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Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice

Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 11 min read

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Please don’t tell us that you’ve been creeping on that page using your account. Do you stalk other IG accounts using your main account? This is positively horrifying news. Hopefully, no one has caught on just yet. Now, we need to brainstorm some Instagram spam names.

We’re not being dramatic. Part of existing on social media is understanding that spam accounts exist. They help users navigate the app undetected when they don’t want people to know they’re spying. Of course, you don’t want people to know it’s you, so good Instagram spam account names are important.

You can have a funny spam name, a clever spam name, or a cute spam name for Instagram. The choice is yours. If you can’t think of any good ones, we can help with spam account name ideas. Your social media gurus at Plixi have you covered!

Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice

What Are Some Spam Names for Instagram? 

A spam name is a name for your secret IG account. Many people ask, “What are some spam names for Instagram?” To answer, remember that your Instagram account represents more than just you. It is an entire brand. It represents the best version of you or a curated version of you. Make it a creative spam account!

Every part of your brand should be deliberate and calculated. The onlookers will take everything you say and do seriously, so you should also. 

When building a brand, there is no room for even the smallest error. Social media can give the impression that everything is fun and easy-going. Inevitably, you let your guard down because of this. You can end up making mistakes in life. This is why many people have spam username ideas ready for Instagram. 

Spam account names provide an invisibility cloak of sorts. It gives users the outlet to share their true, unfiltered thoughts. This doesn’t mean that spam names for social media platforms are for nefarious activity. They just provide a place for people to vent and be human.

Some thoughts and feelings just don’t align with the brand. What if you want to rant about your love of cake? Your fitness aficionado followers may give you the side eye. If your political views don’t match most of your followers, take it to your spam account.

It could be a great outlet to keep your reputation intact. Reputation management for Instagram accounts can be expensive.

Funny Spam Names for Instagram Like These Will Keep You Laughing

Think of your Instagram spam account as the feeling you get when you come home from work. If you work from home, it’s the feeling you get when you close your laptop screen. It’s an exhale, a release.

You don’t have to take anything seriously when you log into your spam account. It’s an unserious place for you and your other spam friends. The playfulness starts with the name of the account. You can make it as fun as you’d like. 

We can help you come up with some funny spam names for Instagram accounts if you need the help. We’re sure you’re very creative and can come up with something witty. Still, I will give you some ideas to inspire you. Check out these options from Names Crunch:

  • InstaSpamMaster
  • FollowMeForSpam
  • TheRealSpamstagram
  • JustSpammingAround
  • PostDailySpamHere
  • SpaminYourFeed
  • InstaSpamStars
  • PicturePerfectSpam
  • NotAnotherSpamAccount
  • AestheticallySpammy
  • TheArtOfSpamming
  • InstaSpamDiaries
  • SunriseSpamset
  • TheSpamThatWasPromised
  • SpamYourWay
  • InstagramsOfSpam
  • FrameByFrameSpam
  • HashtagSpamLife
  • TheVividSpammer
  • LikedBySpam
  • SpammingIsAnArt
  • SnapSpamInsta
  • FramedInSpam
  • StoriesOfASpammer
  • FiltersAndSpam
  • InstaSpamMania
  • SpamtacularlyYours
  • SpammingWithLove
  • GramsOfSpam
  • DoYouEvenSpamBro
Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice, image №2

Spam Names for Instagram for Girls Who Have Unique Interests

The personal brand you are trying to grow and monetize could be worlds away from the real you. This doesn’t necessarily make you a disingenuous person. Rather, it could mean that you have a multifaceted personality. There could be a version of you that is very mainstream and another that is not.

Some of us want to save a special version of ourselves for our closest friends. You may want to share photos of you that are not perfectly edited. Maybe you need advice from a core group of people on a sensitive topic. A secondary account is just the place to do that. 

Close Friends Are Not Enough

Yes, the Close Friends feature exists on Instagram for just this purpose. But sometimes, that’s not close enough. Maybe you don’t want to post more than a 24-hour story. You also don’t want to worry about accidentally posting it in the wrong place. Maybe you want to make a level of vulnerability in your lifestyle. 

You could also have some very strange interests that you would prefer not to share with the mainstream following. The people who love you will tolerate your BTS obsession more than others. This is when spam accounts come in handy. It’s somewhat of a public diary for a selected few people.

Creating an IG Spam Name as a Girl

Inclusion in this community is an honor if you think about it. People should feel blessed to know the side of you. Girls just need good spam names for Instagram accounts like these. Here are some ideas for spam names for Instagram girls: 

  • Centre it around the fandom that you identify with the most. This could be a popular book or movie franchise, for example.
  • Make sure it’s not a variation of your first or middle name. The idea is not to have it easily connected to you. It’s not that hard to find out what your middle name is. Spelling your name backward is far too obvious, as well. These are not good ideas for spam account names. 
  • Avoid hinting at where you’re from in your name. This could be one puzzle piece closer to finding out who you are.
  • If you’re referring to an inside joke, ensure that very few people know about it. 

