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Coquette Aesthetic: What’s Behind All the Frills? 

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 9 min read

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Few of us could ever dream of living as Marie-Antoinette did. But with this new fashion trend, we can certainly pretend. The coquette aesthetic is invading our timelines. 

Pastel colors, lace blouses, and white tights are everywhere. At first, you may have thought it was too cartoonish, but now you find it a little intriguing. 

In this day and age, it is a very bold fashion choice. You will stand out from the average person when you wear it. Do you want to find out how accessible it is for you? 

Keep reading this article. Maybe you can inject some feminine vibes into your Instagram feed.

Coquette Aesthetic: What’s Behind All the Frills? 

What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

The coquette aesthetic mixes hyperfeminine colors and textures with a vintage flair. Traditionally, feminine silhouettes and patterns influence it. 

Then, it revamps it for a modern time. It is very popular in the Gen-Z spaces. Some people think that it is excessively girly, youthful, and playful.

Coquette style may borrow pieces from what you see on a ballerina or a fairy. You can never have too many bows or shades of pink in these outfits. You may think that this all sounds very childish. In reality, this is a very popular aesthetic among adults.

The aim isn’t to look like an adult-sized child. You can look ethereal while still looking like a grown-up.

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You Need These 5 Staples for Your Coquette Aesthetic Outfits

You can always tell when you’re looking at Coquette’s aesthetic outfits. They tend to give the vibe they don’t belong in this period. 

Perhaps they belong to a very eccentric character on a TV show. It is a very specific type of fashion trend that you don’t mistakenly stumble upon. 

We can help you tap into this trend. Having fun in this hyper-girly space shouldn’t require a huge capital outlay. Below are some tips on the main pieces that you should focus on.

1. Pearls

The appearance of pearls gives an air of elegance and feminity for any age. The good thing is that this aesthetic allows you to use costume jewelry as well. You don’t have to go out and purchase expensive strings of pearls. 

You can put knobs on your ears or drip them around your neck. Remember to have fun with this look.

2. Lace 

People tend to associate lace with raunchiness. Coquette Style does allow for that, of course. Still, lace should give an air of youth to these outfits. You can incorporate it in varying amounts. 

Some women like to have lace gloves or full lace tops. Some just have them as trims on their clothing pieces. 

3. Ballet Flats

Do you remember those Mary Janes that you once wore to school? Revisit that aesthetic for this style. The coquette style is great for women who have never enjoyed wearing heels. 

Ballet flats dominate these looks. Still, some women enjoy platform Mary Jane shoes, which is also acceptable. 

Quilted ballet flats are popular, especially the ones that look like they came from Chanel. It’s all about looking young and dainty. Flats generally give a more useful air than heels.

4. Bows

The coquette girl aesthetic involves using bows as accessories. We aren’t sure if it’s possible to have too many bows. Sometimes, it works best in their hair. Other times, it’s on their little handbags. They could be just about anywhere on the outfit as well. 

It might be tricky to find pieces with bows. One way to fix this is to get brooches with bows. This way, you can transform any piece. You could even DIY bows for each outfit. 

5. Corsets

There is an obvious vintage influence on this aesthetic. It shows up in the use of corsets in casual outfits. Corsets may have been for a specific purpose in the past. 

For the coquette girl aesthetic, they are purely for the look. They are not primarily for cinching you in at the waist; they’re there to look pretty. 

Corsets can be tops or a part of full dresses. They may not even have real wires and boning. They may just take the general appearance of a corset. This is good news, as you can enjoy the full look.

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The 4 Dark Coquette Aesthetic May Be for You

Based on what you’ve heard, you may not think the Coquette Girl aesthetic is for you. Be sure to count yourself out quickly. There is an arm of this kind of fashion that includes other tastes. 

Do you like dark colors? Would you describe your style as more edgy? If so, consider the dark coquette aesthetic. It is a more inclusive take on this flirty and soft style. It’s all about finding dark and bright elements that match your style. Let’s talk about some pieces that are unique to the darker aesthetic.

1. Leather

You can keep your silk or satin pieces. But now you can pair them with a leather jacket or leather miniskirt. You might find that the contrast is quite unique. You could fall in love with the contrast of your pink sweater underneath a leather piece. 

