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How To Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media Right Now!

Plixi Team

Jun 13, 2024 10 min read

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There are so many brands online that offer every possible product. The ever-growing plethora of choices can leave a content creator feeling intimidated. Some brands have huge budgets to push their name. How do you stand a chance? You just need to learn how to increase brand awareness on social media.

Blog posts like these will help you create the ideal awareness campaign. Ultimately, your awareness efforts will lead you to your ideal target audience.

How To Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media Right Now!

First, Let’s Define Awareness

Brand awareness is the measure of how well people recognize a brand. This could be by name or my reputation, for example. It’s about how quickly people associate a brand with a name.

Have you heard of the phrase “household name”? A brand that is a household name has achieved a high level of awareness. Some brands don’t need the extra explanation to identify them. They are so well-known that they are now commonplace in conversations.

When we define awareness, we aren’t necessarily talking about the quality of their reputation. Brands with high awareness can have a terrible reputation. This is to the point that they may have to go through serious brand resuscitation. 

Other brands have a very good reputation. People know and trust them when it comes to a particular product or service. Ideally, you would want this kind of brand awareness when building brand awareness. 

You want people to think of you whenever they need something, to recommend you to others easily, and to increase awareness positively. So we agree.

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You Need To Know How To Build Brand Awareness

Having a good reputation in the industry will only benefit you. How do you generate sales if people aren’t even aware of your brand? Consumer markets are not the same as they used to be years ago. 

Here are some things you should consider if you want to have a flourishing brand in this industry.

You Need To Stand Out

People are catching on. They know that many of the products out there are generally the same. Many of them come from the same factory, and the same machines make them from the same materials. 

The only thing different is that people are more aware of a particular brand. That awareness leads them to purchase an item from that brand. It’s not necessarily that the product is better or the materials are superior. They simply feel a comfort in choosing a brand that they have heard of before. 

Would you rather hitchhike with a stranger or someone you at least vaguely remember meeting? Without proper brand awareness, you are that stranger. You need to stand out in this sea of similar products. A good way to do that is by strengthening brand identity in your particular market.

This Justifies Your Price

You intend to make a profit when you go into business. You did the math and can’t afford to sell below a certain price point. How do you justify selling products at a higher price than your competitors? One way is by capitalizing on your reputation in the market. 

Some luxury brands do not produce products at the same standard that they used you. However, they can maintain their prices because they have built brand awareness over the years. They will secure a sale simply because people know of their existence. It helps that they have built a reputation for many years. If you need to justify a particular price, you need to have a strong name.

Shein and Fashion Nova may have the same products in their catalogs. However, a Fashion Nova will get away with charging more for the same product. This is because building brand awareness led them to gain the trust of their target audience.

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How To Increase Brand Awareness on Instagram Without Leaving the Platform

Instagram has become an excellent platform for marketing brands. We would argue that it may be the only platform you need to promote your brand. There are paid options as well as free options at your fingertips. We will give you a taste of each. This is how to increase brand awareness on Instagram.

Instagram Ads

If you have some cash on hand, consider creating Instagram ads. The platform has a very intuitive system that lets you choose the kind of followers you want. You can specify their location, general age range, and gender. You can decide how long you want the ad to run for. This way, you can budget how much it will cost you over time. 

It doesn’t even have to be expensive to be effective. It will fulfill its promise to promote content to whoever you want to promote it to. This way, you won’t waste your money on people you don’t want to attract.

Hop on Trends

You don’t have to pay to expand your reach on the platform. You just have to keep up with IG trends and put your ear to the ground. 

For example, trending audio clips are a great way to get your name on there. When a song is popular on Instagram, the platform will aggressively push it through the algorithm. This means that the Reels attached to the sound will get a boost as well.

Your content may show up on the Explore Page. The promotion is not as selective as Instagram ads. You can’t decide who sees your content. Instagram will push it indiscriminately. So, you might be building brand awareness, but not to the crowd you want to. Instagram ads allow for more deliberate promotion.

