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Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth

Plixi Team

Jul 09, 2024 9 min read

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There are many different content creators on Instagram. A lot of them focus on the typical content categories. Lifestyle, beauty, and fitness are a few categories. However, some IG pages help influencers become better creators. They need help, too. This is why we have these social media ideas for marketing agencies. 

The Instagram pages that people consider experts at the game also need tips. That must be why you’re here today. Are you part of a digital marketing agency? You specialize in various skills that help brands maximize their marketing goals.

We want to ensure you have the best tips for your clients. We want you to know what to tell them when they ask for help. 

Additionally, you need to know how best to market your services. If you’re offering this service online, securing clients is key. 

We can help you put your name out there. Read this article for the best tips in the business!

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth

4 Social Media Content for Digital Marketing Agency Pages 

Marketing agencies also need robust content strategies. The field is very saturated, and these pages need effort to stand out. You want to be the go-to person for creators when they want to expand their online platform. How do you attract them to your page? 

We have four tips for social media content for digital marketing agency pages. Check them out below.

1. Before and After Statistics

Numbers don’t lie. People want to see the proof in the pudding. You are helping them grow their social media pages. How well is your page doing? Maybe you don’t need millions of followers right out of the gate. 

However, it is important to show a steady growth trend over time. If your tips don’t work on your page, why would they work on anyone else’s? 

Show before-and-after statistics for your page. Hopefully, you took a screenshot of your page in the early stages. It is ideal to measure this against the following you have now. That is a clear indication of your page’s growth. 

You could also look into your Instagram Insights. That could give a black-and-white picture of your page’s strength on the platform. 

Now, there is a greater inclination to listen to your advice. You are your own success story.

2. New Instagram Updates

The average creator can’t keep up with all the updates on the platform. They may have regular jobs, a personal life, and hobbies. They depend on marketing agencies to have their finger on the pulse. Show off how much you know about Instagram and the algorithm.

Knowing the ebbs and flows of Instagram is a great way to advertise your skills to potential clients. It gives them confidence that their page will succeed, no matter the app’s state. You can make carousel posts or Instagram Reels showing new market trends. You can even tell them how you adapted to these new Instagram rules.

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth, image №2

3. Advertise Your Life 

These days, marketing agencies are not just corporations in concrete buildings. They are individuals or small groups of people. They advertise their lifestyles and show how Instagram has changed how they live. They talk about how their marketing practices lead them to lucrative opportunities. 

This marketing strategy is a great way to advertise to creators who want to make a living on the platform. Show your life as the product of an effective marketing agency. 

Of course, some creators like to fake it on the app. They say that they get exorbitant payouts by using social media. The general public is catching on to this being a clever ploy. You will have to do this in a very tasteful and subtle way.

4. Show Off Your Clients

Do you have any success stories? It’s easy for people to assume that you are overstating your importance or skill set. Having actual success stories shows that you mean business. 

Social media content for marketing agency pages should feature previous clients to build confidence in their marketing services. Of course, make sure that you get the permission of these clients. They may not want to be the poster child for Instagram growth. You will just have to respect that.

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth, image №3

3 Engagement Tactics You Could Use To Get More Attention

We want to give you the best tips to pass on to your clients. The great thing is that these tips can help your page as well. Instagram is a dynamic social media platform. Still, there are three practices that you should incorporate for the long term. Your overall engagement rate will thank you.

1. Use a Good Call to Action

Your Instagram comments go towards your engagement rate. It’s good to have a healthy conversation going. The IG algorithm takes notice of things like this. 

People may want to say something in the comments, but they may not have the inspiration to do it. What would they even talk about? A good call to action in your Instagram caption can inspire some comments.

You can create an Instagram Reel that gives three different options. In the end, ask your followers to choose one of the options. They can do so by typing the corresponding number or letter in the comment section. There are even Instagram polls that I help to tally their responses. 

2. Respond to Comments

You may not get the number of responses you want right now. But you can in time if you appreciate the comments you already get. You can stimulate your engagement rate by responding to the comments that you get. 

