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Instagram Memes: The New Age Love Language You Should Learn

Plixi Team

Jun 11, 2024 11 min read

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The year is now in the 21st century. Your friends and family are mature adults who are working hard to become successful grownups. You don’t always have time for them. We are busy people. Even if you don’t see them often, you want them to know how much you care about them. What can you do about that? You message them with Instagram memes. It’s a simple gesture, but it shows that you’re thinking about them and want them to know it.

Yes, a millennial or Gen-Z IG user will communicate their feelings through an Instagram meme. Intuitively, we are all aware of what they all mean. We don’t need any other caption than “This is so you” for the receiver to comprehend why we chose it. A lot of people share the emotional posts often.

Why don’t you have any content in the form of memes, seeing as how sharing is a kind of engagement? It appears as though you are passing up this opportunity. Let’s end that right here. Your Plixi social media gurus are here now to assist you in rectifying the situation.

Instagram Memes: The New Age Love Language You Should Learn

What Are Memes and What Are They Good For?

Memes are images or videos from viral cultural moments. People use them in context or completely out of context to share a thought. These pieces of content typically remark on current events or influential people. It is common to use them to share views with a veil of humor.

They are not just for your kids. People of all ages can comprehend a meme if you use it correctly. Don’t use this as an excuse not to use them, too. They can do wonders for your brand. Both businesses and brands may use the power of memes in several ways, including the following:

  1. Create content connected to their page but not strictly products from their page. It’s a good way to keep your brand on people’s minds without inundating them with content.
  2. Give your brand more humanity and personality. Memes ensure that your page remains relevant. Relevance gives your brand staying power and longevity. You can connect with Gen-Z and secure the next generation of followers.
  3. Memes create content using hashtags. Some hashtags will go viral depending on what is big in pop culture at the time. Hopping on to a viral hashtag will help you stay in the minds of your followers.
  4. Secure added engagement. People may be reluctant to share actual posts from your page. Maybe you haven’t quite sold them yet. People love to share memes, tho. A share gets the algorithm’s attention. The person who received the meme may visit your page and engage. Too.
  5. Memes can attract comments and likes to boost engagement. A simple “Anyone else thinks so?” can spark a conversation in the comment section. People may like the post to agree with the content.

From heartfelt relationship posts to the funniest videos, anything can become a meme.

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How To Post Memes on Instagram That Align With Your Brand

Look in your direct messages. There are at least a few memes in there from your friends. Some of them are photos with a thick white border. Others are clips of viral reels. At least one is of an animal. Those could be memes from your page in people’s DMs. You just need to take this seriously.

We aren’t saying you should just blindly post random memes to your page to get people to share. There is a degree of planning and intentionality that has to take place. Otherwise, these memes will feel random and forced, throwing off your overall aesthetic.

On Instagram, memes have shown sustained success. As pop culture becomes more and more unserious, there will always be material worthy of a meme. Millennials and Gen-Z seem to cope with very serious issues with memes. Since they use IG the most, posting memes could attract them.

The concept of how to post memes on Instagram might be new to you. To simplify this marketing tactic, see the following tips to apply to your page:

  1. Always remember who your target audience is. Feel free to miss out on a particular meme if it doesn’t seem to align with your brand.
  2. Keep your finger on the pulse. You don’t have to wait for someone to create a meme image. You can create one from a trending conversation.
  3. Put your IG handle in the meme image. Keep your name tasteful, but make sure it’s clear in the image.
  4. Don’t forget to do adequate hashtag research and incorporate them in your posts.
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Use an Instagram Meme Template To Stay on Top of the Trends

How do these people generate these memes so quickly? Something could be a trending topic on CNN at a.m., and people will be pumping out memes by 8:35 sharp! They would have different text and come from different creators. How do they hop on the trends so easily? The truth is that a lot of them use an Instagram meme template online. You can generate some of your own this way, too.

Here are a few options:

  • Kapwing
  • Canva
  • Adobe

Usually, you just need to type in the text that applies to your brand. Hint at a general issue and point to your product as the solution.

We Know Where To Find the Funniest Memes on Instagram

We used to hear that laughter is the best medicine. People wanted that to be true so badly that there were memes throughout a global pandemic. Considering the world also laughed through wars and climate change, it could be a treatment we intend to keep.

It’s the most effective kind of treatment to laugh at a meme when you consider the state of the world. It’s a good way to divert one’s attention away from the currently stressful position of the world. After all, we can’t change so much of what is happening. It is also a nice break from the monotony of everyday life. Even the so-called “serious” people can indulge now and then.

