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How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth? Let’s Calculate!


Plixi Team

Apr 05, 2024 11 min read

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You know how many times you posed to get the perfect shot. You know what it was like traveling to find the perfect location for your Instagram content. In your eyes, the result of your page is worth so much. It is priceless to you. But since everyone doesn’t see it that way, you want to be able to quantify it. This is why you’re asking, “How much is my Instagram account worth?”

What is the IG net worth of a page that doesn’t have the most followers? Can it be profitable? In this article, we talk about the pages that don’t have the biggest following. We tell you how they make money. 

We hope that you leave this article more assured. You don’t have to wait until you hit the big numbers before you start to earn on the platform. You can increase your Instagram network right now!

How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth? Let’s Calculate!

How Much Is My Instagram Post Worth to Brands?

Your Instagram post is worth the value of your negotiation skills and engagement rate, among other things. Keep reading if you want to know how to make money on Instagram.

To earn a living from Instagram, you need to know the best prices to charge. Content creation takes time. You want to make sure that it is worth your while. This is why you ask, “How much is my Instagram post worth?” It’s too bad there isn’t a priceless that we can refer to. The value of your Instagram post depends on multiple factors. We plan to talk about those factors here. 

Your Engagement Rate Matters

Your engagement rate will greatly affect how much you can charge. Most people are still using their huge follower count to make their prices. The truth is that the engagement rate is what should have your attention. 

Let’s talk about why this is important. Your engagement rate is a number that shows how much people interact with your content. It reflects the level of interest in what you post. This interaction can be comments, likes, shares, and direct messages. The rate shows that the people that follow you want to keep up with you. 

A brand that wants to collaborate with you would like to know that people interact with your content. It gives them confidence that those people would interact with posts about their product. It’s hard for them to know for sure. But this is a good indicator for them. 

It also shows them that you will interact with interested followers. Do you want to know that you won’t leave questions hanging in your comment section? Comments directing followers where to look for products can’t do engagement as well

You’ll Have To Know How To Negotiate

You don’t have a union acting on your behalf. You will have to know how to negotiate on behalf of your brand. Your Instagram post engagement rate is going to be a very powerful bartering tool. There are other ways to arrive at an agreement that favors you. 

You could undertake to produce more of a certain type of content. This could be content that you are very good at. If you capitalize on what you’re good at, the price you charge will seem more attractive to you. You can also negotiate by throwing in extra things. Things that some creators don’t offer. 

Here are some examples. You could show how to use a product with other products from the brand. You could promise to compare that brand with another brand in your content. The aim would be to make the brand paying you look better. 

If you feel like you aren’t getting a great offer price, try throwing in some extra benefits like this. Negotiating can be tough. You’ll have to learn how to do it well.

It Depends on the Niche You’re In

Some industries naturally attract a large consumer base. Think of gender-neutral things like water or toothpaste. And then there are some items that only a few people want. Prescription glasses won’t appeal to everyone. Some people may never need a winter coat or maternity wear. 

This is what we’re trying to get at. Brands may be willing to pay a certain amount when they see you have access to their niche market. Some creators are happy with a wide cross-section. Others have honed in on a niche group that big creators will never reach. 

If you have a niche brand with the trust of that target audience, charge well. Brands will likely have a better return on investment with your Instagram page.

How Good Is Your Content?

The content we see on Instagram nowadays is nothing short of cinematic. Creators have voiceovers, b-roll shots, and multiple ring lights. The result is something that you would see on your television screen. Brands like the personability of creators. However, they still like quality content as well.

To set yourself apart, consider sharpening your editing skills. Give yourself the best chance by using quality cameras and editing tools. When you enter the Instagram market, you will compete with people with serious skills. You have to make sure that your skills are on par. Feel free to get inspiration from them where you can.

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How Much Is My Instagram Name Worth If I Were To Sell It?

There is no way to determine how much an IG name is worth. Currently, there is no price list to determine the price of an Instagram page. It doesn’t mean that you can’t attempt to sell your Instagram name.

Some Instagram users want specific IG names. Unfortunately, multiple accounts cannot use the same IG handle. If someone is serious about having a name that’s not available, they can ask for it. If the other user is unwilling to give up their IG name, it could go up for sale. The user with the desirable IG name can start negotiating to arrive at a price. 

There are no rules to it. All that matters is how much the other person wants the IG name. Are you wondering, “How much is my Instagram name worth?” It may be worth whatever another party is willing to pay for it. 

