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Instagram Location Tracker: Everything You Need To Know


Plixi Team

Mar 06, 2024 8 min read

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Knowing the location of Instagram users is useful when marketing products. Staying up to date on the location of those within your social circle may also interest you. Instagram can help you figure out when someone you know is on vacation. Discover what Instagram location trackers are and if they are worth using. 

Although Instagram doesn’t release live tracking data, there are methods for uncovering the location of Instagram users. Keep reading to learn more! 

Instagram Location Tracker: Everything You Need To Know

Can Instagram Track Your Location?

Yes, Instagram can track your location by monitoring your IP address and the location tags you attach to your content. This helps Instagram monitor suspicious activity. For instance, when logging in from a different location, Instagram may ask for verification.

Also, Instagram uses your location data to provide relevant advertisements and services. Therefore, it’s beneficial for Instagram to know your location and keep it safe from the public. 

However, as you’ll see later in the article, there are ways for other users also to see your location. It depends on how you use your Instagram accounts and what you decide to share. 

Can Someone Track Your Location From Instagram?

Nobody can track your location from Instagram directly. This would be an invasion of your privacy and would allow stalkers with too much data. However, there are ways that users can figure out your location. It depends on how much information you share on your Instagram URLs and posts. 

Also, making a private account can make it hard for the public to know about your location. This means only your followers can see your posts and Instagram Stories. Therefore, fewer people can work out your location by simply looking at your posts. 

How To See Someone’s Location on Instagram

In this section, we’ll discuss the different methods for how to see someone’s location on Instagram. Note that there is no way to see the live location of a user directly. The following three methods are indirect ones since the accuracy and reliability vary. 

  1. IP address: Some users make their location known by activating IP tracking and publicizing it. However, this only works if the user has added the correct IP address and they are still in the same location. Nowadays, many people use VPNs, so you cannot trust the IP location of internet users. 
  2. Post location tags: You inspect the location tags of the accounts’ posts. From there, you can quickly determine where the users have recently been. However, some users post content a long time after visiting a location. 
  3. Look at pictures: You can keep an eye on the location of an Instagram user by visually inspecting the pictures. It can be easy to determine the location if the user is in your social circle and close by.
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Instagram Location Trackers: How To Choose the Right One

Now, let’s focus on choosing an Instagram tracker location app. These software services vary in quality, price, and features. After reading this section, you’ll better understand what purchase to make. 

1. Compare the Prices

There is a range of popular trackers you can compare with regard to pricing. There’s no need to pay for a premium service when the budget ones might have all the features you need. Create a spreadsheet of your findings during your research and note the prices. This gives you an easier layout for comparing prices with your research. 

Also, you’ll find many services with a free trial or freemium pricing plan. You can take advantage of these to give the software a test. However, you’ll need to upgrade to increase your usage limits. This is especially true if you need to use the location trackers at a high volume for commercial purposes. 

2. Find a Clean User Interface (UI)

The ideal tracker software for Instagram will have an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, it’s handy to download and test software on a free trial to form an opinion from first-hand experience. 

However, you can look for a money-back guarantee if there’s no free way to test the software. Alternatively, you can look at videos and images of the user interface. This allows you to assess the level of clutter and complexity on the screen. 

3. Inspect the Reviews

It’s a good idea to look at the online reviews of the various services you come across. Therefore, you can set realistic expectations of what to expect. Here are some of the top things to look out for:

  • Customer support: Look at the experience of other customers with the support. It’s important to have good support so you can overcome issues promptly. There should be multiple ways to contact support, which must be responsive. 
  • Location accuracy: The IG location tracker software must provide good accuracy so you can trust the data. Hence, you must pay attention to comments regarding accuracy from other customers. 
  • Customization options: More options to customize your experience are better. This must include altering the UI and other aspects of the experience. Therefore, you can meet the requirements and goals you have on Instagram. 
  • Review score: Look at the overall review scores given by customers. For example, a 4.0 out of 5 score is desirable. You can inspect websites like TrustPilot to find these reviews and see an overall score. 
  • Look for patterns: Read the individual customer reviews and look for common comments. When many customers have the same insight, it holds more weight since that’s what you can expect. 

4. Choose Compatible Platforms

Look at what platforms the service supports so that you can access the software. The possible platforms include iPhone, Android, macOS, and Windows. However, most services offer a lot of compatibility, so this usually isn’t a factor. 

Also, you need to check the stability of the software on your chosen platform. For instance, one service might work great on iPhones but poorly on Android. Therefore, you need to check the review scores for your chosen platform. 

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How To Track an Instagram Account Location

There’s no direct way to track an Instagram account location. However, there are a few best practices that you can follow to increase your chances of success. Here are three ideas that we recommend you follow:

  • Set up alerts: Create a system of alerts that notify you when a target account posts content. This lets you quickly inspect the content and determine the user’s location. However, viewing the same posts with a delay reduces your ability to track an account’s location. 
  • Choose the right tracker: You can find the best tracker for your needs using the factors listed above. We recommend that you test different trackers yourself to understand the options better. 
  • Follow Instagram community guidelines: Make sure to follow Instagram community guidelines while tracking user locations. This means to avoid harassing users or taking actions that violate a user’s privacy. 

Instagram Location Finder Software Options

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top Instagram location-finder software solutions you can use today. We chose services with good reviews, a fair pricing structure, and good performance. 


Instracker constantly updates its geo-tracking capabilities so that you can expect good accuracy. You can see a history of geotags for accounts that share the data. However, the software doesn’t provide much information for private accounts and those not using geotags. 

Furthermore, the service offers compatibility with all the popular operating systems, and you only pay once. This means no subscription service requires regular payment. This is a friendly pricing structure since the software is constantly updated. 


You can use mSpy for parent control capabilities to track your child’s device. This includes tracking a wide range of apps, which includes Instagram. Therefore, you can monitor their activity and ensure they aren’t getting into harm’s way. This software provides live tracking capabilities if they are turned on. 


Instrack is a good choice for Instagram marketers who need geotagging for their campaigns. Therefore, you can align your advertising campaigns with Instagram users in the target location. This is important for increasing the targeting and conversion rate of marketing campaigns. 

The software is free to try, so there’s a low barrier to entry. Also, advanced features allow marketers to access unlimited historical data. Investing in the software may pay for itself through higher marketing ROI.

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Using Instagram Location Finders Is Straightforward

It’s true that Instagram doesn’t provide a direct way of tracking Instagram accounts. However, you can track them indirectly with Instagram location finders. It includes the use of post-location tags and tracking software. 

Investing in an Instagram location tracker service is perhaps the easiest way to track locations. You’ll also get a lot of historical data, which is ideal for marketing campaigns. They are generally inexpensive and support multiple platforms with clean user interfaces.

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