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How Do You Reactivate Your Instagram Account After a Break?

Plixi Team

Jun 18, 2024 8 min read

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You realize you may have been slightly dramatic when you deactivated your account. You just needed a breather, and now you are ready to get back to content creation. But was that a permanent move? Can you get your account back? How do you reactivate your Instagram account? 

If your account is no longer on the platform, it could be due to several reasons. One of those reasons has a fairly easy remedy. We are talking about the deactivation. 

However, permanent deletion or suspension from Instagram is a little more tricky. We plan to give you simple steps to address each possible scenario.
Get comfortable with using a mobile browser on occasion. As you learn how to reactivate your IG account, the Instagram app may not meet the usual standards.

How Do You Reactivate Your Instagram Account After a Break?

Instagram Deleted My Account for No Reason: What Can I Do?

You can recover your account after Instagram suspends it. You can also chat with Instagram to dispute the suspension. The platform is open to the idea of reinstating you. You just have to give them a good case.

The platform has many Community Guidelines that users have to follow. Maybe you violated one of them. Or, your position is that “Instagram deleted my account for no reason.” We have a solution for you. 

Reach out to Instagram’s Support Team. In the first email, supply all the personal details: your username, email address, and an Instagram URL to your profile. 

There’s no need to share your password. The last thing you want is a reply, an email asking you for all the information. This is how you speed the process along. It’s an important part of how to reactivate your Instagram account.

Say you don’t know why they deleted your account in this one-step process. Request an explanation for this action.

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4 Reasons People Delete or Deactivate Their Accounts

How do you get to the point where you want to know how to reactivate your Instagram? People separate themselves from the platform for multiple reasons. Some of them can be very personal reasons. 

Here are four potential reasons for the separation.

1. To Preserve Mental Health

Social media constantly inundates us with much information. We’re not just talking about the educational aspects of social media. What about an insight into people’s personal lives? 

Suddenly, we have a play-by-play of the inner workings of random people worldwide. There is no reason why you should always know what strangers are doing. 

Sometimes, it gives us educational benefits. It’s fun to follow people on the other side of the globe. 

Other times, it makes us very jealous and feel inadequate. It seems like people are doing so well with their lives. They are achieving and amassing wealth at a rapid rate. 

Well, that is what social media would have us think. It’s hard to remind ourselves that people only share good information online. It’s human to compare our lives and believe that we could be doing a lot more. Taking a social media break is a responsible choice when you get to this point. 

You can leave the platform for as long as you need to. You can always return when you have a clear head.

2. To Manage Time More Effectively

Instagram sometimes feels like a black hole. You go there, and you scroll endlessly. Pretty soon, you’re on the app for hours. You could’ve used that time to do something else. 

It’s easy to create a timetable to manage your time. But it’s also easy to instinctively pick up the phone and scroll.

Sometimes, you need to take drastic measures. This might mean deactivating your Instagram account. Can you do it for as long as necessary?

3. To Focus on Another Platform

Maybe Instagram has become your comfort zone. Do you have an interest in other social media platforms? It can be hard to juggle multiple platforms at the same time. 

They have different rules, demographics, and cultures. Sometimes, you need to leave one up and target another.

It could also be a great marketing tactic. You can tell your followers you will be on another app now. It could drive up your following on that app. It could be the boost you were looking for. 

The freedom of knowing that you can return to Instagram makes this plan work well.

4. Cyberbullying

People can be brutal when they have the protection of a computer screen. They say things that they would never say in person. 

Unfortunately, these hurtful words can leave a lasting impression. Some people will leave the platform temporarily or permanently on the tales of cyberbullying.

There are options that you could take if this sounds like you. You can restrict users or block them. You can also turn the comments off on your posts. There is also the option of reporting it to Instagram. 

If you need a total break, no one will blame you for completing the deletion process.

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How To Restore Instagram Account After You Temporarily Deactivate

Let’s say you temporarily deactivated your account. You can easily reactivate it with a few simple steps. The great part is that you can deactivate it again during the week. You will come back to your account and see everything where you left it. 

You won’t have to dust off your old posts and put them back. Instagram is keeping your account safe for your return. This is how you bring your account back to life:

  1. Launch Instagram on your cell phone. On the login screen, you should see a prompt to enter your login details. 
  2. Type in your Instagram username and password. 
  3. If this information is correct, Instagram will open your profile.

So, this step-by-step guide applies to reactivation. But if you delete your Instagram, can you get it back? Let’s discuss the possibilities.

If You Delete Your Instagram Can You Get It Back?

Yes, there is a way to get back an Instagram account that you deleted. Deletion and deactivation are by no means the same thing. The easy steps we shared above do not apply to a deleted account. 

Depending on when you ask this question, you might be out of time. With a deactivated account, you can get your account back at any time. With deletion, timing is key. Instagram allows you to wait and see if you are serious. 

Then, after that, say goodbye to your Instagram account for good.

The question is, “How long do you have to reactivate your Instagram account?” Keep reading to find out if you are within the window.

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How Long Do You Have To Reactivate Your Instagram Account?

If you delete your Instagram account, you can restore it in 30 days. The platform understands that people might act impulsively or have been victims of pervasive online bullying. 

Maybe they thought that it was the only option available. It’s possible they didn’t know the difference between deactivation and deletion. 

Fortunately, there is a way to get your account back. You should take this 30-day window very seriously. Instagram can’t hold on to all your data indefinitely. 

Deleting your account is final. This is why it gives you the option of the deactivation process. 

Many people regret deleting their accounts. If you lose your account, you will have to start from scratch, build a following, and earn the trust of users. 

It is not guaranteed that all your followers will find you again. They may even forget about you in those 30 days. 

Always consider your options when deleting your account. That way, you won’t wonder how to reactivate your Instagram account.

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No Need To Ask “How Do You Reactivate Your Instagram?”

If you have lost your account, we can help you rebuild it. We love a clean slate; it just means we can be even more creative. 

Knowing how to reactivate Instagram won’t be necessary. You can create a brand entirely, your own, all over again.

Maybe you have your account back; it’s time to make up for lost time. Imagine how many followers you could have gained in that time. You may have deactivated for your mental health. Hopefully, you know how to use the platform responsibly now. 

Or, maybe you ran into a brief hiccup with Instagram. We’re glad that’s over.

A strong online presence can benefit your brand in many ways. We can help you see this. You could even make a career out of it. 

Of course, you will need a strong following from your target audience. You can’t attract just anyone. You won’t have the ideal experience.

Plixi can help you reel in the crowd you need. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. Our sophisticated AI targeting algorithm, which we have to say is quite impressive, provides very good support for them. 

Finally, you stopped asking, “How do you reactivate your Instagram?” Now, it is time to focus on growth. Start growing your online platform with Plixi.

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