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Instagram Contest Picker: All You Need To Pick Right


Plixi Team

Apr 09, 2024 10 min read

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Who doesn’t get a little hopeful at the prospect of being a winner? Don’t we all ignore the probability of being successful to take a chance on ourselves? After all, you’re taking a shot at becoming an Instagram influencer in the face of hundreds of people in your niche. You are not sidetracked by the many people doing the same thing. You’re only focused on your lane. It’s that hope that makes these Instagram giveaways so popular. People put their hands in the fate of an Instagram contest picker and hope for the best. It costs them nothing, so why not?

Your page can also significantly profit from the hope of winning, too. Contests typically provide more opportunities to the host than they do to the individuals who enter them. This is the method to use if you are searching for something fresh to pique people’s interest and spark engagement. Nevertheless, if you want to go through with it, you must ensure that you execute it correctly. A picker with objectivity is essential. Continue reading if you wish to know how to do this for your page. Your social media gurus and Plixi are sure to make you a winner!

Instagram Contest Picker: All You Need To Pick Right

You Need To Know How To Pick a Contest Winner on Instagram Before You Host a Contest

Hosting a contest can go either way when you don’t know how to pick a contest winner on Instagram. Yes, giving things away for free is risky. You can either get a reputation for being generous or destroy your credibility with the people who follow you. It is essential to have an objective Instagram contest winner picker. You don’t want people to wonder how you chose a random winner.

Protect Your Reputation

A good reputation can take years to build. However, it takes very little to ruin it. Think of those famous YouTubers who try to rebound after a scandal. The internet never truly forgave their misdeeds. Don’t let this be you if you’re just starting on the platform. 

Don’t host a contest without a reliable Instagram giveaway picker. Showing that your method of picking a winner is trustworthy is vital. Secure a contest winner picker for the Instagram contest on your account.

Say you received an excessive number of entries for your contest. This is great only in theory. Reviewing the results manually is not viable unless you choose a winner on merits. Luckily, giveaways may be easily automated using a picker tool.

How These Contest Pickers Work

You can find a good Instagram comment picker online. You can use free applications to select a random winner for an important contest. They may generally work the same way. The picker will get all the comments from the specified Instagram photos or videos under the post URL. Then, it will filter the comments depending on your selected settings. You can read our contest options below. For IG contests, It will select one or more people at random.

Do you want to establish and operate your giveaway on Instagram? Start thinking of the applicable prerequisites and regulations for people to follow to be eligible for the giveaway. Check out which contest picker can accommodate you. We’re sure you’ll find a program that allows you to filter out IG accounts and comments using different options.

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You’ll Need a Free Instagram Contest Picker for This To Work

A giveaway is already an investment for your brand. It costs you the price of the gift and your time regulating comments. It’s a good thing you can find a free Instagram contest picker to alleviate costs.

An Instagram contest winner picker online picks a winner automatically. Your part of the work is putting in the link to the giveaway and the rules. These giveaway tools can guarantee impartiality, and your followers will love them.

Ideally, you will attract a lot of entrants with this giveaway. There would be more people than you’re used to commenting. It would take a lot out of you and take up your time. In contrast, a free contest winner-picker takes mere minutes. Here are some free options for you to consider using:

  1. Free IG Picker
  3. Viralyft

Give your post an extra boost by including some relevant hashtags. It would show up in searches. Also, make sure you clearly say when the giveaway ends. This way, no one will think they were deliberately excluded from the drawing.

Consider These Instagram Contest Rules

You have a lot of leeway when it comes to making the Instagram contest rules. You get to choose how people participate. However, there are ways to secure engagement deliberately. Choosing the most appropriate guidelines for an Instagram contest may have a significant impact on its level of success. So, you want to make sure you do it correctly. Below, you’ll find a list of possible giveaway guidelines you could try.

Tell Them To Like, Follow, and Share

Direct entrants to like, follow, and share the post to their stories. This is a language that Instagram understands. The algorithm may see the engagement and boost the post for you. If you ask for nothing else, ask for this.

Request That Participants Tag a Friend in Their Posts

Have the participants tag a friend in the comments so that you may reach the widest possible audience. You draw attention to the post in this way. You also urge others to leave comments on it. Maybe the prize could be for the two besties. If that friend likes the prize, he may participate in the giveaway as well.