It can be as simple as expressing gratitude to the people complimenting you. You can also join in on a pre-existing conversation. 

Does a follower have a question for you? Try your best to answer. You can even end with another question to keep the conversation alive.

3. Incorporate Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are still among the top marketing strategies. If you want to reach new people, using relevant hashtags is a great marketing tactic to incorporate. With this marketing tool, Instagram will know how to group your content. When someone searches using a particular keyword, your content will come up. 

If you use a popular Instagram hashtag, it may be harder to reach new people. Your content may have to fight in a sea of content using a hashtag. This is why it is important to mix in niche hashtags as well. Your marketing agency is unique. 

You may cater to a specific type of Instagram influencer. Incorporate that specific group into your Daneish hashtags.

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth, image №4

3 Content Strategies To Refresh an IG Page

The shiny content you share on Instagram is nice. People engage with it well enough. But it’s OK to mix it up on occasion. Here are some tips you can use in your content creation journey.

1. Show Behind the Scenes Content

Social media content for marketing agency pages doesn’t always have to look polished. Some people find the overly curated content to be exhausting. The bloopers, realistic stories, and behind-the-scenes content are an option too. Some people find them charming.

Does your marketing agency have a team of people? Show them off to your loyal viewers. This tactic will do wonders to humanize your business. People like to know that they interact with real people, not computers.

2. Incorporate More Reels

We are living in the age of the Instagram Reel. These short-form videos came to the platform, and they never left. All social media pages can benefit from using this tool. 

We say this for the simple reason that Instagram is aggressively pushing video content on the platform. Hopefully, they promote your content when you use Reels as well.

Reels don’t even have to be difficult to make. You could use a collection of photos intended for a carousel post in a Reel. Just make sure that you use the trending audio on the platform. That is likely the sound that you hear often on Instagram. The algorithm is likely pushing that audio and the Reels that use it.

3. Schedule Content

Your marketing strategy needs some order. It’s good that Instagram lets you plan your content ahead of time. You can fully edit photos and videos and delete them when they go live on Instagram. Doing this could ensure that you keep uploading consistently. 

Instagram recognizes this consistency. It may even reward you by giving you a spot on the Explore page.

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth, image №5

Modern Social Media Campaigns for an IG Brand

Instagram facilitates a different kind of marketing than we grew up seeing. People aren’t watching commercials if they can help. Some even pay a premium to avoid them altogether. 

So, how do you get your product in front of some new eyes? Consider these tips in your social media content plan.

User-Generated Content

Who’s more convincing than your fellow content creators? User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to show real-life applications of products or services. There is a certain genuineness that users can bring to advertising a product. Potential customers find them to be relatable. 

Testimonials from members of your target audience are a great tool for attracting more customers. They help future followers and supporters picture themselves in that position. Regular commercials won’t cut it anymore. In modern social media campaigns, people want to hear from real consumers.

Instagram Giveaways

You don’t have to lack funds to enter an Instagram giveaway. They’re simply a very fun way to occupy your time. It is a mutually beneficial marketing strategy. Followers get the opportunity to win free things, of course. A marketing agency page gets the chance to reach new potential followers.

As a marketing agency, you must capitalize on the opportunity for engagement. Let people participate in the giveaway by liking, commenting, and sharing social media posts. Social media content for marketing agency pages should ultimately lead to growth. It’s how other Instagram creators know that you are legit.

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Advertising Growth, image №6

Social Media Ideas for Marketing Agencies Are Just the Beginning of Your Growth Potential

Your next social media post idea should be good. This article gave you valuable information on creating relevant content for your page. You just need to implement these content ideas and prepare for growth. 

Still, you will have to exercise some patience. That is a key ingredient for growing on social media platforms.

Do you want to see results sooner rather than later? Consider using a growth expert website. Plixi is here at your service. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. We support them with our AI targeting algorithm. You already have our social media ideas for marketing agencies. 

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