Switch out your cardigan for one of these and completely change your look. You can keep your ruffles and lace, so don’t worry.

2. Edgy Jewelry

The jewelry pieces that you incorporate can have a lot more personality. You can use some chunky vintage pieces. You can find that choker that you haven’t worn for years. 

You can still wear pearls, but now you can consider layering them with lace jewelry as well. 

If you’re going to have edgy jewelry, your makeup should match. The clean girl aesthetic that you went for with your face won’t work here. Feel free to go darker with the eyes and more dramatic with the lips.

3. Stockings

Standard clothing may include stockings. They are usually sheer or very light-colored. If you want to have a dark tint on your outfit, you will have to adjust that. 

Consider using lace stockings that aren’t as subtle. If you are bold enough, consider using fishnet stockings. You can even accessorize them with bows to maintain that coquette element.

4. Chunky Shoes

Ballet flats aren’t for everyone. You don’t mind wearing pink or a miniskirt, but you draw the line here. The dark version allows you to wear more dramatic footwear. 

You could wear platform loafers for a more edgy look. You can go all the way to wearing combat boots with whatever outfit you wear. Just remember to balance it out with the rest of your outfit. 

In the end, you still want to look like you’re participating in this trend. Without some elements of coquette, you just look like you’re punk or goth. There’s nothing wrong with either, of course. But we just want to help you maintain this aesthetic.

You just need to know where to tweak your style. We think everyone can rock a version of this aesthetic if they want to.

Other Types of Coquette Aesthetic

This style is so dynamic, even though it may not seem that way. Yet so many different types of women have incorporated this look. 

You may not live in a place that facilitates sweaters and stockings. That doesn’t mean that this isn’t for you. You just haven’t found the right branch of this aesthetic. We already talked about the dark take. Here are a few more options to consider. 

  • Bohemian coquette: Here is your chance to use colorful patterns along with your delicate lace. You can find those prints that you like in very flowy fabric. Are you an Island girl? Wear those platform sandals that you like. You will love the breathable fabrics with a loose fit. You will have fun finding the florals that fit with this aesthetic.
  • Winter fairy coquette: Let’s hop on the other side of the globe. Strap on those fairy wings and tulle skirt if you like being bold. Now is the time to look like a woodland creature. Velvet dresses and fur coats with earmuffs could be a great look for you. Don’t forget to inspire your followers and share your look on your IG Story!
Coquette Aesthetic: What’s Behind All the Frills? , image №4

Where Did the Coquette Aesthetic Come From? Let’s Go on a Journey

Let’s talk about the meaning of the word “coquette.” The Cambridge Dictionary describes it as “a woman who likes to attract attention by behaving as if she is sexually interested in people, in a pleasant but not serious way.” 

This look is about being playfully flirtatious, which explains all the feminine movements in the fashion pieces for this trend.

But where did the coquette aesthetic come from? Some people like to credit the artist Lana Del Rey for the rise of this aesthetic. Her album, “Born To Die,” was Specifically a source of inspiration. But it could go deeper than that.

Pop culture has embraced fashion from previous eras. The soon-to-be cult classic Bridgerton allowed Instagram influencers to explore more feminine silhouettes. 

Now, this aesthetic has become more commonplace. Even fast fashion brands like Shein make this style more accessible for everyone.

Coquette Captions for Instagram Posts

If you do this correctly, your photo or Reel will speak for itself. Still, some coquette captions for Instagram could be fun, too. We have a few here from which you could get inspiration.

  • “Radiating charisma and coquette enchantment.”
  • “She’s a rebel with a coquette heart.”
  • “Something straight out of a fever dream.”
  • “These are a few of my favorite things.”
  • “She danced with a coquette grace.”
  • “A little bit of whimsy never hurt.”
  • “Can you have too many bows?”
  • “I think pearls are a girl’s best friend.”
  • “Embrace your coquette nature, for it is a gift.”

You can always adjust them to match the photo that you choose to upload.

Coquette Aesthetic: What’s Behind All the Frills? , image №5

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