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How To Organically Grow Instagram Followers


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Do you want to find out how to organically grow Instagram followers? Organic followers are ones where you don’t need to make a payment. These are the strategies we’ll focus on in this article. 

It’s important to understand how to get more followers because increasing the count offers advantages. This includes being able to sell more products, higher brand recognition, and more niche authority. 

Also, we encourage you to read the entire article for insight into how Plixi can skyrocket your follower count. We are an Instagram growth service that targets specific niches.

How To Organically Grow Instagram Followers

4 Organic Growth Strategies for Your Instagram Account

Now, let’s turn our attention to the best organic growth strategies used by the top-performing accounts. At first glance, this list might seem overwhelming since there are a lot of options. However, you can master one at a time until you understand how to implement each one. 

We encourage you to try every strategy on this list so you increase the chances of capturing your entire audience. This is especially important when operating in a micro-niche where the market size is relatively small. 

1. Collaborate With Other Accounts

Networking with successful Instagram accounts allows you to piggyback off their hard work. Strike the right deal; you can hijack their audience to grow your Instagram account. However, such deals usually require something in return. This could be payment or a mention of their account in your content. 

When looking for other accounts to collaborate with, consider their target audience. Ideally, most of their followers will also be interested in your content. You can search for competitor accounts by using specific hashtags related to your niche.

2. Publish a Range of Content

It’s important to diversify your Instagram account by publishing a wide variety of different content types. Here’s a list of the various types of content that you can use to grow your followers:

  • Instagram Reels: You can take advantage of Instagram Reels to get a bunch of extra followers. TikTok first popularized this type of content, and Instagram also supports it. Reel content can spread like wildfire if you create something viral. It’s short-form content that has a cap of 90 seconds. 
  • Instagram Stories: This content type is similar to Instagram Reels, but it’s deleted automatically after 24 hours. Hence, it’s only suitable for time-sensitive content you don’t want hanging around on your account. Also, stories are only viewable by your account followers. Therefore, they aren’t the best way to get new followers, but they can help you retain existing ones. 
  • Instagram Live: You can create a live stream and encourage people to follow if they enjoy the content. Make sure to engage users in live streams by responding to the chat. This will lead to more viewers and an overall higher chance of increasing the follower count. Also, make sure to announce the live stream ahead of time to get more viewers. 
  • Regular posts: Don’t forget about using regular posts when publishing Instagram content. This is a video or photo accompanied by a caption. A regular dose of posts ensures you can keep your audience coming back for more.
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3. Leverage Instagram Insights

Take advantage of the information provided by Instagram Insights. You can figure out how users are interacting with your content and what’s generating more followers. Hence, you can double down on your top-performing content and produce more. 

However, to use Instagram Insights, you need to create an Instagram business account. There are other perks to business accounts, such as setting up product pages and using Instagram ads. 

4. Consider Your Target Audience

You need to think about the audience you’re trying to target with every action taken on Instagram. This ensures that you get the right type of follower for the outcome you want to achieve. 

Pursue the correct Instagram target audience by understanding your audience or customer demographics. This includes information such as their age, location, salary, marital status, and more. You can use customer relationship management software to acquire, store, and organize information on your customers.

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How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram Organically With Profile Optimization

Are you struggling with how to get 1k followers on Instagram organically? Then, you may need to optimize your Instagram profile to get more subscribers. Many users will inspect your bio before clicking the follow button. Here are a few ideas for how to optimize your Instagram profile page:

  • Profile image: Upload a profile image that attracts or informs your audience. When growing a personal brand, you can use a casual image of yourself. It’s a good idea to rotate these to keep the account looking fresh. However, when growing a brand on Instagram, consider using your brand logo. 
  • Bio text: Use the text portion of the profile to inform your audience what the account is about and set expectations. Also, you can include keywords to increase the profile page’s searchability. Don’t forget to use emojis within the text to express more. You need to keep in mind that the text section has a 2,200-character limit. 
  • Pin IG Story: Did you know that you can pin an Instagram Story to your profile page? This gives you more ways to welcome your audience and increase the follower numbers. You should inject personality into the content and give users a reason to click the follow button. Adding a CTA increases the conversion rate. However, you need to deliver on the promises made on the profile page. Otherwise, users will be disappointed and unfollow your account.

