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How To See Views on Instagram To Analyze Traffic


Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 8 min read

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Discover how to see views on Instagram to analyze the data. This allows you to understand the account analytics better and make improvements. Views refer to the number of people who look at your account. It also relates to the number of people that view your content. 

Therefore, we’ll help you grow your Instagram follower count by sharing how to improve your views. There are several methods you can apply, and they are all part of the puzzle. The name of the game is getting your audience’s attention, and there are several ways to achieve this.

How To See Views on Instagram To Analyze Traffic

How To See Profile Views on Instagram

Are you wondering how to see profile views on Instagram? There is no way that you can keep an eye on the users who have viewed your account. You cannot even see the number of viewers on your Instagram profile. 

This is also the case on your Instagram business account. Therefore, don’t go through the trouble of upgrading to an Instagram business account in the hope of seeing your profile views. 

How To See if Someone Viewed Your Profile on Instagram

Are you trying to figure out how to see if someone viewed your profile on Instagram? There’s no direct way to see if a specific Instagram account viewed your profile. This means you can anonymously view Instagram accounts without anybody finding out. 

This differs from other social media platforms, where you can keep an eye on who views your account. Note that you cannot see who views your account, even with third-party apps or a business account. 

How To See Views on Insta Reels

Do you want to learn how to see views on IG Reels? In this section, we’ll share the step-by-step methods for uncovering your Instagram Reels views. Therefore, you can keep an eye on the performance of different content:

  1. Navigate to your Instagram profile and go to the Reels tab
  2. Choose the specific Reel for which you want to see the views. 
  3. Tap the three-dot icon on the top right-hand side. 
  4. From the menu that appears, select Insights

Are you not satisfied with the number of Instagram Reel views? Then, read on for some of the top methods for increasing your Reels view. Note that these strategies also apply to increase views for Instagram Stories and posts. 

1. Choose the Right Instagram Hashtags

You need to select the right high-traffic Instagram hashtags to increase your content views. You can do this by using Instagram Insights. The platform allows you to find relevant high-traffic hashtags. 

Make sure the hashtags are relevant to the content. This ensures that users who arrive via the hashtags find the content interesting. Otherwise, you’ll have a low retention rate for the content. Also, the engagement will be low. This means the Instagram algorithm may not recommend your content to many users.

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2. Optimize the First Few Seconds

Many users decide within the first few seconds if they want to watch the Instagram Reel or continue swiping. Therefore, you must focus on capturing the attention of the users at the start. Don’t bury the lead by leaving the best part of the content toward the end. However, this isn’t always easy to accomplish because your content may have a punchline. 

Are you sure how to capture attention at the start? Then, look at the high-view count videos on other accounts. Pay attention to how the videos start and the ones you find the most engaging. You’ll notice that there’s no filler content at the start. 

3. Add Music

You can transform the quality of your content with the right Instagram music. However, you need to match the music to the content. Sometimes, it can enhance the content, but the wrong tunes can detract. 

Instagram has a massive music library that you can choose from when uploading Instagram Reels. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about copyright laws or import music of your own. Give the feature a try for yourself to look at the result on your view count.

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How To See Recently Viewed Reels on Instagram

Are you interested in learning how to see recently viewed reels on Instagram? There are a few different ways that you can see what Reels have viewed recently, which are as follows:

  1. Download Instagram account data: It’s possible to download your Instagram account data. This will download a wide range of data, including the Reels you viewed recently. However, it can take a long time to download, depending on the activity of your account. Also, it requires storage space, so you may want to avoid the method if you have a limited amount. 
  2. Previously engaged Reels: Within the activity tab, it will show the Reels you’ve engaged with before. This is another way to see the Reels you’ve viewed. However, this method will not show the Reels you viewed without engagement. Note that engagement includes leaving a like, sharing, or commenting
  3. Saved tab: You can save content for future viewing in the Saved tab. Here, you can see a bunch of Reels you have viewed. Likewise, it will not show the Reels you did not click save on. This is an excellent strategy for organizing the Reels you liked and want to view in the future. 

How To See Recently Viewed Posts on Instagram

Do you want to know how to see recently viewed posts on Instagram? You may want to do this if there’s a post you liked and can’t find again. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide a feature that allows you to see every post you’ve seen recently. 

However, you can view your Activity tab to look at the posts with which you have interacted. This will show posts where you left a comment, like, or share. However, with this method, you will not see posts where you did not leave an interaction. 

The Importance of Analyzing Views To Increase Account Growth

Growing Instagram accounts can be a competitive venture in some industries. Therefore, you need to know what works and what doesn’t. Analyzing your views is one of the best ways to get growth since you can keep an eye out for what works. 

Here are the different elements of what to evaluate for your high view count content:

  • Hashtags: Monitor your hashtags to see if they are responsible for the large number of views. That’s because Instagram hashtags are a popular method for users to find Instagram content. You may spot a pattern where a small bunch of hashtags leads to a massive increase in traffic. 
  • Photos or videos: Look at the nature of the media and the content to determine why it’s catching on. Maybe it’s the overall quality, or it’s the theme. Ideally, you need to publish high-resolution content that interests the Instagram target audience
  • Caption: The caption is the text alongside the media and can help provide context. It’s where you’ll write the content description with a character limit of 2,200. You can engage users with better captions and add the right keywords. You can also use captions to ask users to leave a like or comment. 
  • Keywords: It’s a good idea to use keywords throughout Instagram content. This includes the title, caption, and subtitles. The Instagram algorithm pays attention to keywords when evaluating relevancy. 

Can You Buy Instagram Views?

Yes, it’s possible to buy Instagram views from various vendors. However, this practice is not allowed and can lead to a suspension or ban. Therefore, buy Instagram views at your own risk. You need to buy a number of views that look natural to avoid getting caught. This means a new account with low traffic should not buy a lot of views in one go. 

Furthermore, you need to avoid buying Instagram views from fake accounts. That’s because the views will not lead to genuine engagement. Instead, you need organic Instagram views that interact with your content. This can also help increase the follower growth of your Instagram account.

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Is It Worth Checking Your Content Instagram Views?

Yes, checking the number of Instagram views your content receives is a good idea. This way, you can figure out what content is working to provide your audience with more. Also, don’t waste your time figuring out who viewed your Instagram URL since you cannot. 

Now that you know how to see views on Instagram, give it a try for yourself. You can figure out the views of your Instagram Stories, Reels, and posts. This will help you grow your account to the next level. 

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