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How To Increase Instagram Followers the Right Way 

Plixi Team

Jun 07, 2024 10 min read

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We are all after the same thing on Instagram. We want a strong community of like-minded followers. We want people that engage in our content and share it with others. It’s just that some of us don’t know how to increase Instagram followers. 

Well, the people who haven’t read this blog post don’t. We have a lot to cover, and we are sure you will learn so much in this post!

How To Increase Instagram Followers the Right Way 

3 Tactics To Include in Your Instagram Growth Strategy

There are just a few things that you need to do on Instagram through your page. This is simply because we know that Instagram responds to these tactics. Of course, you should tweak the advice according to what your page requires. Consider these three suggestions as part of your Instagram growth strategy.

1. Engage With Comments More

You catch Instagram’s eye when there’s a lot of activity on your page. This activity comes in the form of liking, commenting, and sharing. 

You can boost this activity by paying attention to the comments you receive now. There may not be many, but you can still interact with them. 

Instagram notices when there is activity on a post. Furthermore, your followers will notice that you are the kind of creator who responds to comments. This will encourage them to comment even more. 

Instagram will want to share your Instagram content with people who don’t follow you. They will now know of your page and have the choice to follow you as well.

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2. Post at the Most Optimal Time

You could have the best content, but post it at the worst time. You might be done editing your Instagram Reel, but is now the best time to share? According to your Instagram Insights, it may not be. 

You can check your analytics to find out when most of your followers are online. Then, you could time the posting of your Reel to go live. 

You can even schedule the post to go live later. You don’t have to be waiting around on your phone for the best time. 

This gives your post on Instagram the best chance of visibility. This visibility could lead to more engagement. This could compel Instagram to share your contact with more people.

3. Ask Followers What They Want To See

Capitalize on the kind of content that people already like to see. Maybe then you will attract followers just like them. 

You just need to make sure you know what content they want to see. You could ask them in different ways. You could attach an Instagram Poll to the photo or Reel when you post. 

You can also use your Instagram Stories to add a sticker. Use a sticker that lets people choose from multiple options. Give them several potential content ideas. Capitalize on the most popular one. 

Now, you can increase the chances of engagement on your feed posts and, ultimately, your reach.

3 Organic Instagram Growth Tips for the Boutique Store 

It’s no secret that Instagram is a great place to host a store and market it. Do you need more exposure on the platform? Check out these three organic Instagram growth tips.

1. Host a Giveaway

Reel potential followers with an online contest. Advertise the prospect of getting a prize. 

In return, they will just have to follow you and engage on a particular post. This engagement could include sharing on their Instagram Stories. Requiring this is a great way to increase the visibility of your content. 

Be sure to use an online giveaway picker to choose the winner. During the giveaway, maintain the quality of your regular posts.

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2. Use Localized Hashtags

Some businesses want to have a presence in their local communities. This is great if you have a brick-and-mortar structure. You want people to know about you when they search on Instagram. 

One way to do this is by using localized hashtags. This means that you mention the location of your business in the relevant hashtags.

For example, use #ManhattanHairstylist instead of just #Hairstylist. When someone is in Manhattan, they will know that your business is an option.

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3. Collaborate With Other Creators 

You can achieve a lot more in a team than alone. Reach out to a content creator with goals similar to yours. You can join forces on your Instagram posts. This way, you can share your content with their followers and access theirs. 

When you post jointly, it is like a recommendation to followers. They may trust that content creator and follow your page without much convincing.

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How To Get More Followers on Social Media With Minimal Investment

Some people say that you have to pay to play on Instagram. They think that the idea of organic growth is just a myth. So, you’re wondering if you need to put organic growth tactics in your budget. 

There is nothing wrong with investing money in your craft. You just need to know where to spend it. You work too hard to stumble upon a scam on the Internet. We’re going to break down how to get more followers on social media by spending.

Avoid Buying Followers and Likes

We know that third-party growth sites promise that you can get more Instagram followers. They have packages that are dirt cheap. 

Still, they promise to deliver followers in huge numbers. An easy way out of the uphill battle is through Instagram growth. But is it worth it?

