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How To Watch Instagram Videos: Learn All Our Tips and Tricks

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 9 min read

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You can learn how to watch Instagram videos in different scenarios. This might be when you’re looking for IG live streams or watching videos for a second time. Videos are a big part of the content on Instagram, and there are multiple tools to watch them. 

You’ll also discover that you can watch Instagram videos without an account. This is great for users who don’t want to register an account on social media platforms. Once you know how to watch videos, you can access more content.

How To Watch Instagram Videos: Learn All Our Tips and Tricks

How To Watch Instagram Videos Without an Account

Do you want to learn how to watch Instagram videos without an account? You can do this with anonymous Instagram viewers. The software allows you to access Instagram accounts and watch their content without signing in. 

It’s great if you want to watch content on Instagram while staying anonymous. Also, you don’t need to go through the signup process if you don’t want to use Instagram. Furthermore, the software may have extra features to provide even more value. 

This includes viewing private Instagram accounts, but the feature depends on the settings of the private account. Furthermore, you can look at the videos on other social media platforms. Therefore, you’ll get more value from the software, which is handy for viewing multiple social media platforms. 

How To Watch Live Videos on Instagram

Now, let’s look at the steps you need to take for how to watch live videos on Instagram. Live videos are an excellent way to enjoy content on Instagram. When people you follow are hosting an Instagram Live session, their profile picture appears at the top. Also, a colorful ring will appear around their profile picture. This lets you know they are live, and you can watch them by clicking the profile picture. 

Instagram Live differs from other forms of content because it happens in real time. Therefore, you can enter questions in the chat that the host may answer. It’s an interactive way to consume content; some accounts create more live streams than others. 

Furthermore, you can watch the Instagram Live session replay once it’s finished. However, this depends on where the host has made the recording available. The platform has the feature to delete the live stream after it has gone live.

How To Rewatch Instagram Live Videos

Do you want to find out how to rewatch Instagram Live videos? You can rewatch live videos at any time, and to find the replay stream, you need to look at your feed. Also, you can look at the account of the person’s feed you’re trying to find. 

The advantage of rewatching live videos is viewing them in your own time. It’s ideal if the live stream occurs when you are sleeping, at work, or have a busy schedule. Also, you can scroll through the live stream and watch any section you like. Hence, you don’t need to wait for the parts of the livestream you care about. 

However, the drawback of not watching the stream live is the inability to ask questions using the chatbox. This means you cannot engage with the host, which is one of the top reasons to watch live streams. 

How To Find a Video You Watched on Instagram

Are you trying to figure out how to find a video you watched on Instagram? You can look at your activity tab and see the content you previously watched. This includes Instagram Reels and other video-based content. 

Also, the content is in chronological order, so you can easily find the content you watched recently. However, it’s much harder to find content further down the list since you’ll need to do a lot of scrolling. 

How To See Who Watched Your Instagram Video

There is no way how to see who watched your Instagram video. The platform doesn’t provide a list of the users who see your videos, but there are ways that you can tell. For example, you can see who likes the video or left comments on the post. However, this is usually just a fraction of the total number of users who watch the content. 

The only caveat is that you can see everyone watching your Instagram Stories content. Therefore, you can see the specific accounts that view your updates regularly. This helps you better understand the interest in your Instagram account. 

How To Watch Saved Videos on Instagram

Are you interested in knowing how to watch saved videos on Instagram? You can save posts with videos to view them at a later date. You can do this by clicking the icon for Collections on Instagram. You can also create new Collections by pressing the relevant button. 

Here, you can save a list of posts you can view later. You can save hundreds of videos for future viewing, which is an efficient research method. You can create a separate playlist for each competitor to review them later.

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How To Watch Liked Videos on Instagram

Knowing how to watch liked videos on Instagram allows you to see some of the top content you viewed recently. This allows you to review the interesting content that you have come across. Here is the step-by-step process for watching liked videos on Instagram:

  1. Click on your profile picture in the bottom right corner. 
  2. Press the three-dot icon in the top right-hand corner. Select Activity
  3. Under Interactions, click Likes
  4. Press on the video or post that you want to watch again. 

The content in your activity section will stay for a long time, so you can watch the content again at any time. Therefore, it’s worth creating playlists of your favorite content to rewatch for the long term. Note that when the post creator deletes the content, then it’s also not available in your Activity tab section. 

Why Can’t I Watch Videos on Instagram?

You can’t watch videos on Instagram because you may have technical problems or Instagram blocked you. We’ll explore the various scenarios so that you can overcome them and watch videos again. 

  • Clear your cache: Your cache may be full of junk, and that’s why you’re unable to watch Instagram videos. The steps you take to delete will vary based on your mobile device. However, by going to the settings, you can easily complete this process in a few steps. 
  • No storage space: Is the storage space on your mobile device full up? This might be the reason for not being able to watch Instagram videos. Therefore, you need to free up space on your device. You can do this by deleting files, transferring files to your computer, or using cloud storage services. 
  • Slow internet: You might be experiencing slow internet, so the videos are not loading. Consider restarting the router or checking whether other users on the network are downloading large files. 
  • Blocked account: Another user may have blocked your Instagram account from watching their content. In this case, there’s not much that you can do to view the video on your account. However, you can use another account or an anonymous viewer. 

Instagram on TV for Watching Videos

You can watch videos on your TV by hooking up your device, and there are different methods. For example, with a computer, you can use a cable to connect to the TV or use wireless technology. Likewise, with a mobile device, you can use Bluetooth connectivity for viewing Instagram on TV. 

You may want to watch Instagram on your TV if you want a big-screen experience. This can provide a more immersive experience when watching content.

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How To Get IG Live To Increase Followers

Are you interested in learning how to get IG live to increase your Instagram follower count? This section will help you understand three best practices for interacting with your live-stream audience. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of people who tune in and take part in the chat section. 

1. Respond to Questions 

Live streams have a chat section where users can type in a question. You should keep an eye on the chat for any questions directed at you. Therefore, you can provide an answer and engage with your viewers. 

Also, responding to questions helps you come up with content when you’re stuck for ideas. Many other people may have the same question, so the answer can help other viewers. 

2. Have a Plan for the Content

Freestyling a live stream can work but also lead to poor quality. Therefore, you need to have a plan that gives you a format. This ensures users know what to expect from your live streams. 

However, deviating from your plan is also a good idea when inspiration strikes. This can become some of the best content you produce and go viral. You must also understand that your live stream will be available for replay later. Hence, you must provide value to live audiences and those watching afterward.

3. High-Quality Equipment

Reinvest in your Instagram venture by getting high-quality equipment for hosting the live stream. This includes upgrading the quality of your cameras so the resolution is competitive. This ensures Instagram viewers can enjoy high data-streaming quality on your live streams. 

Also, you need good lighting when creating live streams in a dark setting. Otherwise, people may not bother watching if they struggle to see your face. Finally, you can invest in props to add more quality to a video, depending on your content plans.

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Is Watching Instagram Videos Easy?

Watching Instagram videos is easy since there are many ways to enjoy them. You can look at your activity tab for previously liked videos or ones you have saved. Also, you can look at your feed for videos from the content creators you follow. The Instagram algorithm does a great job of recommending the most relevant videos for your preferences. 

Now that you understand how to watch Instagram videos, try it yourself. Use the different strategies in this article to find the right videos to watch. Finally, use the tips for increasing your follower count by using Instagram Live. 

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