reasons why using trending hashtags on Instagram is an excellent idea. In this section, we’ll share the top reasons to add them to your strategy to get the most traffic. 

Top advantages of trending Instagram hashtags:

  • Surge in traffic: You’ll receive a massive boost in traffic from taking advantage of the trending hashtags. That’s because they will be popular, and many users on the platform will search for them. This is especially true if you can find hashtags for Instagram Reels. However, the surge in traffic might be short since trends can quickly expire. 
  • Higher engagement: You may notice that trending topics get a higher level of engagement. That’s because it’s something new, and people are naturally interested in the subject. Hence, trending topics can generate some of the more effective hashtags for improving engagement. 
  • Stay relevant: Take the time to research trending topics, and you’ll showcase your ability to stay relevant. Users pay attention to the updates of the accounts they follow. Hence, you must impress followers who want to know about the trends. With this strategy, you can be a news source for the top trends and receive an active user base. 
  • Competitive edge: Ensuring you quickly leverage trending hashtags can give you a competitive advantage. Therefore, you can get traffic over competitors who are slower to react. Some users only follow accounts that can provide trends the fastest. 
  • Brand awareness and growth: You can gain followers when more users discover your posts through trending hashtags. It’s a viable strategy to take your Instagram follower count to new heights. 

How To Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

Are you interested in learning how to find the best Instagram hashtags for your business? We’ll reveal the four best approaches for businesses to get more customers on social media platforms like Instagram. 

Therefore, you can reach your Instagram target audience with high accuracy. 

1. Understand Your Audience

To determine the relevant hashtags, you must understand what your audience wants. You’ll need to conduct market research to determine the type of content they search for on social media platforms. 

Additionally, you can look at what type of audiences consume your competitor’s content. You need to start with competitors that have a massive overlap with your target audience. For example, competitors with the same products might offer identical solutions.

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2. Search for Relevant Hashtags

You can find relevant hashtags to improve the quality of your strategy in several ways. Here are some of the top ones for your consideration:

  • Instagram’s search function: Use the built-in Instagram search bar to type industry-related terms. This will reveal the highly-searched hashtags you can add to your marketing campaign. 
  • Hashtag tools: You can use many hashtag tools to simplify the process. These come with extra features like AI-based suggestions. Some notable tools include All Hashtag, RiteTag, and Hashtagify. However, you must complete payment to use these tools to their full potential. 
  • Competitor hashtags: Your competitors may have already done the hard work of locating the best hashtags for your niche. You can take advantage of their research by looking at the hashtags they use and adding them to your content. However, make sure that you also add unique hashtags since that allows you to stand out. 

3. Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy 

Once you have many high-quality hashtags, you’ll need to add them to your content correctly. Firstly, make sure that you only add relevant hashtags. This ensures incoming traffic engages with the content, positively impacting the Instagram algorithm

Furthermore, choosing the right number of hashtags is important to avoid adding too much clutter to posts. A good starting number is around 4-7 hashtags, and it also depends on the length of each one. 

Finally, you’ll need to place the hashtag in the correct location within the caption. This depends on what content you add to the caption and the relevancy of the hashtag. However, if there’s no natural place to place the hashtags in the caption, you can add them at the end. 

4. Add Branded Hashtags

Instagram-branded hashtags are custom hashtags you can create after opening a business account. They are an excellent way to stand out in your niche and take just a few minutes to create. 

Here are some of the top advantages of Instagram-branded hashtags:

  • Brand awareness: Branded hashtags make it easier for users to discover your content, which can lead to higher brand recognition. This is especially important if you don’t have much of a brand presence outside of Instagram. Additionally, a unique hashtag reinforces your brand identity and messaging across different posts and campaigns.
  • Community building: You’ll encourage users to engage with your brand by using your hashtag, creating a sense of community and fostering brand loyalty. You may also promote the collection and display of user-generated content (UGC). This showcases real-life uses of your product or service and enhances authenticity.
  • Promotion: The right Instagram-branded hashtags can improve the quality of your promotional efforts. Additionally, you can take part in cross-promotion to enhance your approach. This includes using hashtags on other social media platforms and marketing channels to maintain consistency. 
  • Improved reach: These hashtags will help a broader audience find your content. As a knock-on effect, you may attract users who are specifically interested in your brand, leading to a more targeted and relevant audience base.
  • Content organization: Using branded hashtags helps organize your content. This makes it easier for followers to find specific posts about a campaign, product, or event.
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Top 3 Methods To Find Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Are you after only the popular hashtags on Instagram? You may only want to go after the most popular ones to get the biggest effect from your post. This ensures you don’t run into Instagram hashtags that don’t work

However, you’ll need to research them using various methods, such as the three listed below. 

1. Find Popular Topics

You can focus on uncovering the popular topics on Instagram and then inspect the related hashtags. For example, you can look at other social media websites or watch the news. Also, you can focus on industry-related blogs to see what popular topics others are covering. 

Then, you can use hashtags depending on the nature of the topics. This strategy allows for a natural way to do content and hashtag research at the same time. Ideally, you will build up a portfolio of places where you research popular topics to increase the speed. 

2. Hashtags Generator Tools

You can use hashtag generator tools to find the most popular options in your niche. There are several advantages to using these tools, which are as follows:

  • Time-saving and efficiency: These tools quickly generate a list of hashtags based on your keywords or content. This saves you time, as it might take hours to research the same information. Additionally, some tools provide automated suggestions, which reduces the effort required to brainstorm and identify effective hashtags.
  • Popular hashtags: Choose the right generation tool, and they may provide the option to filter hashtags based on popularity. Therefore, you can eliminate the hashtags with little to no value. 
  • Relevance and accuracy: Generator tools help you avoid using hashtags that will not serve your audience. This mistake is easy to make as a beginner or if you are unsure of what your audience wants. However, a good-quality tool ensures you can filter hashtags based on various parameters.
  • Analytics: You can find hashtag generation tools that track performance. Therefore, you can figure out what hashtags are worth keeping and getting rid of for better ones. 
  • Content strategy enhancement: The generation tools can suggest related hashtags that can inspire new content ideas and help you join trending conversations. This assists in planning hashtag strategies for specific campaigns. Therefore, you’ll have a cohesive and targeted approach.

3. Niche Competitor Research 

You can research the top competitors in your niche to find a variety of hashtags with a minimal amount of effort. This ensures you can target the same potential followers and customers as competitors. It’s a great way to fight for market share on a competitive social media platform. 

The number of niche hashtags you can find varies, but they are usually a good starting point. Consider researching long-tail hashtags since they tend to be less competitive. 

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How To Find the Best Hashtags for Instagram for Free

The majority of methods in this article allow you to look for hashtags without payment. Therefore, you can find competitive hashtags while saving money on research. Also, you need to avoid banned hashtags since they can reduce the visibility of your posts.

Learning how to find the best hashtags for Instagram is a long process, but it can lead to follower growth. However, the accuracy of your hashtag selection will impact the kind of followers you receive. 

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