Insist That They Follow Across All Platforms

Some Instagram influencers also have accounts on other social media platforms. If you can get support on other platforms, too, why not? You might stipulate to entrants that they must follow you on more than one platform to participate. This assists in securing a following across a variety of different platforms. It gets a bit dicey when the entrants don’t have accounts on those platforms. This stipulation may deter them from entering altogether.

Collaborate To Maximize Reach

You might want to think about working with another account on a gift. You and the other pages may each contribute to make a complete prize. You may go to a page that provides things that go well with what you already sell. If you have a fitness brand, collaborate with that artisan juice brand. The price can be a juice cleanse bundle and a month-long gym membership. This is just one example. The contest rule would be that entrants would have to follow all pages.

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This Why You Should Think of Some Instagram Contest Ideas

We are all for new and inventive ways to stimulate your page growth. If you run them in the right way, IG contests will be worth the effort. They have the potential to bring in a flood of new followers who will engage with your brand. Instagram contest ideas with engagement in mind can influence the algorithm to put your post on the Explore page. This is why an Instagram contest could be a good idea for you:

More People Will Discover Your Page

The kind of promotion contests attract is comparable only to Instagram ads. A pro tip is to ask entrants to tag a friend or two. This brings extra eyes to the page. You will see a huge boost in the number of people who see your posts. You’ll see a difference when you look at your Instagram analytics. Your impressions will increase dramatically.

You’ll Spark Engagement

If you require that entrants like, comment, and share the post to enter, you’re already ahead. These are relatively small actions that the algorithm will recognize. IG will see that the post is popular and deem it worthy of others seeing it. Ideally, this brings engagement to the other posts on your page. Imagine your whole page receiving engagement because of one well-executed post.

Your Follower Count Could Go Up

You have a say in whether your follower count goes up. It’s normal to require that entrants follow the page for a chance to win. Hopefully, there will be a rush of newcomers. Now, you don’t want just to have followers hungry for a freebie. You want engaged supporters who find your content useful. After you attract these followers, you have to keep them. Maintaining high-quality content during the duration of the contest is highly recommended. There is a greater chance that these new supporters will remain around if you do this.

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These Instagram Contest Examples Will Get You Comments

There are multiple ways to execute an Instagram contest. Since contests can spark engagement in different ways, you can get overwhelmed with options. A like and a save are relatively simple to inspire. Getting a comment out of a user is a little more tricky. In a way, you have to go out of your way to do it. Fortunately, we narrowed them down to a few Instagram contest examples using popular phrases.

“Tell Me Your Favorite in the Comments!”

Asking people to comment will create engagement. Additionally, you gain insight into their preferences. Now, you may try to determine which of your items is the most popular. You can share more of that in the future. This could apply to sharing several products, for instance. It could also be you asking them to choose their favorite outfit from several of them. You can announce the winner on your Instagram stories, pushing attention there.

“The Winner Gets a Sneak Peek!”

Do you want to create buzz around a new brand? A contest announcement will stir up some attention. It’s even better to create an air of exclusivity. Making someone feel like they will be one of the few to experience or have something is enticing. If you want your overall brand to be luxury, this will help.

“Tell Us Why You Should Win!”

This is a great tactic to get people to comment as well. You’ll see it for Mothers’ Day giveaways where people talk up their mothers, hoping to win a gift. Simultaneously, ask them to say what they’d do with the winnings. This way, you get an idea of the motives of your follower base. You’ll see what they generally lack or what they want to do. You can curate your content or products after that, too.

“The Person With the Correct Answer Wins!”

Give them a reason to talk in the comments. Movie theater sites will ask patrons random trivia about movies to get engagement in the comments. You can do something similar with your brand. You could say that the first one to comment correctly wins. This sense of urgency can encourage a burst of engagement at one time. Still, you run the risk of people not bothering to comment when they see people already have. In this case, your Instagram stories will be useful. Potential entrants won’t know if someone answered already, so they may still try their luck.

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We Can Help You Win the Social Media Contest

We hope your content goes well and you find the best Instagram contest winner picker for you. Still, a giveaway post doesn’t have to be the only way to grow your page. There are other ways to grow your brand and close the gap that exists between you and your audience. The experts at Plixi know exactly what to do. Instead of a one-time spike today, experience sustained progress.

Because Plixi maintains its platform of Instagram influencers, trust us that we can give you great tips. In addition to this, we have a proprietary AI targeting algorithm that we spent ten years perfecting. We have the skills necessary to make the most of your content. When you find your Instagram contest picker, put your newly acquired followers in the capable hands of Plixi. Get ready to upgrade your page. Begin expanding your Instagram audience now!

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