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Instagram Advertising Strategies You Need for Your Page

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 12 min read

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The social media platform with a host of active users can be yours. It’s not out of your reach. You just need to sharpen your Instagram advertising strategies. 

Maybe you’re holding yourself back because you don’t make the types of content you need. You could be a good content strategy away from the results that you dream of. We want to help you achieve that. 

In this article, we give you great tips for a good Instagram advertising strategy. We incorporate the amazing features that Instagram has on its platform. You will know the best way to approach using Instagram ads and Reels. 

Ultimately, you will have the business tools you need to succeed. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get going!

Instagram Advertising Strategies You Need for Your Page

This Is What the Best Instagram Strategies Do

We don’t want you to think that a huge following equals success on the platform. The best Instagram strategies do more than inflate your following. Let’s talk about how you know that your Instagram advertising strategy is working for you.

Build Community

Getting people to follow your page is one thing, but what is the culture like on your Instagram page? 

Do people interact with each other? Are people hostile on your platform? Do they need you to moderate conversations all the time? Is there a consensus on the values of the Instagram page? 

Deciding to follow the same person doesn’t make you part of a community. Your Instagram advertising strategy should work to attract followers of a like mind. This is how you encourage people to keep commenting and sharing your content. Having this goal in mind only sets you up to grow your following even more.

Boost Engagement

You know your Instagram strategy works when your engagement is going up. People like your content more and comment without you boosting them to do it. 

A good advertising strategy attracts followers who want to engage in your content regularly. It brings in people who want to have a conversation. 

This will bless your page with a steady engagement rate. Pretty soon, you won’t have to do much to stimulate it yourself. This looks great to brands looking for creators with a strong following.

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Influencer Marketing: The Newest Effective Instagram Marketing Tactic

Do you know how the biggest brands are closing the gap between them and their target audience? By using Instagram influencers to do it. 

These days, it’s not as easy to get people to spend their money. Life is much more expensive, and people want to spend where they think it’s worth it. 

Brands have to work harder to make sales. Instead of the usual commercials, they’re enlisting Influencers. Since its inception, it proved to be an effective Instagram marketing tactic. Both brands and influencers can use this paradigm to reach more followers. Let’s talk about why it’s so effective.

Their Personability

Instagram influencers are not actors in a commercial. They are long-distance friends. At least, that’s how the smart ones market themselves on the platform. 

They know how to talk about products like a friend would do with another friend. They don’t treat recommending products like an infomercial. Their followers trust their judgment. 

Over the years, they have proved to their followers that they are credible and trustworthy. Some of them are authorities in their particular niche. So when they recommend a product to the following, they are very open to listening. 

It’s not like their followers don’t know that brands paid them to talk about that product. They know what’s up when they see the #ad on the post. It’s just that they trust this creator to make good recommendations. 

Some followers even view these creators as celebrities. Some take pride in knowing that they are closer to the celebrity because they use a product they recommended. It’s an effective tactic that is working for many brands. It could also work for you as an influencer. 

You may not want to sell a product immediately. You may want to increase your following. Another Instagram influencer could help you do that.

Their Diversity in Sizes

When you think of an Instagram influencer, you might think of someone with 1 million followers. Maybe a few hundred thousand makes someone an influencer in your head. The truth is that influencers come in so many shapes and sizes. 

Brands love influencers because they can find one that fits their budget and niche. 

This means that there is an influencer out there to fit anyone’s budget. You just need to find the right one to tailor to your needs. The smaller ones may even have a more tightknit following. Their engagement rate may be higher because of fewer followers.

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How To Market Your Instagram Using These Great Tips

We watched creators on the Instagram platform. We made a note of how they grew their following. We see how they increase their reputation amongst their target audience. We will tell you how to market your Instagram with these tactics.

User-Generated Content

Brands love to use user-generated content (UGC) on their pages. This is when they use a creator to talk about their product like a paying customer. Then, they post this favorable review on their page. 

It can take another form. Instagram users like to use product tags. These brands will repost this content on their main page. This is a great way to share content on the platform when you have run out of ideas. 

When other people boost your page, it’s an excellent marketing tactic. No wonder so many brands use this Instagram advertising strategy.

The Scheduling Tool

You can fully edit your organic content and set it to go live at a later time and date. When your followers are online, you could be busy. You should not miss out on this excellent timing. 

Luckily, you have this powerful tool. You just need to set aside time to create your content calendar. 

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Revamp Your Posting Strategy for Instagram With These Tips 

You want your content to reach more people. Sometimes, you worry that your content doesn’t even reach people who follow you. This just means that you need to adjust your posting strategy for Instagram. Here are some quick tips that will drastically change the results you usually see.