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How To Increase Brand Awareness for Small Business Through Localized Marketing

Small businesses deserve a piece of the pie as well. They may not have the capital of a large corporation. That doesn’t mean they don’t have an excellent product to offer the public. They could make extreme waves in their industries if they had the chance. The only thing stopping them is that they don’t know how to build brand awareness. 

We want to help you put your boutique business on the map—or at least in the minds of consumers. Here are three tips on how to increase brand awareness for small business owners. Note that we want to focus on making a name for businesses in their local areas. While Instagram allows for worldwide reach, it’s important to make a name in your homeland as well.

1. Hashtags 

Using hashtags as a tool is a great way to make a name for yourself in your local community. We can help you paint the picture. You are in a brand-new place and have a specific need. 

Say you want to eat sushi near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You don’t want to travel far. Back in the day, you would Google “sushi restaurants near the Eiffel Tower.” Now, you can use Instagram as a search engine. 

A potential customer would search hashtags like #eiffeltowersushirestaurant #sushirestaurantinparis. A business that wants to have a reputation for sushi near the Eiffel Tower should use these hashtags. This way, you can generate some foot traffic to your local businesses. The key is to include your location with the service that you provide.

If you do this correctly, people will know you as the business that provides this particular service. This is how you build your brand awareness among local customers. These hashtags help with building brand awareness in your particular industry.

2. Collaborations 

You can try building brand awareness by latching onto an existing brand. You can collaborate with more established brands in your posts on Instagram. The platform allows you to make joint posts, which show up in each collaborator’s Instagram feed. 

This is how you gain easy access to another creator’s following. Ideally, this collaborator will have a following that is slightly different from yours. The goal is to get your brand name for new eyes. You want more people to be aware of your name but have a good impression of it.

Having another brand post with you is somewhat of a recommendation. If they have a positive brand awareness, this will work out well for you. You will have to choose your collaborators wisely for this to benefit you.

3. Giveaways

The prospect of free things will always get a lot of attention on the Internet. If you are going to collaborate, you could make the post a giveaway. Find a potential audience by luring them in with a contest. Tell them they enter the contest by liking the post and following your page. You can put in other requirements as well. 

The more opportunity for engagement, the better. If you bring more engagement to the post, the platform will promote the post as well. Now you have Instagram helping you with building brand awareness.

Ensure you don’t fall behind on customer inquiries during this time. You don’t want to keep everything you’ve built because you find the direct messages to be overwhelming. Measure awareness strategies stick by creating emotional connections during this time. 

Secure the effectiveness of this social media marketing strategy by picking a winner ethically. Use a good online giveaway picker to ensure you do this.

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Other Factors That Impact Brand Recognition

You can affect your brand recognition in so many ways. It’s important to ensure that the net result is a positive one. To do that, pay attention to these factors:

  • The amount of referral traffic your brand generates.
  • Valuable interactions with potential customers.
  • Choosing and sticking to a font and color scheme.
  • Social media presence on multiple social media platforms.
  • Maintaining a particular language in correspondence with the public.
  • Having values associated with the brand, as well as a social platform.

Small changes to your awareness strategy over time can impact how well you reach a wider audience.

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How To Increase Brand Awareness on Social Media Using Plixi

Is your brand growing as fast as you would like it to? Becoming a household name like Coco-Cola or Frosted Flakes might be your dream. How else will you distinguish yourself from very similar products? You already have an amazing product. You just need to find your target audience. They may need to find the path to you.

Fortunately, you are aware of Plixi. We’ve amassed some brand awareness in the niche area of social media growth, and we have all the tools to help you do the same. We have an in-house platform for Instagram influencers who receive support from our AI targeting algorithm. 

In the end, you see the results. We use advanced targeting techniques to ensure your name gets to the right people. You can increase awareness with the people you care about. That’s what’s important. Growth is within reach! 

Do you want to know how to increase brand awareness on social media? Reach out to Plixi. Start growing your social media following today!

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