If someone offers to buy your Instagram name, make sure you get the payment first. You should only change your IG name to free it for them to use.

How To Get Paid on Instagram and Start Earning From the Platform

So, you want to know how to get paid on Instagram. Who doesn’t these days? It seems like there is a spot on Instagram for everyone. There is a following for every niche interest you can think of. People seem to be quitting their jobs to be full-time content creators. We can tell you if you’re wondering where the income would come from. Here are some ways that people earn a living from IG.

1. Make Sponsored Posts

You trust your favorite content creators to make good recommendations for you. They are more like your friends than anything. You think they’re just like you, and they understand your needs. 

Well, brands are banking on you trusting these creators. When they want to promote a product, they go to Instagram influencers. This is influencer marketing. These influencers will make posts about their product. The brands will pay them to do it. Maybe they’ll give them free items as payment. 

The creator’s job is to create convincing content about the product. Ideally, its creator secures the brand some sales. This is how influencers make money from sponsored posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is slightly different from creating sponsor posts. The estimated earnings from affiliate marketing depend on how many sales you can secure for the brand. Brands supply codes or links to creators. Creators have to create content surrounding the brand’s products. 

The most important part is including the code for consumers to use at checkout. This is how brands can check how many sales the creator secured them. Influencers have to work extra hard to ensure that they are driving sales. They get a percentage of the sales they secure.

3. Use IG To Promote Other Sites

You can still be your boss while you create content on the Internet. You don’t have to depend on brands or Instagram to pay you. Rather, you can use Instagram as a vehicle to make money elsewhere. Some Instagram pages show the stock available on an Etsy website. Some Instagram pages show models who have premium content elsewhere. 

Instagram is a great virtual catalog or business profile for items elsewhere. You could use it for this purpose as well. It’s a great place to use visual content to entice consumers. You could use your Instagram page to show off the lifestyle that products get you. You can sell these products at a link in your bio.

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How Many Followers Do You Need on Instagram To Get Paid? Any Number Is Fine!

There is no set number of followers that you need to have before you earn on Instagram. People look around at these creators with hundreds of thousands of followers. The most followed Instagram page has over 600 million followers. They think they need to have a platform just as big before earning money. This isn’t necessarily true.

Are you asking, “How many followers do you need on Instagram to get paid?” If you are, don’t wait around for a specific number of followers. You are ready to earn an income right where you are. We explain why below.

There Are Different Levels

Influencers aren’t just people with huge online platforms. You’re probably thinking of a macro influencer or a mega influencer. There are influencers with a few thousand followers earning on the social media platform. 

Content creators come in many different categories. You can separate them by niche. Or you can separate them by the number of followers they have. Look at the list that we set out below. Where does your account fall? What type of influencer are you?:

  • Mega Influencer: Over 1 Million
  • Macro Influencer: 100,000 to 1 Million
  • Micro-Influencer: 1,000 to 100,000
  • Nano Influencer: Below 1,000

So you see that you can be an influencer no matter how many followers you have. You don’t need to wait until you hit a certain mark before approaching brands. You could have the potential to be a nano influencer right now. Start acting like it and increase your IG net worth.

A Smaller Account May Be Better

We mean it when we say that you can be a content creator right now. You may have a small platform, but you could succeed. We can tell you why. It has to do with your engagement rate. You arrive at your engagement rate when you calculate your interactions regarding your follower count. 

You have to have a lot of interaction compared to the number of followers. This is how you get a high engagement rate. It is not as easy to do that when you have a large following. 

With a smaller follower base, you can respond to comments promptly. You can keep track of your Instagram DMS. You can even keep a healthy conversation going. It is so much harder to do that when you have more followers. 

So, how much is an IG account worth as a small creator? If you are a small-scale creator, the engagement rate has a good chance of being favorable. This rate is what will attract brands to your brand. Don’t despise humble beginnings. You could increase your Instagram net worth with the followers that you have right now.

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How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth? A Lot With Plixi

You don’t have to prove yourself to us. We already think that your account is amazing. If it’s worth a lot to you, it’s worth a lot to us. However, if you want to make it more appealing to brands, we can help with that. You can enlighten them about just how great your page is.

Stop asking, ”How much is my Instagram account worth?” Just start talking to your experts at Plixi. We have the right tools to bring in followers. We’re not talking about fake followers. Our AI targeting algorithm will bring followers who will engage with your content. This is along with our in-house platform of Instagram influencers. Start growing your following today!

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