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Instagram Comment Picker Tips That You Need To Know


Plixi Team

Jun 12, 2024 9 min read

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We know you’ve seen an Instagram giveaway before. You may have even entered a few yourself. What’s the harm in trying your luck to see if you are the random winner? It never costs any money, and the prizes always look so good! 

You also noticed that they attract a lot of people. There are so many people that you wonder if you stand a chance of winning. You have a growing brand on Instagram as well. Maybe you should consider finding an Instagram comment picker and hosting a giveaway yourself!

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated for you to plan out. The most important part will be choosing your random comment picker. Giveaway posts naturally attract a large audience. You just need to make sure you have the right giveaway tool to choose a winner. 

When you read this article, you will see that finding a giveaway picker tool is easier than you think. Using them, it’s quite intuitive as well. You may not have to do more than post URL links and wait for the tools to do their thing. 

So, what is separating you from hosting a successful Instagram giveaway? We think that you should take advantage of this growth tactic. If you’re still apprehensive, don’t worry. We will tell you everything you need to know in this article!

Instagram Comment Picker Tips That You Need To Know

Find an Instagram Giveaway Picker Because a Giveaway Will Help Your Brand

Giveaways aren’t just a good idea for the entrants of the giveaway. Sure, they stand to gain great prizes. But you have to understand that it’s a good idea for your brand as well. We’re going to talk about how your business stands to gain so much from hosting a giveaway

Giveaways Bring Followers

Sales, free samples, and discounts will always draw a crowd in real life. Raffles are part of modern society at this point. It would make sense for people to find a way to do raffles on social media as well. 

Because everyone already regards contests as attractive, you can use this to draw them to your page. It should be a no-brainer that you require people to follow your page to enter the contest. This is a great way to bring an influx of followers to your page. 

This is ultimately what you want, right? Of course, you run the risk of people leaving after the contest is over. This is why you make sure that you still share great content that would make them want to stay.

Giveaways Increase Engagement Rates

You know how to increase your engagement rate because you keep up with your growth gurus at Plixi! You do this by attracting more comments, likes, and shares to your Instagram content. 

It can be difficult to do this. This is why most IG contests require people to engage. It’s like obligatory engagement for your brand. Liking, following, and commenting are second nature to people at this point. It shouldn’t be a big ask.

This high-engagement activity is how you get on IG’s radar. Ideally, it will compel the platform to share the content with users who it thinks will like your content.

Don’t the benefits of a giveaway sound good? We thought it would pique your interest. Just remember that part of hosting a successful giveaway is having an Instagram giveaway picker. We will talk about all your options in this article.

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How To Do a Giveaway on Instagram: 4 Tips To Keep in Mind

A giveaway is a great way to create some excitement on your Instagram page. But you still need to know how to do a giveaway on Instagram correctly. You don’t want it to go wrong and result in some reputation management. To help the process go smoothly, check out four of our best tips. 

1. Give a Deadline To Enter

Create a level of urgency for your giveaway. Let the participants know that there is a deadline to enter this competition. This will have a positive effect on your engagement rate. If you have an influx of activity on your post all at once, you can catch the attention on Instagram. 

You don’t want entrants to trickle in over a few weeks. You want them to see the giveaway post and enter immediately. Of course, you don’t want the deadline too soon, either. You risk people only seeing the post after the deadline has passed.

2. Make the Requirements Clear

The entry rules have to be clear as day. Some creators like to require entrants to do more than follow the page. They ask them to like and comment on the post and share the post to their Instagram story.

This is a great way to maximize engagement on the post. You’ll have to ensure the winner has done all these things, so make your requirements unambiguous. You don’t want people to share your feed when the rule was to share it with your story.

3. Collaborate With Another Creator for Good Measure

You could host the giveaway on your own. You could also find another brand that wants to boost its engagement rate. You guys can agree on the prices you want to give the winners. In the end, you may have an even more attractive giveaway. 

You can make a joint post on Instagram, as the platform allows collaborative posts. This way, both creators can benefit from following the other creator.

4. Use a Random Comment Picker

This process must be ethical, so a random comment picker is necessary. Just remember, it only works if you aren’t picking a comment on the merits. This is why the requirement to comment should be something simple. 

For example, entrants may tag a friend or comment on something simple. Don’t promise that the best comment will win. That leaves too much to human discretion. Let everyone know right off the bat that the winner will be random.

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You’ll Need a Good Free Instagram Comment Picker for Things To Run Smoothly

A good Instagram random comment picker doesn’t have to hurt your budget. There are so many resources online to ensure you can execute a giveaway with integrity. If you are looking for a free Instagram comment picker, here are a few options. 

1. Wask

You don’t have to panic with Wask if you’re not technologically savvy. Just plug the URL into your giveaway post. Let the website choose your winner for you. This machine has no biases and doesn’t know any entrant personally. It is pure random chance at this point.

2. Viralyft

This is another free IG comment picker option. Viralyft has a good reputation in this industry. You and your followers can be confident that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

3. Wishpond

This is a great option for the creators wishing they had help choosing a winner. Wishpond provides several templates from which you can choose. You need to tell the app the rules for the giveaway. It will do everything else for you. 

To keep things as transparent as possible, consider recording the process of choosing the winner. Of course, a website will be choosing the winner, not you. So what you should do is record the screen. 

You could take a video of the random IG comment picker choosing the winner and upload it later. Or, you could go live on Instagram to announce the winner. The entrants will appreciate the transparency you put in to assure them.

How To Pick a Winner From Instagram Comments Safely and Transparently

If you’ve been on the Internet for a long time, you’ve seen a giveaway or two. They’ve been around since YouTube was the main social media website. 

You may recall certain requirements for choosing a winner. Maybe, on occasion, there was some shady activity when it came to choosing that person. The bad press that surrounds a faulty giveaway can be fatal to a brand. It can be so difficult to fix an error like that. 

You never want to give the appearance of bias or favoritism when you host a giveaway online. You don’t want to give people a reason to be suspicious of your overall brand. They won’t just think that the giveaway was unethical. They will extend this assessment to everything about your brand.

After the giveaway, you may have issues selling products. If they think your brand is shady, people might not want to give you their hard-earned money.

Choosing a winner for something that should be impartial should be of utmost importance to you. For this reason, you should know how to pick a winner from Instagram comments seamlessly. 

A good random comment picker should solve all your problems in this respect. That is why we push it so aggressively!

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It’s Not Enough To Know How To Use Comment Picker Tools Online

You’re at the end of the article. This means that you know how to use comment picker tools online. That’s great for your brand. Your giveaway should be a success, and we are happy for you. You should see some page growth if all goes well. 

Still, as successful as this method is, there is more you could do for your brand. Do you want to maximize the growth potential of your Instagram page? Do you want a steady stream of new followers? A giveaway may create a random influx, but you’re looking for an upward, sustained trend. 

We completely understand you. Gradual and sustained growth is something that we pride ourselves on at Plixi. Consider using our growth services if you’re interested in this for your brand. An Instagram comment picker is an excellent tool to have in your back pocket. It’s even better to have a team like ours behind you, too. 

We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers who understand the growth landscape of IG. We even have a propriety AI targeting algorithm that yields results. These are results no one else can replicate. Are you ready to kick up your growth a notch? With Plixi, you’ll feel like a lottery winner! Start growing and gaining Instagram followers today.

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