Monitor the Latest Trends

Social media platforms are a fast-paced game that constantly has new trends. To optimize your follower growth strategies, it’s important to be aware of these trends so you can capitalize on them. You will need to monitor competitors when trends arise so you can catch on and not get left behind. 

Note that some trends rise and fall very quickly. Therefore, don’t get sucked into the shiny object syndrome mindset. Instead, take the time to analyze if a trend is worth the hassle and will stick around. Then, you need to act fast to implement the trend in your social media marketing strategy. 

Having a first-mover advantage in your niche with a trend makes a big difference. You can get credit from your audience for having the original idea. Also, it’s worthwhile to monitor other social media platforms for trends that you can import over to Instagram. 

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How To Grow Your Instagram Followers Without Making Mistakes

It’s natural to make mistakes and learn from them. But what if they result in a massive setback or potentially destroy your Instagram account? Therefore, it’s important to avoid mistakes where possible to increase your odds of success. When learning how to get organic followers on Instagram, you need to reduce the unfollow rate. 

With that thought in mind, continue reading to learn how to grow your Instagram followers by avoiding mistakes. 

1. Follow the Instagram Community Guidelines

You must follow the Instagram community guidelines to ensure your account remains active. Otherwise, Instagram will suspend or delete your account when breaking the rules. This will sabotage your effort to get more followers. 

Also, the action you take to break the community guidelines may alienate parts of your audience. They may find the behavior to be foul and decide to unfollow your account. You should read the IG community guidelines for yourself to understand what rules you must follow. 

2. Don’t Get Shadowbanned

One of the worst ways to slow the growth of your follower count is to get a shadowban on Instagram. This means you cannot show your content to IG users who aren’t your followers. You cannot predict the length of an Instagram shadowban, which lasts for a while. It could be a few weeks or months. 

To avoid the shadowban, you need to follow the Instagram community guidelines. It’s better to be safe than sorry with your Instagram strategy. Therefore, you can contact customer support when you’re unsure about the legitimacy of a tactic. They can help you determine if it’s against the rules and what modifications you need to make. 

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3. Don’t Buy Too Many Followers

You can buy Instagram followers to complement the organic efforts. However, it’s risky since Instagram doesn’t allow you to buy followers to boost your count. Therefore, you need to avoid getting caught. This means pacing your purchases of IG followers at a slow pace to avoid detection. 

Look at the natural growth of your Instagram count. Then, you can buy more followers in a way that matches this growth and doesn’t look out of place. In comparison, if you were to double or triple your follower count overnight, it could backfire. 

4. Post Content Regularly

It’s important to release a steady diet of content on Instagram to ensure that your audience is satisfied. Ideally, you should get your audience into the habit of viewing your content on a regular basis. 

However, it can be tricky to constantly publish valuable content manually. That’s where Instagram scheduling tools come in, and here are their advantages:

  • Automated content publishing: These tools allow you to automate content publishing by setting it up in advance. Therefore, you can line up months’ worth of content in advance. It’s perfect when you need to take a break but want to continue a regular release of content. 
  • Extra features: These tools provide a lot of additional functionality that’s worth using. For example, you can leave the first comment in the post section of your content. This can increase the chances of kick-starting a discussion and getting more comments. Consequently, you may increase the engagement rate and receive more viewers. 
  • Supports all content types: Top-tier scheduling tools allow you to publish all types of IG content in advance. This includes regular posts, reels, stories, and more. Therefore, you can provide your Instagram audience with a wide range of content. 
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How To Organically Grow Instagram Followers

Growing organic Instagram followers is a long process that gets easier after mastering the strategies. Use a combination of the tips outlined in this article, and you’ll dramatically increase your follower count. Also, make sure to keep informed of the latest trends to stay one step ahead of the competition. 

Now that you understand how to organically grow Instagram followers give it a try for yourself. Pick a strategy that you can understand and work on until your followers grow. Instagram is a competitive platform but also has a lot of daily traffic. Therefore, you only need a small slice of the pie to succeed. 

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