We might be acting like you are a secret spy, but having a secondary account is like having another life. If the content you post on this page goes against your main page, you could be in trouble. Let’s avoid that by being extra cautious. 

Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice, image №3

How To Come Up With an Instagram Spam Name and Manage a Spam Account

Knowing how to come up with an Instagram spam name is just the beginning. You need to know how to conduct yourself while you have a spam account. Yes, there are rules to the freedom that comes with this secondary account. Pay attention to the tips we are about to give. They could save you a lot of trouble.

  1. Use a name that is not even remotely similar to your primary account name: Ideally, it should not resemble your real name either.
  2. People shouldn’t be able to tell that you even know that your spam account exists: In other words, there should be no connection between your real account and your spam account. You should not follow each other, and you should not keep up with each other’s posts.
  3. Create your spam account using a different email address: This makes it less obvious that both accounts belong to the same person.
  4. Make sure your friends understand that they should never tag this account in public posts: People will become curious about the name.
  5. Don’t use your spam account as a tool to bully or stalk others: Instagram may take action against your account. You don’t know if this will have repercussions on your primary account. 
  6. If possible, keep this account private: Only give access to a select few people where you can.

You don’t want to get carried away with this page. Instagram can still trace it back to you and impose any punishment that is within their power.

Beware of Spam Names for Instagram for Guys Who Stalk Others Online

Not everyone wants to know about spam Instagram names for the right reasons. Some people have ill intentions when they create spam account names. Instagram stalkers are a real thing, and there’s only so much IG can do to protect others from them. 

It would be so useful if we could spot unique spam names on Instagram for guys who stalk people online. Since we can’t do that, let’s talk about some safety measures you can put in place online.

Post After You’ve Left the Location

There is no need to give your followers a play-by-play of everything you’re doing. If you want to show off that you went to a great new spot, do it when you get home. You can even do it the next day. As you grow your page, it’s hard to keep track of who is following you. The person with a strange and unique username could be much closer than you think. 

Do what you can do to throw them off your trail now and then. Sharing your live location is for people you know and trust. If you trust the people on your spam account, feel free to share where you are all the time. It may not be a privilege that the general public should have.

Do a Quick Review of New Followers 

These spam accounts don’t look like regular Instagram pages. There are some tell-tale signs that an account is a spam account. They may not have profile pictures or many posts in their feeds. They likely follow far more people than people follow them. We understand that you want to keep your following high. 

If you don’t want to block this account, you can hide your Instagram stories from them. At least this way, they have to try a little harder to keep up with you.

Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice, image №4

Baddie Spam Names for Instagram for the Hottie With a Double Life

You know you’re a baddie. We know you’re a baddie. But you don’t want everyone to know that you’re a baddie. That’s fine. It can be our little secret. But still, you need a healthy outlet for all this baddie energy. It’s time to brainstorm some baddie spam names for Instagram. Bridal Shower 101 can give a little inspiration. Look at these names and tweak them as you please:

  •  _luh_Baddie_bae
  • PrettyLittleBxrbie
  • RealHot_GirlIsh
  • tfoutmydms
  • LoveMe_More
  • Shawty_CashinOut
  • BrezzyBae
  • ExclusiveBarbie
  • Lil_brattt
  • Brat_n_Boujee
  • bxchez_mad
  • HighFashionBae
  • Di0r_Di0r_xo
  • 100kbae
  • redbone_in_a_rover
  • _shegotit_
  • kash_n_bags
  • idfw_lames
  • devilishx_baee
  • yourmancallsme
  • pwerfull_barbie
  • soo.anxiciousss

Your main Instagram page might be about rated G content. You need an outlet for your sensual or adult side. A spam account could be the best answer for this. Your very close friends, who you trust with this content, can follow you. Rumor has it that this is how it went down for Chloe Bailey. Before she shared her mature persona with the world, she had a private account where she shared it first.

Instagram Spam Account Name Ideas Are for Celebrities, Too

Instagram spam account name ideas shouldn’t be so hard to come up with. Yet, for some reason, they are. There is a healthy amount of paranoia that surrounds something like this. Some of us lead double lives and would hate if people found out about them both.

Many celebrities have these accounts. They can’t have to cancel culture get to them. For the public, they show the polished version of themselves. With their spam accounts, they look in the comments and find out what people are saying about them. They may even leave a few comments of their own.

Instagram Spam Names: Your Newest Social Media Vice, image №5

Instagram Spam Names Can’t Be Your Main Focus

We don’t want you to forget about that account and all your growth plans. Having Instagram spam names to choose from means that you’re on your way to having your secondary account. But we have to stay focused. What about your primary account? Do you have a plan of action for this growth? If not, let’s talk about Plixi.

We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. There’s also a propriety AI targeting algorithm that we’ve been working on for about a decade. We have the tools to make things happen. 

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