Users familiar with the internet know that Instagram has a diverse selection of popular theme pages or meme sites. We have compiled a list of places you can find the funniest memes on Instagram. Why are we so kind? It’s not because we want to keep you browsing for hours on end. We want you to know how easy it is to secure engagement from memes. 

Check out the following Instagram accounts with the funniest memes for inspiration and a laugh:

  • @epicfunnypage
  • @fuckjerry
  • @sarcasm_only
  • @daquan
  • @thefatjewish
  • @lmao.gaming
  • @societyfeelings
  • @couplesnote
  • @funnymemes
  • @ladbible

When life gets tough, memes provide the ideal outlet for venting our frustrations. They help us feel less alone and more at ease. Therefore, if you’re interested in making a page on IG, it has huge potential.

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Follow These Tips on How To Start a Meme Instagram Account

You say you’ve completely bought into the idea of memes. You want to make content that everyday people can identify with. This could be a great idea for you. You won’t have to worry about camera quality or choosing the right filters for pictures much. It may be a relatively low-maintenance page. Still, there are some tips you should keep in mind when considering how to start a meme Instagram account.

Narrow Down on Your Niche

A meme page that posts on everything doesn’t increase your chances of getting followers. It can be quite jarring to be used to female-centered content and suddenly see a red pill meme. Some pages may cover wide topics, but they maintain a clear political agenda when they share content. Stay true to the type of content you want to post.

Relate to Your Audience

Great. You know who your target audience is. Now, you have to make sure you create content that resonates with them. Make sure you can keep up with this content. People will come to your page for this type of content. Deviations will inspire people to lose interest in your brand. Your followers came because of your niche, not because they know you personally. You have to make sure they can connect with memes and photos. They likely will never see your face.

Engage With Your Followers

In the early stages of your page, make sure you engage with your followers. You should always do that, but in the beginning, you solidify loyal fans. Use your calls to action to inquire about their perspectives on various social topics. Don’t ignore their answers either, like their comments or replies. They’ll only want to talk more when they see they will get a response. IG rewards engagement, so keep it up.

Use User-Generated Content Sometimes

There are a lot of memes out there. Feel free to use them. Giving credit is a great practice to have as well. In fact, tagging people is a great way to get their attention. 

Use Instagram Story Memes To Preserve Your Feed

We haven’t forgotten that you have a gorgeous Instagram aesthetic to protect. The color scheme of the month is working great for your page overall. You may not want to interrupt that by posting memes. Still, you want to capitalize on the trend. Your concerns are valid.

Here are some solutions from the Plixi social media team:

  1. Post a collection of pictures, with the meme being a photo that is second or onwards. This is great because the “cover photo” can match your Instagram feed. The meme photo can be somewhere in the middle. You can still use the relevant hashtags.
  2. Create a meme from scratch using a picture that fits your aesthetic. Reels with text describing something relatable are pretty popular. You could use this idea.
  3. Focus on Instagram story memes. You could post your memes or memes from other creators to your stories. If your followers relate, they may interact with the story. Of course, stories only last 24 hours, so the engagement potential is low.
Instagram Memes: The New Age Love Language You Should Learn, image №5

The Best Meme Accounts on Instagram Inspire People To Share Content

How many meme pages do you follow on Instagram? You must follow at least one. It’s difficult to think back to a time when memes weren’t ingrained in our culture. Even if you don’t follow one, the IG algorithm likely shares them with you on a routine basis.

The best meme accounts on Instagram convey an idea or sentiment you think the receiver may share. The magic is in their reliability. They foster a level of vulnerability you think no one shares with you.

You should consider capitalizing on this pop culture zeitgeist. Meme accounts are often humorous and edgy. You recall the government found that there was evidence of aliens. Even a monumental discovery like this made into a meme. They don’t always have to be irreverent humor. They are sometimes used to spread inspirational quotes to other people. It’s no wonder pages that specialize in these pages are so popular.

Your Instagram Memes Won’t Get You the Growth That We Can

Have a good time with all of those funny memes! We have high hopes that you’ll attract a new audience that will interact with your relatable content. Maybe we should collaborate to devise a specialized plan that will boost the number of likes on your posts. Together, we can decide the approach that will successfully attract the followers who will engage in your unique content.

Plixi’s staff has social media professionals who will assist you in connecting with the audience you want to reach. We will work toward development that is not just steady but also sustainable over time. It’s possible that injecting more Instagram memes will boost development. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t rely on that as your principal source of expansion. In addition to our artificial intelligence targeting technologies, we have an internal network of Instagram influencers that we work with. This is the reason why we are able to render this service to you. Create an Instagram community that is tailored to your company’s needs and interests. With the help of Plixi, you’ll be able to get a jump start on your follower count on IG. Let’s get started right away on growing your following!

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