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Why Is My Instagram Not Growing at the Rate That I Want?


Plixi Team

Mar 27, 2024 8 min read

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Seeing that your content isn’t getting the traction it deserves can be frustrating. As a result, your following seems to be standing in place. Some days, you see progress. On other days, you are fighting to stay afloat. You ask yourself, “Why is my Instagram not growing?” 

You would not be the only one to ask this question. Luckily, this article explains the reasons that some pages don’t grow. We won’t just leave you hanging, either. We can give you some tips to spur some much-needed growth for your Instagram page. 

Hopefully, over time, you can conquer these social media platforms one by one!

Why Is My Instagram Not Growing at the Rate That I Want?

How To Find Your Content Niche: Two Methods To Try Out

You asked yourself, “Why is my Instagram account not growing?” Then, you did some self-assessment. You conclude that your content is all over the place. Sometimes, you’re creating travel videos. 

The next day, you have hair tutorials. Just yesterday, you posted your routine in the gym. 

You have so many interests that it is difficult to zero in on one for your content. You need to know how to find your content niche. Since you have so many interests, picking one might be difficult. Here are two ways that you can make this decision for your brand.

1. Ask Your Followers 

You are creating content for your followers. It makes sense that you get their opinion on what you should post. You want them to engage in your content. They’re more likely to engage in content they genuinely want to see. 

Fortunately, Instagram has some mechanisms to get information from your followers. You won’t have just to put out a question asking them what they want to see. You can use the Instagram stickers feature. You can share a poll where you ask them to choose what they want to see out of several options.

This way, you can narrow down the options to a few that you already have no problem posting about. Ask them about the time of day that they like to see content. Ask about the format in which they like to see it. That way, you can tailor-make your content for your followers.

2. Check Your Instagram Insights

You might also think asking people what they want to see is awkward. Maybe your page is small, and you haven’t officially become a content creator. If you are on the shy side, there is still a way to find out what people want to see. 

You just need to know how to use the Instagram Insights feature. This feature is one of the most generous things that Instagram could give us. If you have a professional account, you can access this feature. It will show you the overall engagement and reach of your posts. 

Make a note of the content that gets the most attention. What genre does it fall into? Is it high quality? 

Maybe most people love your fitness influencer content. Perhaps they don’t care much about your travel content. That would be great news because it costs less to exercise than it costs to travel! When you can see the numbers plainly, it is much easier to zone in on one type of content.

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3 Reasons Why You Are Losing Instagram Followers

We don’t know who is reading this article right now. We don’t know the size of your Instagram page, and we don’t know the type of content you post. We can’t give specific reasons why you are losing Instagram followers. If these apply to your page, you are closer to understanding the reason for the stagnancy. 

1. You Try To Sell Too Often

We all know that Instagram is a great platform for making a living. You worked hard to secure brand deals. Not everyone can say that they create content for a living. Still, you can’t make sponsored content the entirety of your brand. 

It wouldn’t be great if people expected a #ad at the end every time you posted. 

Your followers support those brands because they fell in love with your personality. That’s how you became successful in the first place. It was your impressive engagement rate that secured the brands. 

You dilute your personality when all you do is post for money. It would help if you reminded them on occasion why they followed you in the first place.

Even when those brand deals pour in, don’t overload your followers. Maintain a balance of sponsored content with content purely for entertainment or fortifying your brand identity.

2. You Are Too Inconsistent for the Instagram Algorithm

Some of your followers may have forgotten who you are. You don’t have a strong presence on Instagram because you post so sparsely. You don’t need to flood your feed, but you need to post regularly. 

Consistency is important to Instagram. Maintaining a strong engagement rate is difficult if you don’t produce content for people to engage with. 

They won’t engage with the old content forever. With low engagement, IG may not promote your content. When you post out of the blue, some of your followers may wonder who you are. On Instagram, there is always a flood of content from accounts that we follow and accounts that sponsor an ad. 

If you’re not constantly on the minds of your followers, they will forget about you. Upon seeing a post after months of silence, they may wonder if they need to keep up with your page. This may result in them following you. Ironically, posting out of the blue may mean they don’t need to see the content.

3. You Paid for Followers

If your followers came with a receipt, they may not last. When you buy followers from third-party sites, they likely provide you with fake accounts. Bot accounts can still add to your overall follower count. 

So, it gives the appearance of growth. Unfortunately, they do not last.

Instagram knows that people buy followers and are not fans of the practice. To ensure that the experience on Instagram is genuine, they take action. They do this by removing fake accounts altogether. When they do this, you will notice users lose followers.

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How To Get Followers on Instagram: 3 Tricks That Will Bring You More Growth

You no longer ask, “Why is my Instagram account not growing?” You have an idea of why you aren’t seeing real growth. 

Now, you need to know how to get followers on Instagram. You need an idea of the positive steps that you need to take. Luckily, we have a few suggestions here.

1. Stimulate Your Engagement Rate

To attract more followers on Instagram, you need to master the engagement rate. You need to maximize interactions with the following that you already have. This will influence the Instagram algorithm to share content with more people. If your quality content reaches more people, there are more opportunities for people to follow you.

You can trigger your engagement by doing the following:

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2. Get Better at Posting Reels

Reels are responsible for helping you find so many of your new favorite content creators. Instagram heavily favors Reels on the platform. 

They will push Reels to potential followers, seemingly more than they would push a normal post. So many creators credit Reels for their page growth. You need to be one of those creators as well.

Reels can be simple to create as well. Use Reel templates to make the process go by quickly. You could even use trending audio to promote your content to your target audience even more. They don’t have to look like movies. 

Short Reels are remarkably effective as well. Try it and see how far the content you share goes on the platform.

3. Schedule Your Content

We’ve spoken about how effective consistency is on this platform. In reality, it may be difficult to be consistent. There is a lot to keep up with. Fortunately, you have the option of Instagram automation tools

You can schedule posts to go live at later dates. Completely edit your post or Reel. This includes the captions, hashtags, and the accounts you want to tag. 

Instead of sharing immediately, you can set it to post on a specific date and time. You can set aside time to create a posting schedule and edit Reels. Then, you won’t have to worry about posting all the time.

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