You convince yourself that it is just a short-term fix, and you will go back to organic growth. We will tell you why it is not worth even a dollar. When you buy fake followers, they don’t act like normal followers. 

They are likely automated social media accounts that exist just to take up space. Actual Instagram creators can tell that they are fake. 

This reflects pretty poorly on your brand. Additionally, brands looking for partnerships know that they are fake as well. So, your brand will seem less appealing than it is. 

What gives it away? More than likely, your low engagement rate gives it away. You do not get the likes and comments that a person with your follower count should. This makes your page look suspicious overall. 

And then you find yourself in a position where you have to keep up the facade. Now, you have to go and buy likes to match with these followers. Instagram is aware of the market for fake followers and engagement. It is not a fan. 

In fact, it regularly purges the social media platform of fake Instagram accounts. Yes, all your followers and likes will disappear. Whatever you paid would have been a waste.

We can tell that you are willing to invest some money, and we can tell you the best way to do that.

Buy Instagram Ads

This is where you should spend your money. IG has a mechanism in place to boost your type of content. It’s not like an ad that all types of people see. Some people find those ads irrelevant because they’re not the target audience

With an Instagram Ad, you decide exactly the type of person who sees your high-quality content. 

Think of your ideal follower. Where do they live? How old are they? What is their age? 

You can configure your Instagram ad to ensure that only your preferred person sees the ad. That means you don’t waste it on random IG users. 

You also decide how long the ad runs for. You will know the cost before you run the ad, so there will be no surprises. This is not a third-party application. You pay your money to Instagram, and they do their best to promote your content. 

This alone should give you a feeling of safety and comfort. It also doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. 

You have the power to set your budget. Promote photos or videos. It’s up to you.

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Learn How To Get Followers on Instagram Without Following Them Back

There’s another tactic that people use to get more Instagram followers. Some of them engage in a trade-off with other Instagram users. They promise that they will follow that user if that user follows them. 

It’s the follow-for-follow growth method. It may not be ideal. We assure you that we have our reasons. Here are three.

1. They May Eventually Unfollow

Nobody regulates this arrangement with the other creator. Perhaps you have both agreed to follow each other. There is no enforcement officer to ensure that you both do it. The other party may follow you now and unfollow you later. 

You don’t get a notification when somebody unfollows you. You will just be unaware until you see your follower count decrease. Instagram will not step in to mediate this disagreement either. It is a big proponent of organic growth tactics. 

The other party may not want their follow list to be smaller than their following list. For the sake of optics, they may renege on your deal. There is nothing you can do but unfollow them as well.

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2. Useless Content Will Clutter Your Feed

This may not be a page that you would not follow under regular circumstances. They could be a creator looking for a platform, just like you. They may not create content of any interest to you. For this reason, you ruin your own Instagram feed. 

Now, you have to look at content that you don’t care about. You follow these pages, and Instagram thinks you like them. Therefore, it suggests more pages like that to you. Suddenly, you can’t even recognize your own Instagram feed.

You can mute the other creator that you followed. But this becomes tricky if you also agree to engage in their content. Ensure that you at least do this with a person of similar content.

3. They May Not Interact With Your Content

Following you is one thing, but where you really feel support is through engagement. You want Instagram users to like and comment on your content. A person who only follows you to return the favor may not engage. 

If they don’t have a genuine interest, they may not interact organically. It will look a little suspicious if you have a large following and very little engagement.

Consider learning how to get followers on Instagram without following them back.

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We Know How To Increase Instagram Followers

Some people will make you think that increasing Instagram followers is just luck. They get one viral video, and suddenly, they are famous on Instagram. Lucky for them. The rest of us have to do it the best way: by building a content plan that gradually and sustainably brings followers.

There are so many ways to get more followers. You can make more Reels or add more user-generated content (UGC). However, the best thing you can do for your brand is partner with a growth expert. You’ll find this at Plixi. 

There is an excellent platform for Instagram influencers here. We have the AI technology to boost your following. You will get the followers that you want. 

We know how to increase Instagram followers. So, it’s time you take your advice. Start growing your Instagram following today.

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