1. Post When People Are Online

You need to post when people are most likely to be online. If they see your content, then there’s a higher likelihood of them liking and commenting on it. The Instagram feed is full of content from other creators. It’s also full of ads from creators who pay to boost their content. 

You are competing against a lot. Give your content the best chance of success by posting at the opportune time. How do you know when is the best time? 

You could either make an educated guess or check your Instagram insights. This tool breaks down your follower analytics. You can find out when your followers are the most active on the platform and post at this time. 

You could also think about the kind of content that you share. If you want to share about your morning routine, maybe you should post early in the morning. If you want to share a gym fitness routine, find out when most people go to the gym. You have to be strategic and think like one of your Instagram followers.

2. Share to Your Instagram Stories

The engagement that you get immediately is important. You need to maximize that as much as you can. Do this by sharing your post to your Instagram story. 

Some creators cover the post to entice people to view the official post. You can also share Reels in your story as soon as you create them. 

It counts as a view when people watch it in your Instagram stories. Still, try to encourage them to watch the official Reel so followers can interact with it. You do this because you want Instagram to see a large amount of engagement at one time. 

This increases the chances of the algorithm sharing your content with other people. You need your core group of followers to come through.

3. Post More Reels

This is a great free Instagram advertising strategy. A lot of creators saw a boost in their follower count after creating more Reels

This could be your story of success as well. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a professional videographer. Some Reels are as simple as b-roll content with a good caption. 

And it doesn’t have to be a taxing exercise. You could find a viral audio clip to put with video clips. Trending songs tend to propel content on Instagram very quickly. 

To make a quick Reel, you could use a Reel template. This is simply a pre-edited template for you to use to put your video clips. It’s quite a nifty tool. 

This is your sign to start incorporating more video content. It is a free form of advertising that you may not know about. Give it a try. 

You may like it more than you think. Instagram may be pushing shortform videos because it keeps people on the platform for longer. It could also be their attempt at competing with TikTok. Either way, it could do wonders for your page.

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These Are the 4 Best Practices for Instagram Ads

You don’t need to be a marketing genius to use the Instagram ad feature. However, to get the best out of it, you need to know the best practices for Instagram ads. We know what they are and can’t wait to share them with you.

1. Know Your Demographic

Do you remember those random TV ads? Brands would advertise items that you had no interest in. You would walk away from your TV during the commercial break and return when the show resumed. 

Think about the cost of running that ad just for it to go to waste. With Instagram ads, you can minimize that risk. You can ensure that your ads get in front of your ideal target audience. 

The Instagram ad tool is so intuitive. It allows you to choose your ideal demographic. You can decide the age range that you want to see the ad. You can decide their location and their gender. 

You don’t have to worry about it landing in front of someone who will keep scrolling. 

The only way for you to benefit from this feature is if you know who your target audience is. You have to have them in mind when creating your ad. That’s how you get the most out of advertising on the IG platform.

2. Decide How Long the Ad Should Run For

You get to decide how long the ad shows up on Instagram. There is such a thing as people getting tired of seeing the same ad. This way, you can keep your audience stimulated with different images. 

After the end of the ad’s run, you can decide if you want to advertise it again. 

Maybe you are approaching a new season. This may call for another type of Instagram ad. Maybe you want to use one that is more trendy or appropriate. Instagram allows you to do this.

3. Set Your Budget

Instagram ads don’t have to cost you a lot of money. You get to decide how much you spend. The length of the ad, how wide the demographic is, and the type of ad will determine the cost. Instagram will give you a price depending on your needs. 

You can tweak all of these variables until you arrive at a price you’re comfortable with. Just know that when you choose these variables, Instagram will aggressively push your ad. That is not something you have to worry about. 

4. Keep Watching Your Instagram Insights

It’s important to know if the ads work for your page. Make sure you keep up with the statistics. Look if the ad is getting the reach you want it to get. See if people are engaging in the way you want them to engage. 

Are you getting more page visits? Or are you getting more direct messages

You have to understand your goals for this ad and measure to see if you are successful. Your Instagram Insights will tell you everything you need to know.

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You Need Plixi Even With the Best Instagram Advertising Strategies

Yes, this is a lot to take in. Growing your Instagram page from scratch is an ambitious venture. It will take a lot of patience and discipline. Even after the page takes off, it will take even more hard work. 

Wouldn’t you want the help of growth experts? We suggest you use Plixi’s services. 

Even the best Instagram advertising strategies need professional assistance. This is where we come in. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers. They get amazing support from our advanced AI targeting algorithm. 

We can’t wait to help you reach new heights with your Instagram page. Start growing your page today!

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